Paul Returns to Kanto: Return of the Battle Frontier

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Chapter 1: Reggie's Idea

Defeat. How could it happen?

"Infernape, you got this!"

How could I lose?

The ref threw the flag into the air before pointing toward his opponent. "Ash Ketchum is the winner!"

And to him of all people. I thought as I laid down in my bed. The league had ended 3 months ago and all I could think about was my defeat by Ash

I kept replaying the battle in my mind thinking about what went wrong. Between the two of us I clearly had the upper hand. Ash fell for all of my traps I used the perfect team to beat him but still I lost.

I could've understood if I lost to Tobias but I didn't even make it to him. Why was he the one to beat me?

"I hate him. He's just like my brother treating his Pokémon with love. How pathetic?" But if it was so pathetic then why did I lose.

"It was his Infernape." I said realizing how his Infernape beat half of my team.

Staraptor wasn't even a threat I weakened it with my Gastrodon and finished it with my Drapion.

Buizel wasn't much better it managed to beat my weakened Gastrodon sure but it then fell to Drapion.

His Torterra was even worse it didn't even beat a single one of my Pokémon. It got beaten quickly by my Drapion.

Gliscor. Hmm I suppose it did well but still it would have lost to my ninjask if ash didn't switch it out for infernape.

Pikachu. Again it did well defeating my Frostglass but in the end I still destroyed it with my Electivire.

Infernape. There was a pokemon that saved him. It defeated my argon, Ninjask, and my Electivire which earlier beat 3 of his strongest guys.

"Damn it. This was the most important battle and I literally handed him the key to his victory." I said remembering how I kicked out my chimchar and it then went to ash. "Why could he unlock its true potential but I couldn't. What makes him so special?"

Why what made him different? What made him better?

Could it be his training style? Was treating your Pokémon with love and care really the best option to becoming a good trainer. No I couldn't believe it he was weak pathetic.

"Paul can I come in?" I heard my brother Reggie ask.

"What do you want?"

"I want to talk to you." Reggie said letting himself in. "You've been so down ever since you lost to ash. It was a good fight you have nothing to be ashamed about. Besides after he beat you he went on to beat not one but two legendary Pokémon. So it's not like you lost to an amateur."

"Shut up Reggie. If you remember he used a completely different team when he faced me. Would I have done half as well if he used his Heracross, his Sceptile, or maybe that Snorlax of his?"

Reggie then went and punched Paul straight in his face. "Grow up will you stop letting one loss get to you! You weren't this pissed off after the league but the moment got home you just got depressed! Do you think Ash is laying at home crying about his lose to Tobias! I doubt it he just grew up and went home. I bet he's in a new region catching new Pokémon as we speak."

"Well what do you want me to do. "

"Go and train some more. I didn't get this sad when I lost to Brandon" Reggie then stopped and smiled.

"What are you smiling about?"

"I have an idea about what you can do next."

"Oh god, I'm not gonna go like this am I."

"You will I'm sure of it but first we need to head to twinleaf town."

"Why do we need to go there?"

"Because I said so now listen to your big brother. Pack your things and let's get in my car."

"Sigh I guess I have no choice."

I then packed my bags and walked out to see my brother in his car.

"Choose some Pokémon to bring with you Paul"


I choose to grab my Electivire, Magmorter, Ursaring, Torterra, Gastrodon, and Frostglass.

"I got my team Reggie. Now can you tell me why we're going to Twinleaf town?"

"You'll see later."

Reggie and I got in the car and started to drive toward Twinleaf Town.

"Well we're here. Now get out Paul." Reggie said as we arrived in Twinleaf Town. He then parked the car and we got out of it.

"So what are we doing here?"

"Well I need to find Rowan first because I heard he was visiting this town."

"Why do we need to see Rowan?"

"You really don't get the purpose of a surprise do you?"

"I hate surprises."

"And I hate your attitude but I've put up with it. Now while I look for Rowan you walk around and have some fun."

Reggie then left me to explore the tiny town.

I walked around and wondered to myself how could anyone livening such a boring town.

"How is coming here supposed to help cheer me up."

"Hey out of my way!" a kid yelled as he hit me with his bike.

"What the hell is your problem watch where you're going you ideot."

"Me, you're the one who got in my way. I think this calls for a fine you have ten seconds to pay up. ten. nine. eight. seven. six. five. four. three. two. one. Time's up. Hey wait a minute aren't you Paul."

