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Chapter 66 The Future Plans

(Dawn's POV)
"What you two are dating now!" Barry, Janine, Kenny, and Zoey all said to Paul and I as we told them that we were now a couple.

"Well yea we kind of got together last night at the dance." I said feeling a little embarrassed for not telling anyone.
Even though Paul and I got together last night at the party, we didn't have a chance to tell anyone about it because of all of the chaos that we came across last night and we kind of spent a lot of time to alone together and by the time we got back to the Pokemon center, everyone was asleep so we decided to tell everyone at breakfast. This morning so I called them all to the Pokemon center and everyone came and we ate together while I told them all about what had happened. Still they responded about how Paul and I expected and I knew Barry would freak out soon.

"Wait why the hell didn't you at least tell me first. I've been traveling with you all this time and you two didn't tell me. I should find all of you for this!" BArry said as he yelled furiously.

Called it. I thought to myself

"We simply didn't have the time. By the time we got back here, you were already fast asleep." I said

"Still you could've woken me up." Barry said

"Idiot, we would've told you but you were sound asleep and you seemed to be having such a happy dream about food and winning the Pokemon league." Paul said

"You're joking right, I don't sleep talk." Barry said giving me a look.

"Sorry but no, we were kept up and could hear you talking all night." I said

"Yea he's right there. We decided it was best not to wake you." Paul said

"Well that's embarrassing. Still I wish I had known." Barry said

"Still Congratulations for the both of you. I hope you'll be a happy couple." Zoey said

"I know we will Zoey so no need to worry." I said happily.

"Good oh and Paul like I said if you're mean to Dawn I'll kill you." Zoey said

"Yay same for me" Barry said

"And that goes triple for me." Kenny said

"Hear that Paul, you better be nice to me or else you'll have a group of angry trainers after you." I said as I giggled.

"Well then I'll be on my best behavior." Paul said calmly.

"Still it's about time you two finally got together, I was trying to push the two of you to hurry the hell up you took your sweet time." Zoey said as she shook her head.

"Wait what do you mean you were trying to push us?" I asked suspiciously

"I was trying to help set you two up still in the end it looked like it all worked out well." Zoey said.

"I can't believe you. You are such an evil friend." I said laughing

"Well in the end I helped you didn't I." Zoey said laughing

"I suppose so thanks to your plan I know how a great boyfriend." I said as I hugged Paul.

"I suppose she's right about that." Paul said calmly

"Are you guys going to act all lovey dovey around me." Barry said

"Does it bother you." PAul asked Barry

"Actually yes it feels weird seeing my two friends act this way. Honestly it makes me want to vomit." BArry said

"Thanks for sharing that disgusting information Barry." I said as my stomach felt queasy.

"Sorry but it's true." BArry said

"In that case yes we will be like that." Paul said

"Your so mean Paul." BArry said in a whine.

"Does this bother you Barry." PAul said as he got up and wrapped his arms around me I had to admit it, I liked it how he did that.

"Cut it out." BArry said

"Fine whatever, either way of course I'm not going to act like this all the time. That would be insane and I still have other things I need to do but I also have to spend time with her sometimes." PAul said

"And we could also at times have a training date." I said

"What the hell is that?" Kenny asked in a confused look.

"I thought of it last night. It's when Paul and I train together just the two of it. Plus sometimes we could have a battle and the loser would have to buy dinner for the winner." I said with a smile.

"That sounds awesome, I could always use some free food." Barry said getting excited.

"Well that great for you because you're not going to be part of that. If you want to get free food then make a bet with Janine or something because there's no way in hell I'm paying for you." PAul said

"That's just cruel and messed up. But in that case let's battle Janine." Barry said

"Please you know as well as I do that you would lose." janine said

"I'm siding with her." I said

"Same goes for me." Paul said calmly.

"Why the hell do you guys have no faith in me." Barry yelled annoyed.

"Well good luck with whatever you're doing Barry." Paul said laughing as he stood up with me.
"Where are you two going." Zoey asked

"I'm going to introduce Paul to my mom. I'm about to call her so I'm heading downstairs." I said happily

"How cute. You two lovebirds have fun now." Zoey said laughing a bit.

"Please stop." Paul said rolling him eyes. I could tell he didn't like the term love birds.

"Come on let's just go." I said as Paul and I headed down to where the video phones were.

