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Chapter 63 Next Contest and Kenny's Secret

(Paul's POV)
I was sitting in the stands watching the introductions of this contest get made. Like I thought both Dawn and Kenny were in it and so far this was a boring first round. The only interesting that was happening was the fact that Cynthia and Lance were being two judges but that only made other coordinators seem more nervous and they messed up. Shockingly Kenny was one of the few that did it right and I assumed he would be one of the one who would advance. Dawn still wouldn't be up for another few more people though so we were busy waiting patiently.

"Wow so they use combinations to make their Pokemon look beautiful. Seems interesting and fun though I can't see making a habit out of it." Janine said

"I suppose you have to have a specific taste for it to love it and want to do it professionally." Zoey said

"Yea I guess." Janine said

"SO Paul I've been meaning to ask you?" Zoey said

"What is it." I asked as I grew annoyed at the thought of what she wanted to ask me.

"Well how is Dawn doing. Are you taking care of her?" Zoey asked me

"Shut up we are still friends and we are traveling together." I said

"Awe but nothing else. Man you're no fun." Zoey said

"Nothing at all." I said as I blushed a bit.

"Awe you're blushing how cute. I suppose even boys do it sometimes." Zoey teased as she was laughing.

"Cut it out." I said

"I'm just teasing you you little kid. IT's honestly adorable. Oh and it also shows that your lying and that something did happen." Zoey said

"Shut up I'm not lying. Nothing at all happened so stop asking such a stupid questions." I said calmly trying to shut her up.

"Is that so well that reaction of yours says otherwise. Plus if you ask me I think you are just trying to get me to shut the hell up aren't you, you rude little brat." Zoey said joking around.

"Are you always this annoying." I asked

"Are you always this rude. Like I said I know the type of person you are though. You act all tough but you're not that bad of a person. At least not anymore." Zoey said

"Maybe not, happy now that you're right. Does it please you to know I'm not the complete jerk I used to be who would beat my Pokemon in order to make them stronger. Does that please you or put you at ease." I asked

"Yea I suppose it does in a way. I guess as long as you're not rude to Dawn or as long as you don't start cheating on her with some other girl." Zoey said

"I told you right now I don't care about relationships. Also how can I cheat on a girl who I'm not even dating yet?" I said

"The key word in your sentence just now is yet. If you say that then doesn't that mean you plan on it in the future." Zoey said.

"Shut up that's not what I meant. Is this all you ever talk about you idiot." I said

"Well now aren't you sensitive. Plus you sure don't like telling me about anything. Trust me I have a right to know with all me and Dawn have been through together. I told you we are like sisters so you can't keep hiding things from me." Zoey said as she leaned over and whispered into my ear. "Besides you can't keep lying about things like cute bike rides and kissing you know?" Zoey said calmly

"WHo the hell told you about that stuff!?" I asked feeling really angry.

"You really have no idea how close Dawn and I are do you. She calls me all the time and tells me everything that is important or that is on her mind. And let me tell you those moments are a lot more meaningful to her than you think." Zoey said

"Please don't be ridiculous. WHy on earth would she care about such pointless moments like that." I said as I ignored her statement.

"Maybe because she actually cares about you and more than you think. You know if a girl likes a boy then she really enjoys the moments she spends with him. That's kind of how girls act you know. Knowing you though I bet you don't treasure moments like that though." Zoey said as I rolled my eyes trying to pay no mind to her idiotic talk.

"Of course not those are pointless events. Why on earth would I treasure something as pointless as a bike ride or a moment where she falls on top of me. It's completely pathetic." I said as I grew annoyed.

"Not really and if you wanna know pathetic, it's someone who acts as cool as you yet can't even do something as simple as ride a bike up a cycling rode so you have to share one with Dawn. it's actually sad but in another way I also find it very adorable that such an interesting event occurred." Zoey said

"Just how much does Dawn tell you! She knows she doesn't have to tell you every god damn detail about me!" I yelled louder than I meant to causing some people to turn their heads.

"You know you two are having a very interesting conversation but I'm trying to focus on the contest." Janine said

"Don't get mad at him Janine, Paul and Zoey are just talking about Dawn and Paul's little crush." Barry said laughing

"Oh you mean the other girl that's always with you guys. I suppose it's cool and understandable that Paul likes her." Janine said happily.

"Shut up okay what's with all you people and speaking this nonsense. I don't like her and we are just friends. And believe me with all your joking around I doubt that I still even wanna be that." I said obviously not serious but wanting to shut them up.

