Time: About 20 years since the portal slammed shut

Location: At the lake

I am alone for the first time in a while I forgot how peaceful it is. I am sitting on a tree truck with my Zanpakuto next to me. Looking out on the lake.

"Its about time I find a way to go home" I think to my self.

My Reishi has dissipated and most of my powers followed it but thankfully I am able to fight without my powers. I think that one day I will figure out how to move between dimensions. Then as I thought to my self a huge bright blue light swept over the land and a new portal has opened.

"Something tells me that I will not find home through there but I will find more allies" I think while getting up.

I grab Fenice put him on my back and flash step to the portal. When I step through I see countryside with a grave yard about a mile away a tree to left with ruins of a house that has been burned down also a mile away and a two story house that is closer than the other two. Then I see a kid and what looks like a person in a suit of armor.

So I begin moving their way.

Walking down the road to the house.

"I think I might need a change of attire," I think to my self.

Then the kid and the man in the suit of armor began walking this way.

"Hey young man" I yell to them

Then I got a better look at both of them. The kid is 4'11" has golden blond hair, tied in a braid that hangs down to his shoulders, his parts bangs in the middle so that they frame his face on either side as they fall and, in the center of the parting, he has a single strand of hair sticking up like an antenna. Wearing a bright red, long-sleeved, hooded cloak whose tail comes down to his upper calves. Emblazoned in black on the back is a Flamel. He also is wearing white gloves with boots a black shirt and pants.

The man in the suit of armor has a gunmetal-colored steel armor body, a breechcloth covers the groin and painted on the left shoulder is a red Flamel. With a large, conical horn in the middle of the forehead, has a pair of parallel, horizontal vents beneath each half-moon eyehole and a fang motif just above the protruding chin. The top of the helmet also sports a ribbon of white hair that hangs down to the small of the suit's back. A triple spike motif, each shoulder is adorned with a trio of large conical spikes lined in a row and each elbow, knee and foot carries small, spiky protrusions as well. The man also appears to have a white band around his right leg, which is holding up a small weapons holster.

"What do you want?" The small one says.

"I am looking for a town know of any in the area," I say.

"We are headed to central you can come with us to the train station," The small one says.

"What is your name sir?" Says the man in the suit of armor with a very young voice.

"I am Legion Plateado, you?" I say.

"I am Edward Elric the Full Metal Alchemist," Says the small one.

"I am Alphonse Elric" The man in the suit of armor.

"Well I am new around here any chance can you open a portal to another universe" I say.

"No" Edward says.

… At the train station

"Hey Legion why do I get the sense that you are not even from this world" Alphonse says.

"You are just imagining things Al" Edward says.

"What are you doing talking to a stranger?" Says a huge man that towers over me. His complexion is rather light, head is completely bald save for a single lock of curly blond hair hanging from just above his brow. His eyebrows, too, are bare of hair and he sports a thick, blond handlebar mustache, which hides his mouth while accentuating his strong, clefted chin. His eyes are blue and kind looking with notably long eyelashes. Wearing a strange uniform.

"Major Armstrong" Edward says.

"Edward you are late," Says the man.

"Hey Legion do you know any alchemy" Edward says.

"What is that?" I ask.

"If you don't know it does not matter" Edward says.

"Is this it?" I say

then I snapped my fingers and opened my hand and flame appeared in my hand.

"How did he do that there was no transmutation circle?" Major Armstrong says.

"Well another person who has seen the truth" Edward says.

"The what?" I say.

"The truth you must have seen it before and don't remember it" Edward says.

"Well he has the talent to be a state alchemist and sir I recommend getting a change of attire" Major Armstrong says.

"Well I need some money to buy more clothing," I say in return.

"Well State Alchemists get paid very well," Armstrong says.

"What is your first name Mr. Armstrong?" I ask. "Alexander Louise Armstrong" Armstrong says.

"I am Legion Plateado," I say in reply.

"Well you are coming with me to get tested" Alexander says.

"Ok" I say.