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1 Year Later

Thor's head shot straight up, eyes glassy as he felt a surge of painfully familiar energy. Frigga looked at him wide eyed, for she had felt it too. They both immediately rose from the table, not even giving any excuses to the council members that were glaring at them, and all but ran out to the broken bridge. Heimdall didn't even acknowledge them when they got there, his eyes far away as he stared off to the right.

"He is on Midgard," the black man said softly. "But it is not him. There is something wrong with his mind."

Thor's heart sank once again, the frantic hope that had blossomed dimming. "What do you mean? Is he broken?"

Slowly, Heimdall shook his head. "No, not broken. But not...there. He is not himself." Then he frowned hard. "But he is."

"You speak in riddles!" Thor shouted, before taking a calming breath, closing his eyes.

"Do you mean that he is being controlled, Heimdall?" Frigga asked carefully, and Thor opened his eyes in surprise. He actually hadn't thought that could happen. His brother was stubborn to a fault - even more so then he himself was.

Heimdall nodded slowly. "I believe so, but with the magics surrounding him I cannot be sure." He turned to Thor. "My prince, you must go and find out. I would not lose your brother or our king."

Thor nodded. He agreed with that wholeheartedly. He had found, in the past year of acting in Loki's stead, that he did not like ruling. He turned to Frigga.

"I am leaving Asgard to you mother."

She just smiled tearfully, and nodded, hugging him. "Go, and find your brother. Bring him back to us."

Thor nodded and spun Mjolnir, and rose into the air. Very soon he found himself outside the city itself, to the portal that his parents had showed him. It was the easiest way to get to Midgard, but it exacted a heavy toll. As he was beginning the spell, Laufey appeared and put a hand on his shoulder, ruining his concentration. He turned to his father with sharp words on his tongue, but the man was already seated, eyes closed and deep in meditation. The Casket appeared on his lap as he weaved his magic around and through it, drawing upon its ancient power. With a snap, the sorcery solidified into a glowing circle that radiated cold.

"How did you know where I was?"

Laufey opened one red eye, and smiled before he closed it. "Did you forget our marriage?"

Thor blinked, and then grinned. In order to not be separated again, they had undergone a magical ritual that bound their souls together, as only soul mates could do. It gave them a mental connection that could span worlds, and Laufey would have sensed Loki's energy signature. His mother must have told him the rest.

"Get going my son. I cannot hold this portal forever."

Thor did, jumping through after saluting his father with Mjolnir.

The ride was bumpy, and it took all of his concentration to make sure he didn't get pulled into a different world. The spark inside of him that always linking him to his twin glowed brighter and brighter the closer he got to Midgard. It burst into full brightness in his mind as he exited into the skies, and with Mjolnir humming in his hand, he angled straight towards it. The closer he got, the more he felt the taint on the presence, until he was frowning fiercely. He spotted a plane, and knew that Loki was inside, from the way their bond tugged at him. He landed on the roof, and it wasn't but a moment later that the hatch lowered and he let himself in.

Immediately he snarled, as wide blue eyes looked at him in surprise, and he grabbed the front of his brothers leathers. Without even looking at the other two men who were in the machine with him, he swung Mjolnir and took them both into the skies. He was a little rough with his landing, but when Loki groaned then laughed madly, any guilt left.

He marched over and pulled Loki to his feet, glaring into the blue eyes. The blue looked so wrong in that pale face, he thought murderously.

"Thanos," he hissed, and the presence he knew was there swam closer up to the surface. "Release my brother, now!"

"You puny gods," the Titan said, and Thor had to stop the shudder that tried to grip him at hearing the gravelly voice from his brothers lips. "You're so easy to manipulate. You are the one who let your brother fall into my grasp, Thor Laufeyson."

The guilt reared its ugly head again, but Thor shook his head hard and growled, shaking Loki. "That may be so, but I will get him back. I will get him away from you."

Thanos just smirked with Loki's face. "You can try."

Suddenly Thor was thrown away, and went smashing into a tree. It actually took him a moment to reorient himself from the powerful blow, and he found himself facing a metal man with a glowing heart.

The fight was swift, but during it he gained a new respect for the mortals and their inventions. Especially the shield that the one wearing the star wielded, and the weapons the metal man held.

He watched the video of Fury and Loki, seething inside as Thanos spoke with his twins voice. What made his stomach twist tight was the fact that the Titan was only taking Loki's natural talent for acting, and his deeply buried beliefs and pushing them all to the surface. This was his brother at his worst, and Thor would have the Titans head for putting his brother through it.

