Hey everybody this is Gravityaxe here I'm so glad I finally decided to start this up it's been in my head forever but never wanted to come out till now. So this is my first fanfic ever yay ^w^ How fitting it's a Bionicle one which by the way my favoritest thing in the whole wide world. So I hope you enjoy.

A Hero's Demise


There he stood at the waters edge looking into its maw of eternal misery feeling many different things, mostly deciding upon entering or not. He had just seen his arch nemesis dive into this "pit" but he noticed to well the waters mutagen properties. So here he was left with a choice sacrifice my life and existence here on land or never get the revenge I desired and forever and be racked with guilt. As he stood there contemplating what to do he looked at the stars and laughed, it almost looked as if they formed a picture of his dear friends. How cruel Mata Nui was to his creations, he then sat down on a rock reminiscing in the past.

10,000 Years earlier

"Whoa what just happened," he said aloud to no one in particular "Were Toa you idiot what do you think just happened" said the one in red armor. "I know what happened but why is more of what I meant." "Destiny is a funny thing we forge it but we never know where it's leading to," A light blue armored figure responded. "So from what I gather is we're supposed to be the 'first Toa Team' in such a way," the bronze armored figure responded. "No duh but what do Toa Teams do," a purple armored figure responded. "Well for starters I don't think we should be gaping around like idiots come Brothers and Sisters destiny awaits us," a silver armored figure said. "Well said my iron headed friend," a darker blue armored one said. "…" a gray-white figure nodded in agreement.

Wooah who are these mysterious Toa and who is this mysterious figure in the beginning? I know its short but it's more of an epilogue anyway, so if you've read Bionicle and know enough about it then you should be able to figure it out the story spelled it out for you all the way. So please review give me your ideas and also I would like to know which mask powers you think I should give to each individual Toa besides the ones already known of. Allright thank you everyone and bye.