Penny was standing in the center of the living room when he and Leonard walked in. Sheldon started to reached for her, but she slapped his hand away. Leonard backed up a step but she froze him with a glare. Sheldon fidgeted wondering what was wrong. He and Penny had dated almost three months before he asked her to move in. That was two months ago and everything had been going very well so far. Granted, he would rather it was just the two of them, but he wasn't sure how to ask Leonard to move out, and Penny didn't seem to mind him living there too.

"Penny?" Sheldon moved a small step closer. "You seem upset. Have I done something wrong?"

She crossed her arms over her chest and gave him a hard look. "Sheldon, do you love me?"

He nodded frantically. "Of course I do."

Penny shifted her weight to one hip. "Really? How does your family feel about us?"

Sheldon blushed. He still hadn't said anything to them. Not because he didn't love her, he did. But because he knew what his mommy's reaction would be to them living together. "Penny, I haven't told them," he mumbled. Behind him Leonard groaned in a low voice.

"Not good," he whispered to Sheldon before taking a timid step to the side.

Penny sent Leonard a piercing glare and turned back to Sheldon. "Why?"

He sighed heavily. "Because Mommy would be mad we are living together. Missy would start pestering us about getting married. Meemaw would ask when we were having kids. I'm not prepared for that yet, Penny. It doesn't mean I don't love you. Just that I'm worried about their reactions."

Penny quirked an eyebrow at him. "What if they came to visit unexpectedly? Would you hide me?"

Sheldon shook his head. "That is highly unlikely. They rarely ever visit."

Slowly Penny moved to the side, near the desks and cleared her throat. Sheldon gawked as three people appeared in the hallway.

"Mommy? Missy? Meemaw? How….. Why… Oh sweet Jesus." Sheldon fainted.