OK LADIES! I have decided that I am just not a writter I seem to not be able to finish any of the stories I have simply because I just dont have the time. I am a reader not a writer. Lol I do however would like to adopt out my stories I have taken off of here and my newest one.

Love of an assassin: Edward is the most skilled and trained assassin out there along with his brother and his best friend. But can one target change his whole plan.

Change of Hearts: Bella is a skilled soccer player, but when the new kid comes into town who is equally as skilled and a little cocky can she stay away from him or will she fall in love with him?

Darkest Secret: Bella had everything going for her til things changed and she had a dark secret. She ran away and now shes back, how will everyone react when they find out? How will he act when he sees her after seven years.

I really hate to see these go but I want them to be finished they are gret plots, I just cant write them. thank you to anyone who is interested. Please let me know through pm what story you would like to adopt and Ill allow it and follow you so that I can read it..