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Mikayla's POV

Today had been like every other day. You know Boomer and Boz mess something up, I help them fix it, they mess something else up, they fix it themselves. The more I think Boz can't be more like Boomer and Br-you know who he just is.

My dad had me working double shifts today, one in the morning and one at night, I asked him why he said because Roger is sick. Maybe it's because he picks his nose the whole time.

I just came back from my morning shift. I entered the castle to find Boomer and Boz lounging around reading comics in the throne room. "Your majesties", I said.

"Hey Mikayla, who do you think would win between Batman and Mr Marvel." Boomer said. "

"Um Mr M. Why?" I asked. Don't ask me how I know of these things I just pick them up from the kings, which I am bound to do because I live with them.

"Cause Boz says it's Bats"

"Bro give it up already the good guy always wins!"Boz exclaimed.

"Well Boz does have a point" I said flopping down on the couch opposite them and drifted to sleep.

(Mikayla's dream)

There I was in the castle sitting on the couch(ironic cause I fell asleep there). I saw a man with raven black hair, light of complexion and a faded stubble(type of beard) come down the stairs accompanied by a woman with silk brown hair and her skin tone was darker than the mans. "Weird huh?" a voice broke the silence. Sitting next to me was a boy with black hair and the same skin tone as the woman and dark chocolate eyes. "What?" I asked.

"Me and you having the same dream"

"How do you-

"You have that faraway look in your eyes" He broke me off.

I looked back at the couple. They looked happy. "Do you know them?" I asked

"Yeah, that's my parents"

"What's your name?"


Mikayla 's POV

I woke up on the couch. Those kings didn't even bother to carry me to my room. I got up and looked at the time. Almost 7 better get ready for my shift. I went to my room. I past the mirror in my room and remembered my dream. I went back to the mirror and stared at myself. That boy in my dream almost looked just like me, it's just his black hair that through me off. I got ready for my shift and went down stairs. I got an apple in the kitchen and went to the plaza. I saw my dad training the guards and noticed Roger there to. "Roger you're a woes" I said. He gave me a small smile and went back to training. My dad came to me and said" Hey babygirl see you're all rested out"

"yeah-" I looked up at the sky to see dark clouds.

"Should of brought a jacket" I said

"Yeah but you can't be late Mahumma is coming back already, I'll bring you a jacket after traing okay?"

"Okay dad"

Mason's POV

After training I quickly got Mikaylas jacket and ran to the jungle. Halfway there it started raining. Seriously? By the time I got close to her I slowed down my pace and heard thunder. I was taken back this and accidentaly stepped on a twig. Crack. It was not loud but loud enough for Mikayla to hear. She pulled out her machete and stared at the spot where I was. "Mikayla! NO!" next thing I saw was a pink and blue bolt of lightning struck her hard.


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