Broken Destiny

Chapter One

It was yesterday when they caught her, a small helpless little girl was moving objects with her mind. It was obvious to everyone she had magic and instead of companionship or helping her Arthur had her imprisoned, literally thrown in the dungeons. Obviously he wanted to appear strong or so Merlin thought as they marched into the throne room for the trial, magic may be outlawed but he knew Arthur would spare the girl; she was only eight after all.

"Bring her in" Arthur ordered to the guards who opened the door and the remains of a sweet innocent girl was dragged in. The night in the dungeons had taken its toll and already her usually soft brown hair was streaked with dirt and her face blackened and her deep blue eyes gleaming with fear, she was unnaturally thin and Merlin assumed she had been living on the streets until she was caught. Her skin was pale and she was shaking as Arthur stood up
"You have been accused of sorcery, how do you plead?" he began. For a moment Merlin felt a stab of anger; his best friends was treating it like an adult trial and it was scaring the little girl who whimpered in response, for the first time Merlin saw Gwen's face was hard and uncaring and even some of the knights looked hateful. It was if they were looking at a leper and it seemed the girl's whimper didn't mean anything it seemed but Arthur assumed she was to ashamed with herself to talk

"Magic is a curse, and you have been infected. While you are only young you leave me no choice but to sentence you to death by beheading, that way you will suffer no pain and you will leave this world pure and unshackled by the curse of magic" Arthur proclaimed with a stern gaze as the little girl began to sob loudly.

"Sorry?" Merlin demanded his mouth open. He expected her to be banished at worse or placed in a home in another kingdom, the very idea that Arthur would kill an eight year old was ridiculous.
"Stay out of this Merlin" Arthur demanded angrily. Then Merlin realised, Morgana had hurt him and the only way he could deal with it was to blame magic as a whole, the knights and Gwen felt the same and they seemed to be using this sweet innocent little girl as a scapegoat.

"No, you are sentencing an eight year old to death! The Arthur I know would never do this" Merlin exclaimed. Arthur shook his head

"This is no eight year old girl Merlin, this is a disease and she is infected with it. Magic will destroy us, look at Morgana, Look at Dragoon" Arthur retorted as if Merlin was a simpleton.
"This is different Arthur and you know it" Merlin growled, seeing his friend in a completely new light "Gwen you can't agree with this?". He knew Gwen of all people would not agree with this

"Merlin she has magic, it corrupts. Arthur's right look at Morgana, look at all the sorcerers we have faced and they all hate us" Gwen sighed with a pitying look at Merlin.

"So it's fine to sentence and eight year old to death" Merlin protested loudly,

"You know Arthur he has a point, I've seen magic used for good on my travels and the girl has no way of hurting us" Gwaine agreed suddenly stepping forward
"Quiet Gwaine!" Arthur bellowed furiously "If you have something to say then you say it when appropriate and Merlin... you are a servant nothing more and you have no say in these matters". It was then Merlin saw it, Arthur had turned against magic and for a second it wasn't Arthur he saw on the throne but Uther, younger and more hateful. Merlin no longer cared about him but he did care about the frightened girl who was watching the exchange in terror, so Merlin turned his back on him and approached her. He smiled at kneeled at her level

"Shhh you don't need to be scared" he soothed with a smile "What's your name?".

"Lucy" she squeaked. Then Merlin saw it, the black marks weren't just dirt... they were bruises. The guards had beaten an eight year old, no wonder she was terrified.

"Merlin get away from her" Arthur bellowed from behind, Merlin stood up
"I'm not going to let you die" he promised. Merlin turned

"I'm leaving, and she's coming with me" he hissed, he wasn't addressing Arthur any more but a younger and stronger Uther. Arthur scowled
"You have no say in this" he spat "A night in the dungeons will bring you to your senses Guards!". Merlin saw the armoured men approach, he simply looked at the bruises covering Lucy and he made his mind up. There was no way he was going to let her die, he raised a hand

"Hleap on bæc" he roared. His eyes flashed gold and the two guards were thrown back; hitting the wall with a sickening crack.

"You have magic" Arthur gasped, face full of betrayal
"As a told Agravaine... I was born with it. I have always had magic and I have been using it all this time to help Camelot. I have stopped so many plots and saved your life so many times its unreal...I have done more to help this kingdom than anyone but I will not allow you to do this Arthur Pendragon!" Merlin explained hoping his friend would repent in some way.

"You betrayed me" Arthur continued ignoring everything Merlin said. Merlin shook his head

"No you betrayed yourself and as I can see you will never accept Magic it is time for me to leave... Lucy" Merlin called using a spell to tear the ropes in half. She took his hand with eagerness knowing this was her only chance of survival . Arthur suddenly regained his senses

"Seize them" he bellowed. Almost all the knights charged forward and Merlin raised his hand once more

" Ic the bebode thaet thu abifiast" Merlin cried, his eyes flashed once more and the knights were suddenly blown back by a force field. His eyes scanned the room

"I'm disgusted with you people, Gwen you of all people should know to forgive, Leon you were saved by magic not a year ago and you Arthur Pendragon... we have nothing more to say to each other" Merlin scolded. As he turned to leave he heart Arthur shout from behind him

"I will hunt you down Merlin" the king threatened.
"Try it and it will be the last thing you ever to" Merlin warned walking away. Not a single person tried to stop him, he had displayed so much magical power it would be suicide to try, Lucy followed meekly behind and clung to her saviour

"Bedyrene us! Astyre us thanonweard" Merlin cried, almost immediately he and the little girl were enveloped in a cloud of smoke and in a blink of the eye they were gone. Unknown to any in the throne room or even to Merlin himself destiny had just broken, like glass it had shattered in an instant but at the same time it had begun to reform. No longer was Merlin to untie Albion with Arthur but with another... Morgana Pendragon.