Still though I can't help but wonder, are they serious that all of this stuff that has happened to us is important to Dawn. I admit lately I have been kind of enjoying myself but still to actually consider those memories as treasures, I don't seem to understand that. She really is a weird one Dawn but still I wonder why on earth she enjoys all of those moments. Please, it's not like I should really care. I thought to myself.

"Hey Paul can you focus again, Dawn is stepping out and she is about to go up." Zoey said with a smile.

"Right, let's hope she does well." I said as I watched Dawn perform. She walked out in her new clothes and looked happy and ready to perform.

"I take it that's the new outfit she got with you." Barry said

"Yea and she really looks happy to be wearing it. personally I don't see the big deal." I said

"Well she must like her new clothes. I think all of them look cute. Your new out fit is pretty cool as well and even Janine looks kinda cute in her new outfit so I like it when people get new clothes." Zoey said with a smile

"I am not cute." Janine said in defense.

"Calm down and who cares about all of that. Either way she loves these cloths and in my opinion she's getting too excited to be showing them off but those are just my thoughts. Either way as long as she wins who cares what she does or what she wears." I said as I turned my attention to the performance Dawn was about to put on.

"LEt's get going, Quilava, Pachirisu spotlight!" Dawn said as she sent out her two POkemon.

"So she's sticking with those two huh. It's been awhile since I've seen either of them fight." I said as I began to watch the performance.

"Quilava use Eruption, Pachirisu use discharge on top of the Eruption!" Dawn said

Quilava fired a beam of fire up into the air and Pachirisu shot out electricity to ride on top of the fire by using it's electricity to protect it from getting hurt.

"Good job now do a fusion of Electro Ball and Flamethrower!" Dawn said

Pachirisu fired it's electric Ball and Quilava fired it's Flamethrower into the air and the two attacks fused causing an interesting collision. I thought it actually looked nice so I was certain it would get some points.

"Okay time to finish this. Quilava use Flame Wheel and Pachirisu ride him with DIscharge!" Dawn said

Quilava put itself in it's fire circle and Pachirisu rode it with it's Discharge attack and rode Quilava as if it was ridding a ball. Dawn then recalled her Pokemon and left the stage.

"Well you gotta admit she did good right." Zoey said happily

"Whatever either way just need to wait till the voting is done." I said

"Yea and that should come soon since Dawn was the last one to go." Zoey said with a grin

"SO who do you think will be able to advance?" Barry asked

"Well I'm almost certain Dawn and Kenny are two of them." Zoey said as the board appeared.

Just like Zoey said, both Dawn and Kenny made it as well as two other people.

"So we have our top four." Janine said as she looked interested.

"Now things should get good." I said calmly as I waited for the next round.

(Dawn's POV)
"Well this is it, I made it to the finals." I said

I was able to defeat my semi-finals opponent with ease but then again so was Kenny. We were both in the finals now and so far I was feeling nervous. It's been awhile since my last contest battle with Kenny.

"Well this is it the finals of this contest we have Dawn vs Kenny. Both of these coordinators are from the same home town so this should make a good show." Lilian said

"Okay time to see how much stronger Kenny has really gotten. I remember everyone talking about how much better he is but I have to try and these two are two good guys to use. So BAgon, Ralts spotlight!" I said as I went out Ralts and Bagon

"Good team as for me I will test these two out as well. NineTails, Mightyena come on out!" Kenny said as he sent out two new Pokemon.

"Wow those are new." I said

"I evolved Ninetails by buying a fire stone from the store here. Also I caught this Mightyena just a little after you got your Ralts. So let's see who would win. Time to see which of us is stronger," Kenny said

"Right but I'm going to win this" I said

"Begin" Lilian said as the clock started.

"Ralt's use Dazzling Gleam!" I said

Ralt's fired it's flash at both of the Pokemon the attack seemed to barely hurt Ninetails but do major damage to Mightyena.

"Mightyena use Crunch!" Kenny said as Mightyena jumped up and bit down onto Ralt's causing it to take damage and also get trapped in it's mouth.

"BAgon use Flamethrower on Mightyena!" I said

"Ninetails jump in the way!"I said

The fire hit Ninetails but the blow simple seemed to have no effect and make Ninetails stronger.

"Sorry Dee Dee but that attack won't have any effect Ninetails. No fire attacks will. Instead they just make Ninetails stronger." Kenny said confidently.

