Title: Sleepless Night
Rating: K+
Pairing: ZaTr (ZIM and Tak romance)
Summary: Tak cannot sleep so she pays her boyfriend a visit in the dead of night.
Word Count: ~ Approx. 450
Explanation: This is a spinoff from my AU story Before You know It. This takes place some time in chapter 7-9 or something. Written in second person. Story told by Tak.


I am in love with you. There is no doubt about that. I know people think that we're still too young to know what love is but, I've known you my entire life! I know I love you!

I lay awake in my bed staring at the ceiling. I've been living with your family for a few months now. I love it. I get to see you every day that way. Otherwise I'd be thousands of miles away in London and I'd have to call your phone. I'd rather live with you in Perth so I can hold you while you talk to me instead of me just having to bare listening to your only voice whilst not being able to see your face. I'm thinking of you right now so I can't sleep. Me wanting to see you keeps me awake.

Finally, I sigh and hop out of bed. I can't take it anymore. I must see you now. I walk down the dark hall past your sibling's bedroom doors till I reach yours. I slowly creak open your door. I don't want to wake you. I sneak into your room as stealthily as I can. Years of figure skating keeps me light and nimble on my feet as I draw nearer to you bedside. I look over your massive bed. The bed that is much, much too big for your small body.

There I see you. Laying on your side facing me. Eyes closed, mouth slightly agape. You're only covered by one fleece blanket that was pulled up to your elbow. You're breathing is a soft exhalation and during the inhalation you make a cute, tiny, snoring noise. A steady, stream of clear drool urges it's way down your cheek. I don't find it gross. It's adorable actually.

You shift, suddenly, catching me off guard. You're changing positions so your body can be stretched out more and to lay on your back. A squeak erupts from your throat as you do so. Now I can see your bare, frail chest rising and falling to your rhythmic breathing. I have a hunch that you're probably naked underneath that thin, white throw. You never liked wearing any clothes while you sleep. You say there is no point and it's just more comfortable that way.

I smile down at you. I have a compulsive need to touch you. I put my hand on the cheek of yours that wasn't covered in slobber. My thumb caressing the side of your face. You feel it in your dreams. I know you do because you are smiling at the touch. Perhaps you're dreaming of me?

"I love you, ZIM. I'll see you in the morning." I whisper in your antenna. I brush my lips against your closed eye lid. Giving you a quick kiss on the forehead to last me the rest of the night, I say again, "I love you."