It wasn't long after that when he found himself in the flying machine - the Helicarrier he heard it called - face to face with the man that had jailed him when he was a mortal.

"Son of Coul," he said quietly, nodding his head to the man.

The agent nodded back. "Mr. Odinson."

"Laufeyson, actually. Call me Thor, please," he said as he held out a hand in the traditional Midgard greeting. A small smile rewarded his efforts.

"Gentlemen," a smooth voice said, and Thor turned to see who was speaking. Immediately distrust flared, for the dark-skinned man only had one eye, and reminded him instantly of Odin. "Thor, Agent Coulson has told me you know what's going on. Enlighten us."

Thor had to turn away, looking out over the bustling of the...whatever the humans called it, so he didn't say something scathing and possibly lose their help. "The man you have in a cell is my twin brother, Loki. His mind has been taken over much the same way as your Agent Barton."

"He looked like he knew what he was doing to me," the female - Natasha - said, and he turned quickly to glare at her. Dealing with the council and citizens of Asgard had giving him a very low tolerance for grudges.

"Will you hold your agent responsible for what he has done?"

"Of course not. He is being controlled."

"So is my brother. This is not his doing." Partially it was, he knew that, but he would never say those words.

"So how is he being controlled?" The one-eyed man asked. Nick Fury, his mind supplied.

"There is a being, called the Mad Titan, that took over his mind when my brother was thrown into the Void. He was unconscious at the time, which resulted in Loki not having any of his natural defenses against his control. He means to bring an army to Midgard called the Chitauri, via my brother and the Tesseract."

"Why was he thrown into this Void?" The quiet man asked, and Thor turned his gaze to him. There was something off about the intelligent man, a rage that seethed just below the surface ready to explode. He bowed his head towards him - Bruce Banner - in a sign of respect.

"Not long ago, my brother and I learned some things about out adopted father, Odin. When we confronted him about the truth, he fell into madness and tried to destroy another world. Loki and I stopped him, but I was weakened and unable to save my brother when Odin threw him over the bridge and into the Void." The guilt flared hot and fierce in his gut.

"What is this Void you speak of?" Fury asked. An apt name, Thor thought with a bit of amusement.

"It is what you would call space, yet it is not. The true Void is the area between the main braches of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. The Nine Realms are all connected by it, and the Void is the areas between."

They were all looking at him as though he was the crazy one, except for Bruce. The soft brown eyes were not looking at him with disbelief, but a burning curiosity that instantly reminded him of Loki. His lips twitched slightly, and Bruce smiled back.

"Fine. I believe you when you say that Loki is being controlled. What does he need the Tesseract for?"

"To build a portal," a new voice interrupted, and Thor repressed a sneer at seeing the metal man out of his armor, striding into the area as though he owned it. "He's going to bring his army through it, right Point Break?" Thor's glare only intensified when the man - Tony Stark - hit him on the arm. "No hard feelings, you got a mean swing."

He didn't understand the ensuing conversation, but knew that Bruce and Tony were off to find the Tesseract, when Coulson came up to him with a stack of files.

"Here. Debriefings on your new teammates, and what we know of the Tesseract."

Thor held back a retort, and simply nodded his head. He was on his way to the room that he had been assigned, when he passed a window. He glanced through, and stopped. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner were inside, and suddenly he didn't want to be alone. He couldn't go down to the holding cell where his brother was, because he knew Thanos would try something, but he didn't want to return to his room. So, he politely knocked on the door, smiling in honest relief when Bruce glanced up and motioned him inside.

"What's up Point Break?" Tony called as he settled into a chair, spreading out the files before him.

Thor looked up with a curious frown. "What is this Point Break you call me? I assume it is a reference to something."

"Well lookie there, blondie does have a brain," Stark said with a grin, but the grin only widened when Thor shot him a wide smile, full of teeth. "You're not as stupid as you look. It's from a movie, here on Earth."

Thor agreed with a small tilt of his head. "Maybe once this is all over, you can introduce me to these movies."

"You don't have movies on Asgard? That is where you're from, correct?" Bruce asked, and Thor switched his gaze to him.

"That is correct. I know of movies, from a brief spell I did here on Midgard, but in Asgard we have plays that you go see. We do not have televisions, or diners, or...pop-tarts." He said the last wistfully, remembering the taste of the pastry. It was quite delicious, and he was saddened when all his attempts couldn't recreate the tasty treat.

