JLJ: Christmas Special
Part One

So this is a crossover Christmas special involving my JLJ verse. This chapter focuses on the Negima side of things, for now. Here's a brief reference pool for the unfamiliar:

Negi Springfield, after watching parents and sister die for him, is an urban legend crimefighter in Mahora City known as the Batman, disguising himself with age-changing pills. The differences from Negima canon regarding the students are numerous and, in most cases, rather spoileriffic, but all of Negi's students are in-character relative to this universe.

Three, two, one.

Let's rock.

Mahora Academy
Last day before winter break

Negi Springfield let out a sigh of mild exasperation, before reminding them that "The more you goof around now, the longer I get to keep you after the bell..."

As if at the drop of a hat, the previously rambunctious students were quiet, seated, and looking at him expectantly.

Suppressing the urge to smile, Negi coolly said, "Now then, I'm sure you want to be messing around outside instead of sitting in here, but I'm sure I can get you to change your minds. Today, we're going to cover A Christmas Carol."

Dropping the mask entirely, he added, "And in light of the season, we've got a slight departure from the usual pace today. If you turn to the appropriate page in your texts-" he paused, allowing his students to turn to the page indicated on the board behind him "you will observe that this story is in script format."

With perfect timing as his plan for the day started to dawn on the girls, Negi supplied, "I'm sure you can see where this is going. Now then, do we have any volunteers for the assorted roles? I shall provide the narration."


"FRED!" cried Ayaka. Negi inwardly winced at that one, and wondered if she'd chosen to be Tiny Tim's parent intentionally or not.

Yue muttered "Christmas Present."

Evangeline lazily raised her hand. "Marley."

Chisame grumpily muttered under her breath, wondering why the hell everyone was getting so worked up over a dramatic reading in class.

Negi then asked, "Now then, who wants the role of main protagonist, Ebeneezer Scrooge?"

The class was completely and utterly silent for a full minute until Natsumi Murakami, the smug drama student, stood from her seat... and declared with overacted solemnity that "While I normally would never turn down a starring role offered, I believe that there is another in the room who can, for this production alone, bring life to the character in a way that I could only dream of."

And with dramatic flair, she turned and pointed directly at Chisame Hasegawa.

The bespectagled girl froze for a moment, as if the situation were so absurdly stupid that her brain had failed to process it.

"W-w-what the hell are you idiots going on about?! I want absolutely nothing to do with this farce!"

Sakurako shouted, "SEE, SHE'S PERFECT FOR IT!"

Negi snapped his fingers once. "Settle down, everyone. Now then, since Miss Hasegawa's been drafted to be our star protagonist, let's get this underway."

Several hours later, Chisame had forced her way through the final scenes, and though she'd never admit it to another living soul, a small part of her was forced to acknowledge that, hey, it'd been kinda fun.

Especially when Evangeline had cut loose with more ham than the average butcher.

Haruna tried to keep up, she really did, but just didn't have the cheesy-as-hell overacting down as well.

At that time, walking from class to the dorms, her phone rang.

'Hikaru kaze wo oikoshitara...'

Her eyes narrowed down at it, since there she could count on one hand the number of people to whom she'd given her cell number.

Opening it without thinking to check, she snapped, "What do you want?"

"Now, now, that was rather uncalled for."

Chisame instantly stiffened. It was her older sister over in Hinata.

Naru Narusegawa.

Taking a deep breath, she spoke again in a calmer tone. "Sorry. What's up, sis?"

"I know you've got winter break starting tomorrow. I'd like you to come home so we can spend Christmas together like we used to."

Chisame clenched her teeth and muttered, "I'm sorry sis, but those girls you live with are freaking insane. And given the twenty-nine psychopaths I have to put up with on a nigh-daily basis, I think I'm more than qualified to judge. Not to mention that worthless failure you've got for a boyfriend. Just what the hell do you see in him, anyway?"

"Keitaro? What's he got to do with anything? And I'll have you know that he's a science student now."

Chisame's retort was brought up short. She had absolutely not seen that one coming.

"Be that as it may, he manages the fucking dorm you live at, and where you want me to be. And he gives me the damn creeps."

She'd never admit that it was because, for all his dorktastic exterior, he had the same charm that her English professor did. The kind that attracted swarms of female psychos for no discernable reason.

Naru sighed. "Chisame, be fair now. You've never really given him a chance in the first place, nor any of my dormmates. But that's not important to this conversation in the first place. You still haven't given me a good reason why you can't spend Christmas with me."

Chisame massaged the bridge of her nose.

"Or are you going to just run away like last year, and the year before that?"


"You are not trying to call me a Shinji."

Chisame swore she could hear the smirk in her older sister's voice as Naru said, "You mustn't run away, little sister. If you give the crew an honest chance, then who knows? Maybe you'll - God forbid - have a good time. You can't be by yourself forever, you know."

The bespectacled redhead leveled her phone a withering glare for a moment, until she deflated. "Fine. I'll visit for Christmas."

"Promise, Chisame."

"Tch. You should know me well enough that when I say I'll do something, I will."

"I also know you well enough that if you can find a half-decent excuse to welch out of doing something you don't want to, you'll jump on the chance as soon as it comes up."

Damn, she has me there. "Okay, whatever, I'll show up. I promise."

"Great. Merry Christmas!"

Snapping her flip-phone shut, Chisame snorted. "Bah, humbug."

Misa, intent on organizing a party for the whole class, asked, "Okay, so other than Chisame who probably won't show up anyway - though she will be sent an invitation - who definitely plans on being out of town to spend the break with their families?"

She'd already been made aware that Ayaka would be in G-Island City with her mother and stepdad, hence why Misa was the one working on this in the first place.

Surprisingly, Haruna was the only one to raise her hand. "Gonna be over in Tokyo, sorry everyone!"

"Well, since there are currently only two certain absentees - and a third probable one - can I count on those attending to bring stuff?"

Next chapter will focus on the Love Hina crew.