Summary: Bella is a teacher whose students win a Go Green contest with the Houston Astros. Their prize: star player, Edward Cullen will present them with the award at home plate during a game. But will Bella win more than what the team is offering?

Chapter 1: Final Grade


"Ok class, today is the final day of our Go Green Project so get in your groups and make sure your part of the proposal is ready to present to the school board and the Astros."

The class broke into their groups and began to finalize their parts of the project. My fifth grade class has created a plan to begin a district wide recycling and energy saving program to help the environment. The students will record their proposal as well as the program in action since we instigated it on our campus this year for a trial run. For my part, I have documented the effects of the program designed by the students for our school and assisted whenever needed. The different groups have assignments ranging from creating a digital scrapbook to creating and monitoring a schedule for the entire student population to participate in the program. During lunch, the class will present the proposal and I will video tape them. This will allow the students to interview the faculty, staff and students while the program is in action. Then we will just have to wait patiently for the school board and the Astros organization to let us know if we will be granted the chance to implement the program district wide.

If we win, the player of our choice will present a check for $100,000 to the district to fund the continuation of our program throughout the district. This happens while my entire class and I stand at home plate before the Astros and Cardinals game. We will all receive an authentic Astros jersey of the player of our choice and an autographed baseball! All the money and merchandise are great but the part that I can't wait for is I will get to throw out the first pitch to Edward Cullen, my favorite Astros' player! Since I have to be the biggest Astros fan ever, and I have a major crush on Edward Cullen, this will be a dream come true.

I think the waiting is going to kill me.

The students finish their work and we are ready to start the video. Everyone on campus knows that the kids are filming today and are just as excited as we are about the possibilities that this will offer for our kids and school. Everyone cooperates and the kids finish filming just as lunch is over. Now my work will really begin. I have to edit the video and send it via email to both the school board and the Houston Astros. We also have to include all the documentation of the program benefits and the power point the students created explaining the process, result and plan to expand the program district wide. All of the work has been completed; I just have to piece it all together. It's going to be another late night all the school, but that really is nothing new for me. I let my Dad and my roommate Angela know that I will be at the school late and will call when I leave, and then I get to work. Leaving finally happens after 10 in the evening, when custodial decides that it is time to vacuum my room and my stomach decides that the chips and Coke I had for dinner is no longer enough. Fortunately, I have everything ready and only have to email everything, which I'll take care of in the morning. I gather up all the papers I still need to grade, my laptop, my purse and head out to the car.

My Dad, Charlie, answers the phone sounding tired and I let him know that I'm finally headed home. Charlie gives me a hard time about leaving school so late.

"Bells, it's not safe for you to leave school this late and drive home when you work so far out in the county. You never know what kind of nut job could be lurking in those woods," Charlie says like he does every time I stay this late.

"I know Dad but I had to finish the presentation for the Go Green competition for the Astros and I can't let the kids down. I promise to leave earlier tomorrow night," I replied, knowing that that would not be the case but hoping he would drop it. "Besides, where are you?"

Charlie cleared his throat and answered sheepishly, "That is not the point Bells, I carry a gun and can take care of myself."

After admitting that he was just leaving the station, we agreed to get together soon for dinner and said our goodbyes. I called Angela but she doesn't answer so I leave a message on her phone and head to the house.

Once home, I fix me some soup and settle at the table for the next 3 hours to grade papers. Once I finished grading everything, barely able to keep my eyes open, I packed everything back up and cleaned up my dishes. Exhausted and beyond ready for bed, I changed quickly and slid between the cool cotton sheets of my king size bed. I set my alarm for six in the morning and was drifting off before I was settled under the covers.

My dreams were filled with vision of Edward Cullen on one knee, looking up at me standing on home plate presenting me with a ring instead of the check for the Go Green competition. My wonderful dream was interrupted by my obnoxious alarm, telling me that it was time to get up and start another day. Good thing I love my job.