"Yea, so what."

"It's good to see you again."

"Who are you?"

"What stop joking around its me Barry."

"How do you know me again."

"We faced in the sinnoh league remember. I used a Skarmory, Hitmolee, and my Empolion. You used your Magmortar, Electivire, and you're Ursering. I couldn't even defeat one of your Pokémon."

I thought for a minute until I remembered the battle. "I remember you now. You were the kid I faced in the third round."

"You bet I've been training really hard since then."

"Barry where what are you doing over there." I heard a girl say

"Hey Dawn come here and see who I ran into… literally"

Dawn then walked up and saw me

"Well if it isn't Paul. How have you been?"

"It doesn't matter." I spoke coldly.

"Well glad to see your attitude has changed." Dawn said Sarcastically.

"Look I've been busy." I told her. I didn't want to admit I was moping these past three months.

"Hey Paul I have an Idea how about you and me have a rematch right here and now. I've been training real hard and I bet you've improved too." Barry asked me energetically.

"Thanks but no thanks."

"Huh, why not."

"Because I don't want to waste my time"

"You gotta be kidding me you said we could have a rematch after you beat me the last time."

"I don't remember saying that"

"Well that was the impression I got."

"Then you got the wrong idea. Why should I waste my time battle a pathetic opponent who I defeated months ago."

"Common you kept on battling Ash until he beat you."

"Ash was just a loser who got lucky at the last minute. I could beat him in a heartbeat If he didn't catch that stupid Infernape." I said.

"Ha. Make all the excuses you want in the end Infernape still beat you. Oh and by the way who was his original trainer that abandoned him. Please tell me I'm having a hard time remembering." Dawn said to me. She was acting like a smartass.

"You stupid bitch. Learn your place and stop talking about things you'll never understand. Ash only won because my Pokémon let me down in that one battle I'm still the better trainer."

"Well I change my mind you're not as bad as you were in the Sinoh league. You're even worse than you were before! At least during the Sinoh league you battled with some respect for your opponents and when Ash beat you at first you took it well. I guess after you got home you realized what a sorry excuse of a trainer you are!" Dawn said yelling at me

"Why don't you just shut up? Your just a stupid coordinator who knows nothing about battles."

"Why don't you make me unless you're scared to battle after Ash beat your sorry butt?"

"You're gonna regret saying that." I said feeling pissed beyond measures. I felt like I could explode out of anger from the way she was talking to me. Who did she think she was talking to me like that? She had some nerve.

"Only if you can beat me in a three on three Pokémon battle."

"Fine then If you want to get embarrassed so badly I'll be happy to help.. This won't take long."

"Hey what about my battle." Barry said sounding annoyed. I forgot he was there for a minute

"Shut up Barry." Dawn and I said at the same time.

Barry then jumped backwards looking scared.

"You can be the judge Barry." Dawn said to Barry

"Fine. where do you two want to battle."

"There's an old grass battlefield near here if you want to go there Paul."

"Wherever's fine. I could fight anywhere and beat you." I said bitterly.

We headed to the field there was nothing special about it. Just grass and a few rocks in the ground but other than that nothing special."

"This will be a three on three Pokémon battle between Dawn and Paul. The battle will end when all three of one side's Pokémon are unable to battle. Substitutes are allowed.

"Frostglass stand by for battle."

"Togakiss come on out."


"You already made a stupid call. Why would you send out a flying type to go up against my ice type."

"This is why Togakiss use aura spear."

Togakiss then fired the attack but it went right through Frostglass.

"Huh why did it go through it I hit it dead on?"

"Don't you know anything Frostglass is half ghost and fighting type moves have no effect on ghost. God only an amateur would make that mistake."

"Shut up. Now Togakiss since Aura spear won't work try air slash."

Togakiss slashed Frostglass with great force of air

"Ice shard Frostglass."

Frostglass then nailed Togakiss with Ice shard.

"Togakiss lets hit him hard with sky attack."

Togakiss started to charge up for sky attack

"Frostglass wait for Togakiss to come at you and use ice beam strait at it."

"Togakiss dive right into the attack to hit Frostglass"

"What is she planning"

Togakiss went straight into the ice beam taking serious damage until it hit Frostglass and caused an explosion.

When the smoke cleared Frostglass was hurt and breathing heavy but it was still standing. Togakiss on the other hand had been knocked unconscious.