"I'll be right back," Bruce said, and Thor frowned when the small man walked out of the room. He gave Tony a quizzical eyebrow, but the man just shrugged and went back to his glowing screen. Papers forgotten, Thor found himself gravitating towards it, fascinated by the things flashing across it, and the easy way Tony seemed to understand it all.

Thor reached out a finger and touched a small part of the screen, making a surprised, pleased noise when it responded to his touch. He looked at Tony, asking silently for permission, and the man smiled indulgently after swiping his hand across it, giving him a clean slate.

"This is fascinating," he said softly a few moment later, as with just a few touches of his fingers the technology responded, bringing up graphs and charts. He was not stupid, a persona many believed him to be until the past year. He and Loki were of equal intelligence, but it was a well planned facade between them. Thor had always played up his boyish charm and muscles, leading people to believe that he was more brawn above brains, which led to many underestimating him. It was exactly what they had wanted.

Granted that had backfired when he had been banished to this realm, choosing to allow his emotions to rule him over his brain. It was a mistake he had paid dearly for, and would never repeat.

"Explain this to me," he asked quietly, looking over at Tony. The man seemed surprised at first, but a cocky gleam entered his eyes as he pulled out a smaller screen then the one he was working on.

He touched a few things, and then handed it to Thor. "Start reading, and I'll answer any questions you have along the way."

He was so absorbed into the reading of mathematics, nuclear physics, and a varied other physics that he jumped out of his skin when he felt a light touch on his arm. His head shot up, heart hammering, only to see Bruce standing there with an amused smile. In his hand was a box of pop-tarts. Thor grinned widely and took the box, blinking at the kind.

"What are...S'Mores?" he asked, looking at the other men. Tony blinked in shock, but Bruce just laughed softly, more of a huff than anything else.

"Graham crackers with chocolate and marshmallows," Bruce said, and Thor looked back down at the box. He felt his cheeks burn slightly as he looked back up, a sheepish smile on his face.

"What are those?" he asked, prepared for Tony to start laughing, but he could only grin when Bruce joined in. He didn't mind being laughed at like this - it wasn't malicious, more amazed than anything else at his ignorance. He decided then that he liked the look of honest mirth on both men's faces.

"Just try them, you'll like them," Bruce said with a smile, and he went back over to his work station. Thor did, and exclaimed as the first once exploded with flavor over his tongue.

"These are divine!" He polished off the whole box as he went back to reading, frowning mid-bite on his last one when he got to a explanation of a thing called 'Occams Razor'. When he asked about it, Tony looked absolutely gleeful and launched into a heavily detailed explanation that had his mind going elsewhere about halfway through. He tried to keep up, but he hadn't delved as deeply into the Midgardian world yet, even though he planned to. Bruce must have seen it, because he made Tony shut up, and shrugged when Thor looked at him.

"It's the principal that simplicity is often the best, and easiest way to solve a problem."

Thor frowned, and looked back down at the 'tablet' that Tony had given him. "So...it says that because I can see that your eyes are brown, they must be brown?"

"Essentially," Bruce said, sounding a bit flustered. Thor frowned slightly and looked to Tony for some sort of explanation, but he was looking between them with a devilish look in his eyes that reminded him too much of his mother when she was trying to find him a date. He glared and Tony only smirked, going back to his screen. He turned back to his tablet, watching Tony and Bruce begin to talk. He heard something about 'big and green' and tuned back into the conversation, only to have the door open and Steve Rogers walked in.

He laughed when Tony poked Bruce in the side, starling a laugh from the man, but frowned in confusion when Rogers said something about the safety of the ship. Then he remembered the files that Coulson had given him, but decided that he wanted the story from the man himself.

He kept himself silent as they talked about weapons, something about weapons, and the things Loki had said. A warm light for all mankind. The Tesseract would help that greatly. Stark is right about Fury. He is not someone to trust. He waited until the Captain left in a huff, then turned curious eyes to the other two men.

"That was who my dad wouldn't shut up about? Talk about a stick up the ass," Stark muttered, glaring at the door before shaking his head and looking at Thor. "Did you read any of our files?"

"I have not. I prefer to learn the story from the source."

"Aw, great. So we have to spill our life stories to you?" he whined, but there was a flash of respect in those dark brown eyes.

"Only if you wish to," he returned with an easy, broad smile. Then he sobered. "I would like to know what sort of team I am aligning myself with."

