He says he's leaving, but of course he's only gone for two weeks. He can't stay away from her for too long. She's his sun, his drug. It's far, far too late to stop now. When he get's back, he finds a surprise waiting for him. Sarah's left Chuck. Chuck was broken. As broken as Casey, as destroyed as he is. Casey understands, he knows what it's like to have Sarah Walker leave you. So he comforts Chuck and sympathizes and, even though it's slightly painful to do it, holds Chuck. "You love her, too?" Chuck asks one day. Casey hesitates, but nods. Chuck smiles wanly. "I thought so," he says gently. "I'm sorry, Casey," he says. Casey just shakes his head. They get up and walk away, because they both know the pain of leaving Sarah Walker behind. But they do it anyways, since it's time. It's time to leave to blonde agent behind. It's time to find something new, something else do. Chuck and Casey continue Carmicheal Industries. They work the cover job at the Buy-More. They both like to believe they're over Sarah, but both know they're not. And then one day, it pays off. Sarah Walker walks into the Buy-More, with dried tear tracks down her cheeks and a huge smile on her face. "I remember!" She says. All is quiet for a moment, and then Chuck and Sarah are reunited and it's Casey stands there and wants to hug her and kiss her just like Chuck was doing now. "Casey!" She says and she hugs him. He closes his eyes and pretends for a minute. But then she pulls away and his moment is broken and gone.