Basically Michael and Linda notice that they both have feelings for each other and things go down in the stationary cupboard

Linda was trying to finish paperwork that should have been done yesterday when someone knocked on the door. Thinking it was a pupil she motioned them to come in without looking. The person opened the door, closed it behind them and stood infront of the desk.

"What's up?" She asked still looking down. "I need to see your stock." The male voice asked. She looked up and her smile widened when she saw who it really was. "Michael, what did you say?" She asked. "You always were the one who didn't listen. I said I need to see you stock." Confusion set on her face but then she remembered. "Don't say I ordered too much stock?" Michael shook his head and motioned to the door behind him. "Shall we." He said. Linda opened her top drawer, took the key out, got out of her seat and walked up to the back of the class where the storage cupboard was. She stuck the key in, turned it, opened the door and walked in.

"Here it is." Linda announced. Michael took the key out of the door, stuck it in his pocket and kicked the door closed behind him. "So what was it you wanted?" Linda asked. Michael stepped towards her. "I think you know what I wanted." She leaned towards him and they shared a passionate kiss before things started to get heated.