Every story has its secrets, and its lies. Things told to put someone in a better light, or a worse one. To create the hero, and the villain. Rarely is the story everyone knows, the whole truth.

This is one such instance.

In the beginning of mankind, humans worshipped gods and goddesses, hopeful that they would hear the pleas and cries, to bless them with wealth and prosperity. Stories were told about these deities; stories of tragedy and love, of evil defeated and good triumphing. Stories say that the frost giants started the war on Midgard, and the Aesir were the ones to protect them from the deadly ravage of the encroaching ice. Taken in that context, it is true. The proud, beautiful, shining Aesir stood up to the blue skinned, red eyed devils, and fought them to the death. The great and mighty Odin All-father then took the source of their power, the Casket of Ancient Winters, thus confining them to the frozen wasteland of their home, Jotunheim. The Aesir went home victorious to their shining city in the sky, thus leaving the mortals to live out their days in freedom and happiness.

All stories have secrets and lies.

What was never said, what has never been written except in an old, musty, rotting book in Odin's personal library, was the truth. The truth of Jotunheim, Asgard, and the war between their worlds. The truth of brothers, mistakes, joys, and downfalls.

The truth of Odin and his twin brother, Laufey.

The truth of Frigga, Odin's wife, and the woman who was in love with her husband's brother.

The truth of her twin sons, born from the seed of the king of Jotunheim, fused gloriously with the magic and power of the Aesir.

The truth...that changed the world as everyone knew it.

A/N: Right, so this came to me when I was working at 4am, and would not leave me alone. This will not have a regular update schedule like Trials and Tribulations, since this wasn't really planned. I didn't intende to post this as quickly as I am, but I would like feedback, since it is very divergent from canon.

Let me know what you think.

This is not a Loki/Thor pairing, and will never be. In this they are brothers, and nothing more.