"We aren't a team," Banner said bitterly, staring at his screen. "A team trusts each other."

"Does it matter if I say I trust you both? More so then anyone else on this ship, for the moment." He frowned when they both gave him startled looks, and blinked when Stark laughed.

"You don't know us Goldilocks," he said nonchalantly, waving a hand.

"I know enough," he said softly, earning another surprised look. "I do not judge by past deeds, only current actions."

"Actions speak louder than words, hm?" Banner said softly, with a small smile.

"Aye," he agreed, giving the man a lopsided grin. They grew quiet after that, and Thor went back to reading until he grew restless. He looked up, and focused his eyes on Banner. The man sensed it immediately, and met his gaze.

"Would you like to get some coffee with me?" he asked softly, fascinated by the blush that stained the man's cheeks.

"I, uh," he stuttered, but only protested slightly when Tony came over and pushed him towards the door.

"He'd love to Point Break. Lead the way!"

They were both through the door then, and he blinked at the man grinning widely through the window at them.

"Tony, let me back in," Bruce said, almost growling, but the scientist just shook his head and made a shooing motion. He then deliberately turned his back on them.

Thor frowned, unsure of the man's reaction. "I mean no disrespect Bruce. If you would rather stay, I can bring coffee here."

"No no, that's fine. Let's go?"

Thor's frown only deepened the closer they got to the 'cafeteria' he heard it called, and seeing people became more and more frequent. His anger grew as Bruce was shot look after look of fear, disdain, and sometimes outright hatred. He himself was ogled most frequently, but it was the look of fear he was getting that confused him the most.

"Mortal's are strange," he muttered to himself, but Bruce's surprised, bright laughter brought an answering smile to his face.

"You have no idea, Thor." Bruce grinned at him, and Thor found himself unexpectedly charmed. They stood in line to get their coffee, and Thor used the same tactic with Bruce that he often used with Loki - he got him talking on a subject that interested him.

By the time the coffee was done, they bought several more, and made their way back to the labs. Tony was properly worshipful when they brought him his drink, and the three engaged in conversation once more. Thor was deep in a discussion about physics, trying to learn more, when Tony's phone beeped.

Then, Phase 2 was revealed.

And everything went to hell.


There was no one around to see blue flickering to green, back and forth rapidly. Green won, and Loki came back to himself with a scream, as Thanos laughed madly in the background of his head.

All the memories of what he had done, what he had said, flooded into his brain, bringing another scream from him as he curled up into a ball inside the crater his body made. Image after image settled into his mind, twisting and writhing until he felt as though he was the one doing them, except he knew it wasn't true. In his mind however, as the images settled into memories, he felt like he had.

"No...you bastard..." He forced himself onto his hands and knees, head hanging low as his hands tightened into fists hard enough to break skin. "Thanos...I will kill you for this."

"You can try little god," the Titan purred into his mind, mockingly affectionate. "You cannot get ri-"

There was a sudden silence from outside, and Loki agonizingly pushed himself to his feet, absently wishing he had Gungnir to lean on. Between one shaky step and the other, the silver weapon appeared in his hand, steadying him as his knee almost gave out. He closed his eyes and just leaned on the spear, giving himself a moment to bask in the presence of the Aesir magic that flowed from the weapon. It welcomed him, dancing happily through his psyche and bringing a small smile to his face, even though that hurt as well.

He sensed movement, and snapped his eyes open, spine going straight even though it yelled at him against it. Several vertebra are cracked, at the very least, he thought with dark humor.

Then he saw the familiar head of gold hair and the red cape, and he felt his eyes well up with tears that he didn't bother to stop. "Brother," he breathed.

"Loki?" Thor took one step forward, but Loki held out a hand to keep from being crushed in a bear hug.

"Gently, brother...my body is not happy right now," he said with a wan smile, and Thor laughed, though wetly.

Oh so carefully he stepped forward, and Loki allowed those arms to wrap around him, resting his head gratefully against the broad shoulder. A tight breath made Thor's chest hitch, and Loki bit his lip so he didn't start bawling like a child. Suddenly it was him holding his brother, not the other way around, and Thor unashamedly sobbed.

"I'm so sorry brother," Thor breathed. "I couldn't save you, I couldn't keep him from throwing you off...or, or any of it..."

Loki sighed, ignoring the whispers he heard from the other people there, and ran his fingers through the blood matted blond hair. "Thor...brother, it was not something you could control. Even if you had looked for me, which I sincerely hope you did not, you wouldn't have been able to find me."