"In that case, Bagon use Dragon Rush!" I said

BAgon slammed into Ninetales and caused it to get knocked backwards into a wall.

"Ninetails get up and use Fire Spin!" Kenny said

Ninetails got up and shot out a tornado of fire that trapped Bagon in it and Bagon was unable to do anything.
"Now what are you going to do without your Bagon. On top of that your Ralt's can't do much either. Now all I have to do is wait while your points get dropped down to zero. Sorry Dee Dee but this round is mine!" Kenny said

"Don't go thinking this round is over. Ralts use Dazzling Gleam!" I said

Ra;t's once again shot out it's Dazzling Gleam that knocked Mightyena backwards and slammed into Ninetails.

"Now Ralts is free and we aren't gone yet, Ralts use Shadow Ball!" I said

Ralts then created a ball of darkness that slammed into both Ninetails and Mightyena.

"Not bad at all but do you really think you can win with just a Ralts. And besides using a ghost type move won't do much. It's not even the same type as the move you're using. If you want to deal some major damage, you should use a Psychic type attack or something." Kenny said

"I won't fall for that. If I use a psychic type move on your Pokemon then you'll just block it with Mightyena and it won't harm it all so I won't fall for it." I said calmly

"Oh well I doubted that that plan would work on you Dee Dee but you can't blame a guy for trying still it's not like I will lose. Your Bagon is still trapped and there's nothing you can do about it." Kenny said

"We'll see about that. I think I've found a way to escape. Ralts use Dazzling Gleam once more!" I said as Ralt's shot out a flash that damaged both Pokemon.

"Get up and use Shadow Ball Mightyena!" Kenny said

"I won't let that happen now let's help little Bagon out, Ralts use Teleport to go into the Fire Spin and then use Teleport while holding Bagon to get yourself and Bagon out of it!" I said

Mightyena fired it's Shadow Ball attack But Ralt's vanished inside the fire tornado and caused Kenny to miss and Ralts then reappeared outside of the fire tornado to escape.

"JUst great keping that tornado activated takes some energy so theres no point if it's doing nothing. Ninetails get rid of your fire spin." Kenny said as the fire Tornado vanished

"Well looks like your plan didn't work." I said happily

"We aren't done yet. Ninetails use Iron Tail with all nine of your tails!" Kenny said as Nine Tails jumped into the air and turned all nine of it's tails into iron and was preparing to use all nine of them at once.

"I won't let that happen. Ralt's use confusion to catch Ninetails and send it flying backwards!" I said

"HAh I knew you would mess up sooner or later, Mightyena get in the way and take the blow!" Kenny said as his Mightyena got in the way to intercept the attack.

"I didn't mess up, instead I was hoping that you would do that. Now Bagon use Dragon Rush on Mightyena!" I said

Bagon rushed into Mightyena and knocked it onto the ground causing major damage. Mightyena then tried to get up but by the time it was on it's feet, Ralts had used Confusion to knock Nine Tails Backwards and weaken it even more.

"Alright so far so good." I said happily.

"We won't lose yet. NineTails use Fire Blast!" Kenny said as Ninetails jumped up.

"I won't let that work, Bagon use Dragon Rush!" I said

"Just what I was waiting for, Mightyena use Sucker Punch!" Kenny said

MIghtyena suddenly moved at a great speed and punched Bagon before it even had a chance to attack. Then Ninetails fired it's fire Blast and slammed into both Bagon and Ralts damaging both of my Pokemon together.

"No way how did that Pokemon move so fast?" I said shocked at how Mightyena was able to move like that.

"Sucker Punch is an attack that allows me to go first as long as you use a move that would normally deal damage. Sorry Dee Dee but I planned that one out." Kenny said calmly but confidently.

"Well I sure was surprised by that. Either way I won't lose, Bagon use Hyper Voice!" I said

BAgon let out a loud yell that hurt both of Kenny's pokemon ears and damaged them and made them lose focus.

"Now time to test out that attack I caught from that store Ralts use Charge Beam" I said as I used the attack that I bought from the bookstore when I went with Paul.

Ralts fired the beam and it slammed into Ninetales and damaged it.

"Darn it looks like this is really bad. Maybe I shouldn't have tested out these two Pokemon and used my best. Still that's what I get for being to give it everything I got. NInetails use Fire Blast and Mightyena jump into it!" Kenny said

Ninetails fired it's Fire Blast and Mightyena jumped into it. when it came out it's fur was covered into a fiery like armor that surrounded it.