"You know soon we'll be heading to Unova and I bet Ash will be shocked to see this." PAul said with a smirk.

"I bet, he would never believe that we got together but knowing him, he'd be really happy for the both of us."I said

"I suppose you're right. Still I bet he wouldn't even understand." Paul said

"Hey he's not that stupid." I said

"No but he is extremely dense and you can't deny that." Paul said

"Well I can't deny that." I said with a laugh as we arrived at the phone. "Are you nervous?" I asked Paul as I dialed the number.

"Of course not." Paul said calmly.

"Good then." I said

"Hello there" My mom said as her image appeared on the screen and she answered the phone. She must've just gotten up because she was still in her pajamas but I decided to not say anything.
"Hi mom it's me Down." I said happily.

"Dawn well it's nice to hear from you. How has your journey been going?" My mom asked me.

"It's been going great mom, I already won four ribbons and I only need one more." I said

"I see that's wonderful." My mom said

"Thanks and I also caught a bunch of new friends and some of them evolved." I said happily.

"Well I'm proud of you dear. You keep it up and you'll be a top coordinator in no time." My mom said with a smile.

"Yes I know thanks mom and I will try my best. But um there's something else I wanna tell you." I said as I grew nervous.

"Really and what else is there to tell me." My mom asked.

"Well you know Paul right." I said as I pointed to Paul.

"Of course I do how's it going Paul." My mom asked

"Very good. And it's good to see you today, your looking really nice today " Paul said as he looked at her calmly but seeming a little nervous that he was about to tell her about how him and I were dating now.

"I doubt that Paul, I'm in my pajamas and I have terrible bed hair. Still that's nice of you to say. So what did you want to tell me." My mom asked PAul.

"Well last night there was a big party and well I went with your daughter and after it well we kind of both realized we liked each other so… Please give me permission to date your daughter." Paul said. I could tell he was trying to be polite for me and because he wanted my mom to say yes and that meant the world to me.

"Please mom, he is really different and he is a kind person now so please let me date him." I said

"Awe how cute you both are young and in love. Well Paul I for one am honored that you are polite enough to ask for my permission and let me just say permission granted. Dawn he's really polite so be sure to hold on to this one tight." My mom said with a smile.

"Mom you're embarrassing me." I said

"Well sorry but I'm just happy that my little girl was able to get a boyfriend. Paul the next time you are in the Sinnoh region, come over and I will have to show you all of Dawn's baby pictures." My mom said

"You will do no such thing mom!" I yelled in embarrassment.

"Sorry Dawn but I need to, it's too tempting. I am so happy for you dear and your father would be soo proud of you if he was still alive." My mom said

"Yea I guess so mom." I said feeling a little embarrassed at how she talked about my father. Now that I thought about it, I don't think I ever told Paul or Barry that my dad died.

"Oh and Paul" My mom said

"Yes?" Paul asked

"Please take good care of my daughter if you don't then me and her father will kill you and I swear that man would rise up from the grave to do it." My mom said

"Right of course not." Paul said sounding embarrassed.

"Stop scaring him mom and goodbye love you." I said feeling embarrassed

"I love you too Dawn and have fun with your boyfriend. But you two take it slow because I don't want grandchildren any time soon." My mom said with a grin as she hung up. before I could say anything.

"God she is embarrassing. In fact I almost regret calling her." I said with a huge blush across my face.

"Yea I'd say. So your mom still keeps baby pictures of you." Paul said with a smirk.

"Shut up and you better not visit her without me to see them." I said

"She probably has pictures of you taking a bath as a baby or wetting the bed." PAul said joking.

"Shut up." I said embarrassed because she did have those kinds of pictures and I didn't want Paul to end up seeing them. "Anyway it's not a big deal besides I bet your mom and dad have embarrassing pictures of you." I said

PAul looked at me for a second as if I had three heads. "I highly doubt that." Paul said

"And why not?" I asked

"Because my mom is dead and my dad walked out on my family when I was still a little kid." PAul said calmly.

Oh god what have I done, I messed up so and. I accidentally probably made Paul recall something really painful. I feel so bad and I'm such a bad person. I thought as I panicked.