"Togakiss is unable to battle the winner it Frostglass." Barry announced

"So you decided to go right into ice beam so you could deal even more damage to my Frostglass but sadly your plan didn't work we still won"

"Damn it I thought that would work."

"Well what's your next Pokémon going to be? Unless you're ready to quite."

"No need to worry I still have some tricks up my sleeve Paul and also there's no way I'd ever quite against you."

"You should be worried because no matter what you do I'm taking you down. Now send out your next Pokémon."

"Mamoswine come on out." Dawn said as she sent out her giant tusk Pokémon.

"Mamoswine vs. Frostglass begin." Barry said

"So since flying didn't work you're going to try ice vs. ice. Well it's not going to work. Frostglass use ice shard."

"We'll use ice shard too."

The two Pokémon sent out shards of ice as they collided.

"Now Frostglaass use shadow ball"

Frostglass fired the ball and it hit Mamoswine head on. But Momoswine still had some fight left in him.

"Mamoswine use Ancient Power."

Mamoswine hit Frostglass with a barrage of rocks. After the attack hit Mamoswine started moving faster.

"Alright Ancient powers second effect came in now Mamoswines stats have all increased. Now let's finish the battle by using ancient power one more time."

"Frostglass use destiny bond"

Msmoswine hit Frostglass head on and inflected damage that was strong enough to make Frostglass fall but not before Frostglass shot out a beam that connected the two of them.

"Frostglass is unable to battle the winner is-"But Barry got interrupted by the sound of Dawns Mamoswine falling.

"Mamo" The Mamoswine said as it fainted

"I mean both Pokémon are unable to battle this makes this round a draw. Paul still has two Pokémon left while Dawn is left with only one." Barry announced

"I don't understand Mamoswine barley took any Damage." Dawn said confused

"Right before you hit me I told my Frostglass to use Destiny bond. That's a move that waits until one of my guys faint and then forces the opponents Pokémon to share its destiny. I planned that out from the moment you sent out your Mamoswine. So what are you going to do now?"

"Well I can see why Ash always had such a hard time beating you. But still there's no way I'm going to lose."

"Then see if you can win. Gastrodon stand by for battle."

"Alright I didn't want to use this one since I just got her back but now's as good a time as any to test her out. Go Ambipom"

"Gastrodon Water pulse."

The Pokémon fired a ball of water straight at Ambipom

"All right Ambipom time to show your training in ping pong. Knock it right back at it with double hit."

Ambipom hit the Ball of water straight back at Gastrodon. After the ball hit it Gstrodon started acting weird.

"Alright now it's confused. Ambipom lets win this quickly with a double Focus punch."

Ambipom Ran straight towards Gastrodon

"Snap out of it Gastrodon."

But it was no use Gastrodon was far to confused and Ambipom hit it dead center.

"Gast." Gastrodon said as it fainted

"Gatrodon return is that all you're capable of?"

"Gastrodon is unable to battle Ambipom is the winner. Both sides are left with just one Pokémon left each."

I smiled for an instant. Even though i wasn't winning anymore I felt something. Entertainment. I haven't felt so excited since I battled Ash. I forgot for an instant that we were fighting earlier. I wanted to continue this battle. I wanted to get stronger and to win. And I wanted to be the best.

"Alright Dawn no more fun and games I'm ending this now. It's been fun but it's time to end this ."

"Well you seem to suddenly be in a better mood."

"Don't get me wrong I still intend to beat you but I'm actually enjoying this. Still it's time I end it. Ursering stand by for battle."

"Well it's good to see your returning to your old self but I'm still going to win."

"Your wrong about that I'm taking you way down."

"Alright let's go Ambipom use swift."

"Counter with Focus blast."

The focus blast ran through the barrage of stars and was about to hit Ambipom.

"Knock Focus Blast back just like before."

Ambipom knocked the attack straight toward Ursering

"You're not the only one who can do that. Ursering run toward the blast and hit it right back at Ambipom with slash."

Urering hit the Ball straight into Ambipom

"Paul learned my battle style and adapted it as his own after seing it used only one time. That's just like him."

"Now ursering, run up to Ambipom and use Hammer arm."

My Ursering did as it was told and hit the Ambipom

"Double hit Ambipom."

The Ambipom hit my Ursering dead on.

"Now Ambipom finish this with Focus punch."

"Hammer Arm now."

The two Pokémon collided and hit each other dead in the face.

Both Pokémon were breathing heavily.

Suddenly one of the Pokémon fell

TO Be Continued

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