Okay so I'm going to try to update around this time so you can stay up to speed with my story just letting you know also I gave the rest of the Toa mask powers and here they are

Hekuri mask of psychometry

Kanema mask of adaptability

Ilma mask of Healing

Garna mask of flight

I also realized that Nikila is the Tactician but Lesovikk considers her second in command

And there you go now to the story

A Hero's Demise

Chapter 2

As the Toa entered the village they could feel millions of eyes on them.

"Do you think they're happy or not" Narfoc whispered to Lesovikk

"Lets hope for happy" Lesovikk responded

The Toa stood there for what felt like eternity until there was a thunderous applause. Relief could be seen on each of Toa's face. Soon the village leader came forward and spake.

"Thank you warriors for saving our village from those creatures I am Turaga Iliik and welcome to Roata-Nui within the island chain of juht, please, make yourself at home."

So the Toa began conversing with the many matoran, some matoran feared these giants but others revered them. Kanema was proud to announce how brave he was while Hekuri was trying to get away from them mumbling to himself "too noisy, way to noisy." Ilma was with the younger matoran being very motherly to them while trying to get Nikila to smile at them. Jern, Narfoc and Garna had acquired a small crowd of admirers already. Lesovikk looked around seeing his team fitting in greatly with the people when suddenly a Ta-Matoran came up to him and said, "Hi, I'm Sarda what's yours?"

Lesovikk bent down and responded, "My title is Toa Lesovikk but you can call me Lesovikk"

That got this little Ta-Matoran excited and not shortly after Sarda brought over a Ga-Matoran.

"This is Idris but she's was a little too shy to come talk to you" Sarda said grinning from ear to ear. Idris shuffled her feet a bit feeling intimidated by Lesovikk's towering stature. "So would you like to play a game with us" Sarda asked excitedly.

"I would love to" Lesovikk responded

Beaming Sarda grabbed a hold of Lesovikk and carried him over to a small dirt area, Idris followed them from a distance, then Sarda ran off and came back with a metal ball.

"All right the rules are simple" Sarda begins, "Idris and I will be on the same team with you by yourself cause you're a Toa. What you have to do is get the ball past us and kick past that line" He points to a not very straight line in the dirt. "When you get it over you win a point. We have to do the same thing except get it past your line" Sarda contintues. As he is explaining he is walking back and forth standing tall and acting like the boss of the island. "When either team reaches a maximum of three points they win. Now any questions?" Lesovikk shakes his head no, "Then let the games begin!" Sarda shouts with enthusiasm.

Lesovikk starts off with the ball first he slowly dribbles it towards the other side watching the two matoran carefully. He fakes to the right then to the left then when he thinks he figures out what to do, he charges to the direction of Idris. Idris is trembling in fear and just when Lesovikk is about to collide with her he picks the ball up with both feet does a quick flip over Idris then kicks the ball into the goal.

"This seems simple enough should be done with this in less than a minute" Lesovikk. Little did he know that Sarda and Idris had formulated the "ultimate" plan to win.

Sarda started with the ball soon he and Lesovikk were in for a head on collision. Lesovikk went to steal the ball but then Sarda flipped the ball over Lesovikks head. As Lesovikk went to get it in the air he noticed it was gone and that Idris had it already running towards his line. There was nothing he could do now but watch Idris score a goal. One to one the scores were tied but this was only the beginning, Lesovikk had the ball now and ran straight to Sarda this time. When he reached Sarda Lesovikk feinted left then ran to the right zooming past Sarda. Suddenly Lesovikk noticed the ball was gone then saw Idris had it and she had passed it to Sarda who then scored their second goal.

"Alright" Lesovikk thought, "Time to get serious." Lesovikk summoned a mini cyclone to which he kicked the ball into. The cyclone spun the ball faster and faster until Lesovikk gave the ball a solid kick giving a curve through the air. As it was about to cross the line Sarda came out of nowhere, blocked it and passed it Idris. Lesovikk went to get it from her when she slid underneath him while passing the ball to Sarda. Sarda then went in for the final blow. It was sailing into the goal when Lesovikk had managed to knock it off course a bit with a stray wind when suddenly Idris appeared and gave it a final headbutt winning the game for the matorans.

"Wow you guys are better than I thought" Lesovikk said with slight amazement in his voice.

"Of course we are were the champions of the village" Sarda said proudly grinning from ear to ear. "Come on lets go rest a while."

They all sat down on a large rock by a small lake overlooking the sunset. Sarda then turned to Lesovikk and asked, "will you always be there to save us?"

Lesovikk turned to him held out his hand for Sarda to shake and said "of course."

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