"I'm so sorry I didn't know." I said

"Don't worry about it it's not your fault. It was a normal question. I probably forgot to tell you. I mean you never told me about your dad so it's no big deal." Paul said calmly

"Yea your right thanks for not getting mad. Then again I guess dead parents and parents who left isn't really the best conversation to have with your friends." I said

"True but still I promised myself I wouldn't be like my dad so theres no way in hell I'm gonna just leave a girl I marry." Paul said

"How strange to hear that from you." I said in a giggle

"Well what can I say we all have weird dreams right." Paul said

"I guess so. So what if that girl you marry happens to be me?" I asked with a smile.

"Well then I suppose i'd be stuck with you." Paul said

"Good then." I said

"So now that we made our call, let's head back." Paul said as he turned around before I grabbed him.

"Not so fast mister, you still need to call Reggie." I said with a grin.

"I was hoping you'd forget about that. Now he probably has some baby pictures that are embarrassing." PAul said as he rolled his eyes and called his brother. When his brother answered the two looked like he was sleeping because he was in his pajamas.

"Yo Paul what on earth are you calling me for." Reggie asked with a smile.

"Well there's a bit of important news I need to share with you." I said

"Oh god what did you do this time Paul." Reggie asked concerned.

"Well" Paul started before I jumped in and wrapped my arms around him.

"Well he became my boyfriend." I said happily.

"NO way you're kidding right. How did a jerk like my brother end up with someone as nice as you Dawn." Reggie said half laughing.
"Shut up Reggie."Paul said as h e bit his lower lip in anger.

"Well when you're free and in Veilstone city come visit me, I have loads of embarrassing stories to tell you about him." Reggie said

"Really do you remember any right off the bat." I said as I got an evil eye from Paul.

"Well let's see one time when Paul was four, we went to the park and he had a stuffed Pokemon toy of an Turtwig and he left it there. HE cried for three days straight without it and he made me and his mom go back and get it. Let's see what else is there. Oh yea back when paul was a little kid he would always play Pokemon trainer and pretend to be a champion, he would always play with his Pokemon dolls and pretended to be the best trainer ever he was the cutest little thing." Reggie said

"Really Paul played with Dolls." I said as I giggled a bit.

"Well he said they were action figures but basically dolls." Reggie said

"Reggie shut the hell up and good bye!" PAul yelled

"Hold on a second bro. All joking aside I am proud of you for moving on and not always being a stick in the mud. Also I'm proud of how much you've changed and how you even got a great girlfriend. Also if you ever do anything mean to her or don't treat her right-" Reggie said before getting interrupted.
"Let me guess, You'll kill me. You'd be shocked how much I've gotten that all day." Paul said

"Well still good going and Dawn thank you for agreeing to be with such a jerk." Reggie said

"OF course, PAul is a pain but he's nice too and has great qualities." I said happily

"Well I know that but it's good to know that other people know that too. Well I got to go. And take it slow you two lovebirds." Reggie said as he hung up.

"WHy do all adults say stuff like that." PAul said

"I don't know they are so embarrassing." I said

"Yea tell me about it. I'm going to kill him." PAul said

"Yea I can't blame you there. So, you played with dolls." I said

"Just forget about it god damn it." PAul said

"...YOu know I had dolls when I was a little girl too." I said

"They weren't dolls okay." Paul said annoyed as I laughed.

"Okay fan. I'm going to give Tori a call and tell her the good news. Im sure Kai would be interested in that as well." I said

"Good for them well you better hurry up and do it and then lets go get lunch." Paul said

"Yay lunch date." I said

"I suppose so still we should visit the final few places here because CInthia sent a message to our room telling us that she's leaving for Unova in two days and we better meet up with her soon." Paul said

"Awesome so in just two or three days we'll see Ash again." I said

"BAsically." Paul said

"MAn I can't wait. As soon as I call Tori I'll call Ash and let him know. But I want to surprise him about our relationship." I said

"SO you said earlier. Well then go ahead." Paul said as I dialled my number and made a call.

(Kai's POV)
"Really no way that's so cool Dawn. Well I'm happy for the both of you and I hope it goes well." I heard Tori say happily as I sat down and ate some lunch.

"What did Dawn want." I asked Tori.

"Well Paul and her are now a couple. ISn't that so romantic." Tori said

"I suppose so. Good for them I'm happy." I said with a grin.

:And there's more apparently they are heading to Unova to enter a big tournament. Last I checked weren't we heading there for a big tournament for a few days. Do you think it's the same." Tori said

"Looks that way. If thats the case then we should see quite a few familiar faces." I said

"Not that many though. I mean we'll only see Paul, Dawn, and Barry." Toru said sounding confused.