"MAn another armor strategy huh, it seems just like the move combo Zoey used." I said

"Of course it does, I saw it on TV and I decided to copy it and add my own changes to it to make my own version. Zoey used thunder armor right, well this is fire armor. Now go Mightyena use Take Down!"Kenny said as his Pokemon ran forward and slammed into Ralts

"Now Ninetails use Iron Tail on BAgon and Mightyena use Crunch on Ralt!" Kenny said

Ninetails slammed all of it's Tails onto Bagon and dealt major damage to it. THen Mightyena bit down hard onto Ralts trapping it once again.

"Oh no Bagon get up and Ralts use Teleport to escape!" I said

BAgon slowly rose to it's feet and then Ralts teleported away to go near Bagon.

"Alright time to end this Mightyena use Take Down and Ninetails use Fire Blast!" KEnny said

"Alright time to put everything we got into one last attack. Ralts use Dazzling GLeam and Bagon use Draco Meteor!" I said

Before the two Pokemon had a chance to hit my Pokemon, Ralts shot out it's light at them and damaged them and then Bagon shot out it's meteor into the air and it split up and slammed into both of Kenny's Pokemon. Kenny's Pokemon then struggled to get back to their feet when the bell rang.

"And that's it the contest is over. and the winner is… Dawn." Lillian announced as I saw the score and I saw that I had won.

"Yes I did it!" I said happily as I walked up and took the ribbon.

"I hear you only need one more after this one is that correct?" LIllian asked me.

"Yes and thank you very much." I said as I took the ribbon and smiled.

"Bagon" Bagon said happily.

"Ralts" Ralts said happily as well.

"I owe it all to the both of you" I said happily.

"Babagon said as it started to glow.

"No way don't tell me Bagon is evolving." I said shocked as Bagon evolved into Shelgon.

"Well would you look at that. It seems we were lucky enough to see a POkemon evolve after this contest." Lilian said happily.

"Yes, Bagon I'm so proud of you… I mean Shelgon." I said happily. I knew I could admire Shelgon all this time but I decided to wait till later. I turned to leave when Kenny walked up to me.

"Hey Dawn do you have a minute there's something I need to talk to you about." Kenny said

"Sure were do you wanna head." I said as Kenny and I walked out.

(Paul's POV)

"I wonder where Dawn is going exactly?" Barry said confused.

"II dunno but I'll go see and talk to her about the contest." I said as I stood up.

"Let me know how things go between you two Paul." Zoey said joking around.

"Shut up. I'm just going to make sure she's okay." I said

"Yes cause I'm so sure Kenny would do something bad to her." Zoey said

"Whatever" I said as I walked down towards the area and searched for Dawn. I looked around and found her standing with Kenny right outside of the building. "So that's where she was huh." I said as I got ready to go up and talk to them and let her know Zoey and the rest wanted to see her.

"So what is it you wanted to talk with me about Kenny. You looked nervous and i seem like it's something important to you or something." I overheard Dawn say to Kenny. I decided to listen in and hear what they would be talking about.

"Well first congratulations on winning and on your Pokemon evolving. That's really great so good for you." Kenny said with a smile

"Thanks a bunch you did great to. In the end I just got a little lucky." Dawn said

"Is that so huh. Well I wouldn't say that exactly. I mean you really have grown strong. it's actually amazing if you think about it." Kenny said

"Thanks a bunch that means a lot." Dawn said with a smile

"Yea now theres one more thing I wanted to say but it's really weird but I am serious when I say this okay." Kenny said

Wait he's not gonna? I thought as I started feeling nervous for some reason.

"Okay then tell me what it is I'm sure it's nothing bad." Dawn said with a smile

"Well this is really hard to say and I don't know how you will react to this." Kenny said sounding nervous and with his whole body shaking.

Shit is he actually going to do what I think he's going to do. I thought to myself as I grew nervous.

"Come on just come out and say it. I'm sure it's not bad or anything." Dawn said

Shit I think I know what he's about to say. Wait why do I even care. IT's not like it matters or anything but for some reason it bothers me. I thought

"Okay fine I'll say it but don't think less of me… Dawn, I love you!" Kenny said as his face turned red.

Dawn stood there with a shocked look on her face almost looking unable to respond. I too was shocked and for some unknown reason I felt bothered by this. I didn't even know why but I turned and walked away with no control over my body and for some reason all I felt right now was really depressed.

To Be Continued

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