Thawing Frost, Part 2

Warning: Not recommended for minors. Contains m/m oral and masturbation.

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Weak, early-morning sunlight had just begun to filter through the diminished clouds when Jack returned to Jamie's window, knocking loudly on the cold glass. A handprint from where he had pressed against the window earlier remained – he quickly evened out the frost with a tap of his staff, shaking his head to clear it of inappropriate thoughts. The teenager within jolted awake, his eyes bursting wide open to find the source of the noise. His face split into a grin when he spotted his friend floating on the wind outside his window.

In less than a moment, the younger threw open the window and pulled the other into the warm house, embracing his chilled body. Jack returned the hug with a smile. "Hey Jamie!" he said.

"Jack! I missed you!" Jamie stepped back, looking his friend up and down. "You haven't changed a bit!"

Jack laughed quietly. "I'm a Guardian. We don't change much. You've grown so much, though! How tall are you now, five five?" He returned the up-and-down look, marveling at the smooth skin and – "Um… Could you put some clothes on?"

Jamie looked down, flushing red in embarrassment as he realized that his boxers and pajama pants were, indeed, still on the floor where he had abandoned them in the night. They lay on top of a pile of clothes, abandoned blankets and stuffed animals (including a tattered rabbit, the one he had interrogated so many years ago that early spring night, Jack realized.) The room was a complete mess, with textbooks and novels abandoned on the nightstand with a flashlight, presumably for late-night reading and cram sessions. "Um… I… Jack, I was thinking about you."

Jack's face blushed purple, his cold blue blood rushing up to his cheeks, feeling warm to him. "Er, really." He leaned on his staff, trying to look anywhere but at Jamie, but his bright eyes kept darting back to Jamie's figure, standing in the dark. "Thinking about the awesome snow day you're going to get?" He tried his best to joke, but was it possible for a snow spirit to sweat?

"No…" Jamie slowly stepped toward Jack, hesitantly. He seemed to gather his courage for a moment, then rushed up even closer, until the two were nearly touching. Jack could feel the oh, so human heat radiating off his friend. "Want to know what it was about?" He whispered in the Guardian's ear, standing on his toes to reach. He was still two inches shorter than the other. Jack's breath caught in his throat. His stomach twisted in a knot, blood rushing through his frozen veins.

"Jamie, you're just a kid, don't - "

"I'm not a kid anymore, Jack." Jamie said, looking his friend in the eye. "I can do this - "

A kiss on Jack's smooth lips. " – and this - " One where his neck met his shoulder. " – and even this." He kissed Jack's chest through his hoodie before helping to pull it over the spirit's head. He stood on his toes again, capturing the other's lips in another, longer kiss. Jack sighed into the kiss as they explored each others' mouths, one warm and one cold.

When they broke, both were breathing harder, the puffs of air appearing like heavy clouds, the room chilled from the open window and Jack's presence. "Want to know what happened next?" Jamie whispered.

Jack couldn't bring himself to speak, but the younger began kissing a trail down Jack's body, working toward the focus of the strange heat that pooled within Jack. He gently pulled down the other's breeches, reveling in the sight of the half-hard member. "You kneeled down, like I am now." He said softly, "And you… Let me show you."

Jack gasped as Jamie gave a tentative lick, before taking the head. He curled his tongue around it and sucked gently, feeling Jack grow to full hardness. He moaned a little at the taste as he bobbed his head, trying to fit as much as he could into his mouth. The vibrations coupled with the hot wetness surrounding Jack made him groan loudly. Jamie would have shushed him, not wanting to wake his family, but he was preoccupied. Jack tried to hold himself back, but he thrust shallowly down Jamie's throat, causing the younger to gag before he relaxed his throat.

"Jamie, I'm…" The teenager drew back, licking a bit of precum off the corner of his mouth.

"No, I didn't cum then." He stood, and led Jack to the bed, holding his hand. "First, you had me do this…" He raised the pale hand to his mouth, sucking on the fingers and coating them in saliva. When they were deemed slick enough, he removed them from his warm mouth and guided Jack's hand to his opening.

"Fuck!" Jack's eyes burst open, blinking in the dull light filtered through the snow. He curled up upon himself with a groan. Just a dream. It was just a dream. He hadn't gone to Jamie, he hadn't gotten the most mind-melting blow job ever invented, and he had dreamed the whole thing in his little burrow in the snow drifted around his lake.

He took his leaking erection into his hand, stroking, imagining it was his friend's hot mouth, not his own cool hands. It didn't take long before he spilled his seed with a gasp of Jamie's name, and laid panting.