"OF course" I said

"Oh good because you said it as if we were seeing more." Tori said

"Well an old friend of mine will be there as well that's all." I said

"Oh really how cool who is it?" Tori asked.

"Don't worry about it right now. Anyway we need to be near a boat in a few days right. Well you should go on ahead while I need to make a quick stop." I said
"Well if it's quick then I can come." Tori said

"No I"ll meet up with you in a day at the most okay. Trust me I'll be fine." I said as I turned to walk away.
"Okay if you insist but you better not be lying." Tori said annoyed.

"Of course not see you soon." Kai said

"I hope so because you've done this before but hurry back." Tori said

"No problem" I said as I walked away.

Sorry for keeping you in the dark Tori but I don't know how you'd react if you learned were I'm really going and what I'm really doing. Still if Pauls going to Unova this is good so I can see how much he's grown. Still I doubt he's a threat for any higher members of team Alpha. I thought to myself calmly as I walked the other way to meet up with some important people.

(Tobias POV)
"Why do you think Chaos called all of us to be here today." Sebastian said annoyed as we walked through a dark hallway of one of team ALpha's hidden hideouts. We were called by Chaos to met up with him and talk to him about our next mission. He said this one would be important.

"I don't know what he has in store but it has to be crucial otherwise he wouldn't have sent us here." I said as we came to a door and opened it to reveal a big table with Chaos sitting at the end. Then on the two seats closest to him we saw Dukat and KAri there.

"Look whos late." Kari said as she laughed a bit.
"We were in Celadon city of course we'd be late. We also delivered the message like you asked so stop complaining." Sebastian said.

"Last I checked you had an Alakazam. You could've teleported here instead you wasted our time." Dukat said coldly.

"Now then please calm down everyone, I have another assignment to share with you all as the plot of our story begins to enter the next chapter." Chaos said

"True but before that I need to ask you to take off that damn mask. We've been obeying you because you had something that applied to each of us yet now you kept your identity in a secret from all of us." Sebastian said sounding annoyed.

"He does make a good point. I have agreed to obey since you agreed to pay me and help me protect my family but I believe you owe us some truth to the matter. What exactly is your full plan. You say you want to whip out all enemy organizations but there's more to that isn't there?" I asked annoyed.

"I see so you want the truth fair enough though let me say I'm not kept in secrets from everyone. Dukat and kari know my true identity. Another person who knows it is the rank one out of the top five." Chaos said as he pointed up and we saw three figures standing in the shadows.
"I see no reason why they can't come down. We already know who they are." Sebastian said

"True but they have no jobs right now while you four do. First though like I said I will share with you some of my secrets that I have been hiding." Chaos said

"Lord Chaos are you sure this is wise." Dukat said in a disagreement.

"Yea why should we tell these guys your hidden information." Kari said

"BEcause they still have a right to know. Now I will keep my face hidden but that is for my own reasons. As for my name I will share it to you. I am called Kai and I am from the Hoenn region. My family died when I was a boy and because of team Magma and Aqua I was separated from many of my friends. One of my best friends when I was a mere child was a boy named Alex. As Fate would have it he moved to Johto with his little Ralts and it evolved into a Gallade. I was separated from my friend and we hadn't seen each other in many years. However just recently it appears he has become a member of the police and is after use. I warn all of you to be careful he is not weak like many trainers you faced before. Still it's humorous really, I became the leader of a criminal organization and my friend became a member of the police force that hunts us. It is quite interesting for the story don't you think. Now my story was just a prequel but it enraged my hatred for all criminal organizations. I want to put an end to all others and make ours control everything." Chaos said

"I see so your true name is Kai and because of your past, you want to take out all evil organizations but what more is there. So far it's just as I knew besides learning your true name." I said calmly.

"Wait till you hear the rest then." Dukat said

"Yes it gets more interesting. Before I started this I tried to stop some organizations on my own. But you know what I learned, you can't stop them the only way to stop them is by ruling them and the only way to rule them is through fear. And what better way to rule through fear then to use our secret weapon. with it we will make all other regions fear us." Kai said

" and just what do you intend to do first when you awaken your secret weapon." I asked as I grew nervous.

"Simple, we will rule by fear and to make others fear us we must eliminate the Kanto and the Johto region from existence." Chaos said

"What on earth do you mean by that." I said shocked.

