Broken Destiny

Sunlight crept through the curtains of the room Merlin and Morgana were in, it was late morning now and Lucy had already woken up but she had gone downstairs leaving Merlin and Morgana to sleep; but it seemed Morgana had slept a little to soundly.

Morgana awoke in Merlin's arms, literally she was stuck, her arm was tucked around his back and his arm was wrapped around her waist. For a moment she snuggled into him and enjoyed the feeling of his warmth combined with the softness of the bed but slowly her sense returned to her; how they ended up in this position was one thing but she was more concerned with getting out of it before someone walked in.

That's your only reservation about being in Merlin's arms, a voice inside her head taunted, Morgana shook her head unaware she was having a conversation with her own brain.

Oh come off it girl, you subconsciously snuggled together in the night and your only problem is what if someone see's. We both know your smitten with him

"Shut up," Morgana hissed to herself. The voice in her head did grow silent as she slowly began moving Merlin's arms; he was suprisingly warm and it seemed she had taken advantage of that warmth in the night.

He is warm isn't he, the voice in her head agreed, Morgana said nothing but concentrated on unhooking Merlin's hands before he would wake up. She had actually had a great sleep which was suprising considering most of her visions were breaking through the bracelet's power. She looked at Merlin, if he knew what position he was in now

Your only worried about his reaction, you think he's going to scream and throw up! he's in bed with a pretty girl and you think he's going to reject the chance, what is wrong with you! the voice scolded. Morgana sighed; not wanting to admit it was true but instead concentrated on escaping, eventually she managed to wriggle free. She straightened her dress; she needed a new one as this was filthy; how long had it been since she worried about how she looked?

So you worry about how you look with Merlin around, interesting the voice taunted; Morgana realising she couldn't win a battle with her own mind decided to ignore it. She could hear something downstairs and quickly crept downstairs; Lucy was with Hunith and it looked like they were cooking.

"Then we add the flour," Hunith was explaining to the eager little girl who had never experienced cooking or much else in her life. She wore a smile that warmed Morgana's heart; how she had grown so attached to the adorable, innocent brown haired girl was amazing but she cherished the feeling. It had been so long since she felt anything but hate and now she felt all sorts; love, friendship, loyalty even

"Morning Morgana," Lucy beamed up at her seeing her walk down the stairs

"My son still in bed?" Hunith wondered, Morgana nodded; she didn't have the heart to wake him up or reveal the fact they had been bundled together during the night luckily Hunith had already dropped the topic.

"Let's leave him he's had a rough couple of days," she decided, the rest of the morning was spent baking as Hunith introduced the wonders of making cakes to Lucy and Morgana. Neither had any experience in the area and Morgana's food mostly was scavenged as was Lucy's but where there is a will there's a way. Even when Morgana and Lucy got into a mini flour fight which left most of the kitchen looking like a blizzard had struck and left Morgana's hair streaked with white they all enjoyed the time they spent together. Though when the fire had half baked their cakes they were joined by another guest

"Morning," Merlin announced casually looking relieved; this was probably one of the best night's of sleep he had ever had since most of his time was spent protecting Camelot.

"Daddy," Lucy squealed before enveloping him in a crushing hug, a grin grew on Merlin's face like wildfire but Morgana couldn't help but feel a pang of envy that he was a parent to her and she was not.

"Have you had a good morning?" Merlin asked her, she nodded excitedly as she pointed to the mess in the kitchen

"Mummy threw flour all over me," she giggled but then her face fell and she looked down at the ground as if she had done something wrong.

"What's wrong Lucy?" Merlin asked her gently; shaking her arm slightly. It took her a few moments before she had the strength to speak

"I'm sorry," she mumbled. Her entire mood had changed again and Merlin wondered what they had just stumbled across; obviously a very dark part of her history

"Sorry about what?" Merlin wondered not knowing what was wrong but wanting to find out.

"I'm sorry I called you mummy," Lucy answered with tears in her eyes, she was looking towards Morgana fearfully as if she was going to hit her.

"You don't need to be sorry," Morgana gasped "You can call me mummy as much as you like,"

"But I'm a freak and no one wants to be my mummy," Lucy sobbed clutching Merlin's hand; Morgana's hurt was replaced by white hot rage. Lucy's mother was to blame for all of this, slowly realising why she was upset Morgana moved towards Lucy and pulled her into a hug.

"I want to be your mummy Lucy," Morgana assured the girl whose tears were creeping down her face, Morgana gently wiped them away.

"Really?" the little girl asked with wide hopeful eyes filled with tears. Morgana felt her heart plunge into pity and she responded with the truth

"Really," Morgana confirmed and Lucy buried her head in Morgana's shoulder, tears of joy were in her eyes now and it seemed Hunith was on the verge of crying. Merlin was pulled into the group hug and for a moment they were a family, then came a knock at the door.

"Come on little one, why don't I take you upstairs and see if we can find any of Daddy's old toys," Hunith suggested realising Morgana and Merlin could use with some time alone. Lucy nodded and was slowly guided up the stairs

"If I ever find that supposed mother I am going to rip her heart out," Morgana growled darkly with tears in her eyes; Merlin found himself not wanting to protest but before he could say anything another knock sounded.

"Come on," Merlin suggested walking towards the door; he flung it open and was immediately confronted with a Gaius and Gwaine. He wasn't expecting these two;

"Merlin," Gwaine exclaimed pulling his friend into an embrace, Gaius did the same and sighed; evidently relived his adoptive son was ok. Morgana shrunk away slightly but Gwaine saw her, his hand went for his sword

"No," Merlin ordered suddenly stopping his friend making any kind of move, Gwaine looked shocked

"Merlin this is Morgana," he reasoned thinking of the evil deeds she had done

"I know but she's changed," Merlin explained quickly and he suddenly wondered if she had. She had shown no sign of wanting the throne, she hadn't attacked him and had been a source of comfort for Lucy; if anyone had changed then it was definitely her.

"But," Gwaine murmured completely caught off guard by her presence

"Gwaine trust me, she's ok," Merlin declared, Gwaine looked at his friend and his hand dropped. He trusted Merlin more than anyone

"Fine, for now anyway," the former knight sighed, Merlin grinned and allowed to the two into the home.

"I thought this place was smaller," Gaius mumbled wondering when his sister had extended her home.

"Gwen sent some money when she became Queen to thank mum for staying here, the money was more than generous," Merlin explained feeling a slight pang of hurt at the mention of his former best friend's name.

"Ahh," Gaius exclaimed suddenly realising Merlin did'nt want a conversation about Camelot.

"So how long have you been here?" Gwaine wondered treading mud into the house with his boots. Merlin decided not to mention it and thought his mother might have a few things to say

"A day but..." Merlin began but was cut off when his mother appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

"Get those filthy things off!" Hunith suddenly shrilled seeing what Gwaine was doing; Gwaine could deal with bandits; thieves and worse but he couldn't deal with a Merlin's mum.

"OK!" he conceeded practically jumping out of the boots, Hunith shook her head when she saw the mud he had walked in. Gwaine looked sheepish and Merlin resisted the urge to laugh as she humbled a former night of Camelot with cold eyes.

"Sister," Gaius greeted causing Hunith to smile, they had not seen each other in some time.

"What brings you here then?" Huntith wondered as Morgana shrunk even more into the background; Gaius had trusted her to some extent and she had betrayed him just as much as she had betrayed everyone else. Suddenly Gwaine and Gaius looked serious

"Arthur," Merlin looked up suddenly

"What's he doing?" Merlin demanded worried about the safety of his home

"He's going to attack Ealdor,"