Legions POV

Location: Hospital

Time: About 2 hours after the Cero Blade exploded

I awake to find my self in a hospital with a window next to me. I look around and Roy Mustang is in the same room with me. Then the door opens and Ed, Al, Riza Hawkeye, Ark, Hotaru, and some more of Mustang's men walk in.

"How are your wounds recovering Legion?" Riza asks.

"Should have already been regenerated," I say.

"Well Legion as soon as you're ready come back to Los Noches we have enlaced the hole place with Reishi so you can get your full power back" Hotaru says.

"Yes I'll do that and Ed get along with Winry you will not live as long as I have," I say.

After everything ended I said goodbye to Ed, Al, Their Grandma (who told me that I have to come once a week to dinner with them and we decided on Tuesdays), Winry, Roy, Riza, Havoc, Major Alex Louise Armstrong (and his sister) and finally Scar. When I got back to Los Noches I got a major welcome by what was left of my army who where just in a civil war because they argued over waiting on me or replacing me. Finally I held my promise to Ed's Granny who now tells me to call her Granny. Now the only thing left to do is wait for the future to unwrap its self. But first on the job list is getting the Soul Societies wall and put it around Los Noches and then rebuild the Rukon Districts.

Authors Notes

Well I was planning on this being the last one but I have decided not to make it the last. I am sorry for the short final Chapter. Thanks to all that have read this story from any point in the story line.