The sky was blue outside, beautiful in the eyes of those who cared to look. Clouds had disappeared on this warm summer's day, permitting the sun to spill its light over the glowing vibrant city of the Capitol.

Today, it seemed, was fortuitous for its weather conditions- but Coriolanus Snow was disinterested in this show of natural aesthetics he was aware waited outside this darkened room, or even the artificial aesthetics he knew lay in the city below. His focus lay on the box that sat in front of him.

Small, worn, rusting iron bands wrapped across its distressed and scratched oak surface; the box was unimpressive to say the least, and to the unknowing bystander it might not seem to suggest any form of power. But to those who knew, those who had seen, it was the most terrifying show of authority that could ever be beholded.

This box held the Quarter Quell papers. Old, faded, written in a looping copperplate script, the many hundreds of pieces of paper arranged in neat, precise order had been written by the previous President of Panem. Coriolanus, although he never voiced such admittances, was indebted to the last President, a man of strong convictions and even stronger armies. He had led Panem through the Dark Days, he had instated the Hunger Games, and he had written these slips, detailing the Quarter Quells to come, for what could potentially stretch according to the box for millenia. Coriolanus had no belief that the Hunger Games would last this long, but the knowledge that this box could sustain that many Quarter Quells, that many Hunger Games, gave him the confidence to continue, to innovate, to bring the Capitol to new heights. The thrumming of the city around him was proof of this- the glass of the towering buildings around him was right now pulsing with light, glowing and glittering, rippling with colour. The Capitol was a glittering beacon of innovation.

But some areas could not be innovated- the Districts, who opposed everything to do with the Capitol(and with reason, Coriolanus could silently admit) were a volatile element to the President's perfect city, the one piece of his puzzle that continued to evade full control. The Capitol was his, that was certain- the citizens of the central city would believe whatever he and his propaganda men placed on television. But the Districts? They hated the Capitol, they hated everything to do with Coriolanus Snow, and the only way he could control them was with a primitive show of power, of oppression.

The Hunger Games.

The volatile element to control the volatile element. The violence to prevent violence. The fear to control fear. It had worked for 74 years. It would work for one more, and one more, and for many more Games to come.

It was time for a Quarter Quell.

Coriolanus stood, and faced the curtain separating him from the cameras. He nodded to a lackey- they took the old, worn oak box, and slid through the curtains. A cameraman gave him a signal- two fingers. Two minutes.

He took a breath. Composing himself before a speech was a normal occurence- he was a born public speaker, experienced and a complete natural, but that did not still his old reflexes before he would face the cameras. Butterflies flew through his stomach, his heart clenched into a tiny ball, the lump in his throat reappeared as it always did.

Coriolanus willed those reflexes away- he had far greater things to feel worried over than a speech.

The cameraman held up one finger. Around him, men and women were bustling- a few were tending to his appearance, some last-minute tweaks of makeup that were completely unneeded but apparently necessary to the fashion-conscious Capitolians to implement. He waved them away and obediently they fell back, letting him walk slowly to the curtain through the gloom of backstage. The lackey came back through the curtain, box now gone from his hands- he nodded to Coriolanus briefly and reverently before rushing away to the bank of camera feeds that the majority of the room was working on. The cameraman held a hand lightly to the slim and high-tech earphones resting on his head, before beckoning Coriolanus softly. Go out.

So Coriolanus walked to the curtain, took a deep breath-

And President Snow emerged into the afternoon sun. A box sat on an opulently dressed lectern in front of the President, decorated with the seal of the Capitol. Snow took three short and precise steps to it, and began.

"This year we honour this third Quarter Quell of the annual Hunger Games." He said slowly and deliberately, looking directly into the camera, before switching his attention to the box. Snow knew that the cameras to his left, right, and behind were focusing in on the box as he opened it, as he took out the third in the long, long row of yellowed envelopes. It had already been opened, but nobody need know that. Snow opened the envelope, deliberately slowly, deliberately carefully, and removed its contents. Most of these envelopes had already been opened and read- but Snow had not changed a one. Not yet, anyway. He would be certain to if he needed, but so far they were all perfectly sufficient Quarter Quells. He read the yellowed note slowly and powerfully.

"To remind the rebels that the Capitol is the most and only powerful force in Panem," He announced, saying the words he had rehearsed so many times, "The citizens of the Capitol shall control this year's Hunger Games, including choosing the final victor between the last two tributes."

And the camera's red lights faded, the viewers down below from the balcony cheered and screamed. President Snow turned and left the lectern, but not before shutting the box and ensuring it had been taken care of.

There would be many more Quarter Quells to come, he was certain of that-and this year's was to be one of them.

This fic is to get over the challenges of NaNoWriMo by easing myself into a scheduled writing system. After a full month of nonstop writing, what I need is to slow down but not stop entirely, and this is a project I've had in the back of my mind for about a year.

To give a bit of exposition here, this is an AU. Katniss and Peeta never existed, and although I have an alternate timeline for who won the 74th in their stead, it's probably not going to come up much.

This does have a plot. In fact, it has multiple plots, all fairly flexible. The tribute chosen to win for this(from a random number picker) will then be carefully placed into one of these plots, which will be then changed to fit this character ideally, and the other characters will be woven into that plot to suit themselves as well. I don't have a definitive ending in sight until I have the tributes in front of me and ready to go- but what I do know is this.

I need 24 tributes and as many Capitolians as possible. Here's the deal- you can only submit two tributes, but as many Capitol citizens as you wish. Some of those Capitol citizens may have a very important part, so it is not a consolation prize to not getting a tribute in to submit a Capitolian-in fact, the Capitolian may in the end be more important than some of the tributes.

Saying that, all tributes picked will be treated with the utmost care regarding their strengths and weaknesses. As long as they're a well-defined character, their characters will be upheld to and supported as well as possible- and all tributes will get a POV.

This SYOT will likely not uphold to the typical system of chapters that most SYOTs have(all the reapings one after another in chronological order, etc). It's something of my own experiment in the SYOT format, and I would be humbled to have you and your tributes join me in the alternative plot of the 75th Annual Hunger Games.

And may the odds be ever in your favour.



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Thank you in advance for any tributes, Capitolians, critiques, and just reading this fic! I look forward to seeing you all in the future.