"Why do you wish I didn't?" Thor was suddenly angry, and he pulled back, wincing at the small sound of pain Loki made. "If I could have found you..."

"Because you had more important things to worry about then me," he returned firmly, locking eyes with his twins. "I was gone, you needed to rule the kingdom, and settle everything with father and Jotunheim." He frowned. "You did have them married, did you not?"

Thor beamed. "I did. They also went through the ritual for soul-mates. It has been quite...enlightening in the year you've been gone."

Loki had to laugh at that, even though it made his broken ribs stab sharply into his lungs. A voice cleared their throat, and the brother turned to look at the group. Loki saw the green monster shrinking into a smaller man, and pulled away from his brother. He slowly went over to the now naked man, leaning heavily on Gungnir, until he could kneel before him.

"Thank you, Bruce Banner," he said with heartfelt emotion.

"Uh, for?" The man returned, obviously confused.

"For bringing me back to myself."

"Cognitive recalibration," the man said, then huffed out a small laugh. "Well, uh, you're welcome. You could show your thanks by giving me a pair of pants though."

Loki raised his head, and grinned wickedly. With a simple wave of his hand - and drawing from Gungnir - Banner jumped when plain black jeans appeared on his lower half. Just that simple trick left him far more drained then he would have liked. In fact, black spots were dancing in his eyes, and it was only sheer willpower that was keeping him from pitching into darkness.

Then he felt it.

A humming in the air, dancing along his skin like butterflies, and he exchanged a wide eyed look with his twin. Thor was also blinking in astonishment, but even as he opened his mouth, a golden light appeared. It solidified into a regal woman with blond hair, and tear-filled blue eyes.

"Mother?" he whispered, and she rushed over to him, catching him easily when he began to fall from the shock.

"Oh my son, my son. You have come back to us!" Her tears started his, then Thor joined in after wrapping them both up in his arms. He was never one to think that crying could be helpful, but he found help from those. They eased his mind, cleared it, and helped numb his emotions enough for him to think.

"Not that this isn't touching or anything," a sarcastic voice said from behind them. "But Fury is on his way, so you may want to stop with the touchy feelies."

He opened his eyes and shot a half-hearted glare at the metal man - Iron Man, Anthony Stark - who only smirked at him in return.

Frigga sat back, wiping her eyes with a beautiful smile on her face. "Oh yes, Idun sends her wish that these will help." With a wave of her hand, four golden apples appeared, two in front of each brother.

Loki didn't care that he fell on them like a ravenous dog. The first one was gone in a matter of bites, seeds and all, but he savored the first bite of the second. Already he could feel his body healing, bones knitting back together and his magic pulsing within him. Every moment it got stronger, until by the end of the second apple, he was back to feeling at full strength. He flopped back with a groan of pleasure, savoring the small bit of magic that he used to rid himself of his armor, opting for the comfortable Midgardian clothes of jeans and a loose button down.

"Brother, if you would?"

He glanced at Thor, and smirked as he waved a hand. The Chitauri blood was gone, and armor replaced with the clothing he had seen his brother wearing in the mirror cage. Then Thor and Frigga both glared at him, so he changed them both back into their formal leathers.

His mother huffed an exasperated sigh. "Will you just pick an outfit? You are worse than me Loki!"

He raised his head, smiling at her sheepishly. "Sorry mother."

She just mock glared, and then turned back to the Avengers. "Now, man in the metal suit, please come here."

"It's Iron Man," Stark said with a grumble, but he did walk over. He gave her an appreciative once over as he did, but was shot down by her glare before he could even open his mouth.

"Iron Man then." She said with a regal nod of her head, and grabbed his exposed head when he came close enough. He struggled for but a moment until her hands glowed a cornflower blue, and then his eyes went wide in astonishment.

"Holy shit. Are you healing me?" he asked in a strangled whisper, and Loki and Thor exchanged a knowing look.

"I am," she snapped, not even opening her eyes. "If you don't stop moving around, I will erase the part of your anatomy that you males enjoy so much."

"Yes ma'am," he squeaked, and Loki snickered. He got a glare for it, but only returned it with a placid smile. Then he turned to the rest.

"I highly doubt any of you will trust me, but I can heal you as well if you'd like."

