Shadow's Family

Chapter 1

-Shadow's POV-

My name is Shadow the Gel. I'm married to Chaos the goddess of destruction. Her and I have 4 kids. Hydro, and Liquid, both boys, and Aqua and Bubbles, both girls. We're a semiliquid family so I'm glad I'm not the only one here. Jane the killer managed to get to me, and her and I had a kid who didn't make it but he's somehow running around and being a kid.

I woke up in my bed with Liquid wrapped in my arms. I hugged the little guy and kissed Chaos's cheek. Chaos woke up and smiled.

"Good morning my liquid lover." I said

"Good morning my gentleman gel." Chaos said

I formed a mustache, top hat, and a monocle on my head as a joke.

"Quite so." I said

Chaos giggled and I took away the extra features on my face. I hugged her and heard a cute yawn. I saw Bubbles waking up next to Chaos's tail.

"Awwwe. I guess you couldn't sleep without knowing she was alright?" I asked

"Yeah. And I see you have Liquid."


Bubbles woke up and stretched her little arms and legs. She opened her light blue eyes and looked at Chaos's tail. She hugged Chaos's butt and nibbled her tail.

"Ohh! Someone's awake." Chaos said in surprise

Liquid crawled up onto my legs and I pet his head.

"Someone else is awake too. I thought they would sleep for another two hours." I said

In Aqua's room, she started to wake up. She found her 5 year old brother in her bed with her and blushed heavily. Hydro was still asleep and licked Aqua's hand in his sleep. Aqua giggled and rubbed Hydro's shoulder and got out of bed. She fixed her big fluffy blankets around Hydro and tossed on a few clothes.

I walked into the kitchen, holding Liquid, and got him something to eat. I held a bottle up to his mouth and he rejected it.

"No!" Liquid said

"C'mon Liquid. You got to have something." I said

Liquid pointed to a pumpkin pie. I sweat dropped and picked it up with a tentacle. I sat down at the table and cut a small piece of pie. I got a small spoon and started to feed the pie to Liquid.

-Chaos's POV-

I sat down on the couch with my baby, Bubbles, in my lap. I played around with her with the weather channel on and I had an ear turned toward the TV. Bubbles started to act a bit funny and her ears flicked back.

"What's wrong, Bubbles?" I asked

Bubbles shook her head and curled up in my lap. I looked outside and saw dark clouds rolling in the sky.

"Oh no. Not a thunderstorm." I said

I heard a low rumble of thunder and felt the house vibrate from it.

"Chaaaaoooos…" Shadow said

"Yes Shadow?" I replied.

"Can you come here? Something's up with Liquid."

I stood up and carried Bubbles into my room. I looked at Liquid who was now a puddle on the floor. I set bubbles on the bed and kneeled down next to Liquid.

"Liquid?" I said

Liquid's head reformed and he looked up at me. He had a scared look on his face and I knew he was afraid of the storm.

"It's okay Liquid. It's only the weather." I said soothingly

Liquid's body reformed and he jumped into my arms. I hugged him comfortingly and stood up. Shadow picked up bubbles and she looked up at him.

-Jane's POV-

I woke up to the sound of thunder outside my window. I looked at Jace who was in the bed next to mine. He was peacefully sleeping, unaffected by the storm. I looked outside and saw small raindrops hit the window. I let out a sigh and rubbed Jace's head.

"Good morning." Shadow said

"Good morning." I replied, "Jace is still undead. I'm glad he's still with us. I'm worried that he might leave us…"

"Heh, don't worry. I can bring him back if he does go. I'm a god after all." He said

Jace woke up and opened his eyes. They looked dead as usual but they had a sense of friendliness. He was a good kid. He hugged me and wiggled his hedgehog tail. I hugged him back and smiled.

"Breakfast is almost ready." Shadow said before leaving the doorway.

Jace rolled out of bed and opened his drawer and dug around for a pair of shorts. I walked out of his room and into the living room.

"Today feels like a lazy day." I said.

-fuckin enjoy. It's a new story and shit.