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The ringing of my phone mixed with the loud banging on my apartment door caused me to wake up with a startled jolt. No one came to door at two in the morning.

No one, except him.

I glanced at the phone to see his name glaring back at me. Edward. Of course it was him. Only Edward felt like whatever was going on in his life that was going to hell would also constitute an emergency in mine.


Thanks for reading! This is just a drabble to help me get this plot bunny out of my head. I'm in the mood for angst and while every one's opinion of what is angst is different, this is what I am thinking of here. Also, don't expect Mr. Perfect Edward Cullen, but this Edward is far from perfect.

As always, I make no promises concerning HEA's or how it will end, I just hope you will enjoy the ride.