He watched with a sort of bitter amusement as they all exchanged looks, but was mildly surprised when the good Captain walked over, and sat down in front of him. Loki had not expected a volunteer. He cocked an eyebrow, but one Steve Rogers only gave him a stubborn look. So he shrugged and took the man's hands, closing his eyes as he brought his own healing powers to the surface. His hands glows a soft, earthy green as he sent it into the soldiers body, healing the various cuts and torn muscles.

A brief flash of memory had him jerking away before he could stop himself. He surged to his feet, taking a few steps back while trying to control his breathing. A vivid remembrance of Rogers being the enemy had gone through him, and he knew for certain that if he hadn't moved, that neck would have been crushed between his hands.

He tucked his shaking hands behind his back, and gave an apologetic smile. "Forgive me. It seems I am not fully back to where I should be."

Rogers gave him a curious, suspicious look, rising to his feet and stepping away. "It's the thought that counts? You're so different." He actually blushed when he blurted out the words, and Loki just raised an eyebrow.

"I would hope so," he said dryly.

"No he's not," Stark said darkly, and met Loki's eyes challenging. "He's still the god we saw, he's just better at hiding it now."

"Stark," Rogers barked.

Loki shot him a glare. "I don't need you to speak for me."

Everyone was silent as they squared off.

Loki smiled genially. "What would give you that impression."

"Oh, gee, I don't really know," Stark returned, his fingers flexing a bit. No one else caught it, except maybe the assassins, and Loki narrowed his eyes slightly. So Stark caught what truly happened, but isn't revealing it. Interesting.

"You don't believe me to be different then who I was?" he asked with a smile, a little too sharp and wide.

Stark grinned back, just as sharp and darkly amused. "Not in the least."

"Interesting," he murmured, absently tapping a finger against his bottom lip. That was until his mother slapped him on the shoulder.

"Stop it Loki," she said softly, but hard. "You will have time for your flirting's later. The Director you were speaking of is here."

"Good skills," the man said, stepping in from the door that no one had even noticed being open. Stark sidled over to stand next to him as Fury properly entered the room. Loki's shoulder's straightened a bit more when the man looked at him. Scarily, he reminded Loki of Laufey. "We need to talk Loki."

"My brother is king! Address him with-"

"Thor." Loki smiled sweetly, never unlocking his gaze from Fury's. "I am not king here. So speak Fury. I highly doubt you will say anything that I haven't already thought of."

"So you know you'll need to help us rebuild."

"I do."

"So you also know we need the Tesseract back in our care."

"Ah." His fingers tightened slightly on his spear. "Now you are mistaken with that. The Tesseract is an artifact of Asgard, and I will not be leaving it here."

"This doesn't have to get messy," the man said, and Loki barked out a laugh as the memory of when he first arrived on this miserable planet showed itself.

"You're absolutely right, it does not. However, if you insist..." He held up his left hand, summoning the glowing cube, and it responded. It materialized right into his palm, but as it solidified, something strange happened. The staff that Thanos had handed him jerked out of Romanoff's hand, to hover in front of him. The cube lifted from his palm, and melted right into the oval stone. When it finished, it sent out a blast of white light, and in the light, Loki heard Thanos scream in rage. It made his smile wide and sharp, and he was wreathed in ethereal blue light as he reached out with his free hand and curled his fingers around the staff.

"Ahhh..." he breathed reverently, eyes closing as he savored the feel of the Tesseract without Thanos's influence. He didn't realize that his own magic was showing itself, emerald and sapphire weaving around each other in a sensual dance. He opened his eyes, and with just a thought and a wave of the staff, the entire room was back to pristine. He took a deep breath and expanded the magic, until he could feel every brick and piece of glass in the entire tower back into their original places. "Ah well, that's a start."

Stark whistled next to him. "Neat trick Reindeer Games. That glowstick of destiny has its perks."

Loki sent the man a slashing smile. "You have no idea."

"Gentlemen," Fury said sharply, looking completely unruffled at the display of power Loki just made.

"I have to settle things in Asgard, before I can begin repairing your anthill, Director Fury," he said with a mocking smile. "As king, I need to make sure my kingdom is in working order before I can see to someone else's."

It look as though Fury swallowed a lemon, but he nodded. "I understand that."

"Well then. Mother, brother, shall we go?"

The two of them nodded and walked over to him, each placing a hand on his shoulder. He gave a small bow, his smile all teeth as he looked around. "Gentlemen, and lady, until next time."

They disappeared, and Stark smirked, muttering under his breath as the rest began to talk among themselves.

"Looking forward to it, King Loki."