"I mean we destroy the islands and land that is here. By the time the secret weapon is made we won't need anyone's help and these regions will be gone and when other regions see our power they will obey us." Chaos said

"But what will happen to the people who live in the Kanto and Johto regions?" I asked but I was afraid of the answer.

"They will die of course. I'm sorry to say this but sacrifices must be made. In destroying two regions we will rule the other ones through fear and in doing so we will make it so no evil ever rises again." Chaos said

"But in doing so you are killing and creating the ultimate evil. Plus that peace isn't even true if people are living with fear." I said

"Yea and I agree that this is going to far. I may not like a lot of people but just flat out killing everyone is no fun and just plan not an option." Sebastian said

"That's good but I don't recall asking for your permission. TObias you will obey me if you really care about your family and Sebastian I think you know as well as I do that listening to me is the best choice you have." Chaos said

"Fine then I don't want to lose my family." Tobias said

"And I won;t allow things to go back to how things were before all of this. Fine I'll go along with this for now."Sebastian said

"Good then now for the missions. Dukat you know yours right." CHaos said

"Yes, in unova there will be a huge tournament with a important praise for the winners. The price will make our team far stronger than we ever were before. We do not need to win the machine by any means necessary in fact it would be better if we didn't but as long as we see how the device works, things will go well and we should be able to create our own. To guarantee the success of this mission, I will be going along with Kari, and even Kai will be coming along to enter it as well." Dukat said

"That's right and that's basically their mission." Chaos said

"And what about me and Sebastian?" I asked

"Well you see right after it there will be a competition called the wallace cup it will be held in the Johto region but what's more it will be held in an area known as Mount Quena. It is the highest point in the Johto region and a peaceful spot perfect for the wallace cup." Chaos said

"But why send us there?" I asked in confusion.

"Because there lives a rare Pokemon who we need for our plan. We need it's power to enter the final stage. I need you to capture it Tobias.
"You must be mad if this Pokemon is rare and powerful then why would it show. If no one has seen it yet then I doubt we'll find it." I said

"It will show if you attack some of the Pokemon there. That way it will fight to defend it's kind." Chaos said

"Still how can I defeat it. If this Pokemon is rare and even legendary then how will I win. Darkrai, Latias, and Latios are still strong but they aren't nearly what they used to be and they will grow weaker since I lost the device that allowed me to control them." I said

"That is why Sebastian is going. He should be able to help." Chaos said

"Very well." Sebastian said

"Good and if things go wrong then use this it should work fine." Chaos said a she tossed me a strange type of Pokeball but when i saw what it was I stood there shocked.

"This is-" I said

"You get your assignment I take it." Chaos said

"Yes I understand." I said

"Good then do it well and right. Also you are still to refer to me as Chaos. If people learn my true name it could cause trouble." Chaos said

"As you wish lord Chaos." I said

"Try not to mess up." Kari said as Sebastian and I left.

"So we have our next assignment." I said calmly.

"True but how much of their crap can we believe. I can't stand being used and we are being used. I can tell" Sebastian said annoyed.

"True but what can we really do. Either way there isn't much of a good chance." I said

"True but if they kick us out or betray us they will regret it." Sebastian said

"And why's that?" I asked

Sebastian then held up a tape recorder. "I recorded everything that was said. Chances are someone in Kanto needs to know who Kai is and when they learn they'll arrest him. THis is my blackmail to our leader. The moment they try to get rid of us, I will turn against them." Sebastian said

"That's awfully risky." I said

"It is indeed." I heard a voice say as we saw Dukat nearby.

"What do you want?" Sebastian asked

"Nothing much but I heard your plan and let me tell you it'll never work. You idiots will never understand why Chaos is so great and why we obey him. it is also why we call him Chaos instead of his real name." Dukat said in a calm tone.

"And why's that?" Sebastian asked.

"Because he understands how evil this world is and how almost everyone is evil. You can't stop it but you can hold it back and that is Chaos's goal. And let me tell you, blackmail won't work. THis isn't some high school gossip rumor, this is far more important. Your plan will never work and soon Chaos will win. I'm off to the Unova region and you guys better do your part. If things go according to plan then soon the world will know true despair." Dukat said coldly as he turned and walked away and I realized what a fool I was for believe that maybe we could trick them. Team Alpha called all the shots and we were forced to obey, like puppets on strings.

To Be COntinued.

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