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Present day

Mason's POV

I turned my head away from the light. When it was over I quickly went to go check it out. When I got there I did not find Mikayla's burnt body anywhere but in that spot I found a boy, about younger than the boys and Mikayla, he was burnt but not badly. I picked him up and was about to leave till I looked up at the sky. Huh not even a cloud in the sky I thought to myself and rushed to the Shaman's home/taxi.

In the Future

Brady POV

After seeing the bright light pierce itself through my son, I ran over there to look if there was anything left of him. Dang Mikayla will be torn to shreds if I tell her th- I snapped out of my trance when I saw what lay in front of me. Mikayla? I thought to myself, whilst looking at the girl. She looked like Mikayla when she was still a guard girl and aged around the time I came back to kingkow. Gotta take you back to the castle I thought as I picked her up and ran to the castle.

Present day

Mac's POV

I woke up in the castle in the throne room on the couch. Probably dreamt it all. But the next sight shocked me to death. There right in front of me were 4 guys, all 4 as familiar as the taste of lasagna on my tongue. "Granpa, uncle Boomer, uncle Boz and the Shaman, why do you all look so young?"

"What?" they all said in unison.

They all looked at me dumb folded, then granpa broke the silence. "Who are you and what have you done with my Mikayla?"

"Firstly I'm Mac, your grandson, and secondly as in Mikayla my mom?"

"What?" they all said except Boz, "So who's the lucky guy?"

They all looked at him strangely, "We all want to know that!"Boz exclaimed. They all nodded at him and stared at me. "I aint tellen nobody! It's for me to know and for you to find out! Literally!"

"Good enough for me!" Boz said.

"Me too!" said Boomer.

"Then it's settled we'll keep him in the castle till further notice." said Mason, after I explained the whole story of how I got here and that I am the Prince of this island."Boomer and Boz he'll sleep in your room since the only guest room open will go to the Shaman."

"Ok" they said and we went up to their room. After entering the I noticed this was my parents room. "Hey guys what year is it any ways?" they shrugged and showed me to the calendar. "2012! It's 2012!"

"Calm down it's just 10 years from when you're originally from!"

"Boomer it's 20 years! 20! I'm from 2032!"

"Oh kayyyyyyyy!"

"It's alright we'll get you back to your time and Mikayla back here."Boz said.

"Ok thanks. So where do I sleep?"

"On the couch next to Brady's guitar."

The name struck memories in my head but just pushed them aside."Ok." is all I could say. I walked over to the couch picked up my dad's old guitar and sang a song he taught me.

Mac singing

Living in the city is all we've known

The concrete jungle has always been our home

And now all that changed, it's gotten pretty strange

50 000 miles in a hot air balloon-

"Wait Mac how do you know that song?"Boomer said

"My dad taught it to me when me and my sis had a fight and I said some terrible things to her." I looked over to Boz to find him fast asleep.

"Well that just happeneds to be the song my other brother sang to me at the harvest festival last year."

"I know"

"Wait what! you know! How?"

"Cause his my dad."

Oohh cliffhanger! what will Boomer say to that? There won't be a lot of Mikayla's journey in the next chapter because it is mainly about Mac and Brady. R&R!