The ways of will

It had been a couple years since the terrible raid on the farm boy's hometown, Oakvale. During that time the boy had excelled in many of the skills the guild had

to offer. The boy was skilled in the way of the sword and quite fond of his bow as well. The only skill the boy lacked in was the way of the will, but that would

hopefully change the following day.

The next day in the guild dorm rooms….

"Get up lazy bones!" the young whisper said to a snoozing farmboy. The boy sat up, rubbing his eyes, making them slightly red. "The Guildmaster wants to see

you down grounds, something about more will training." The boy shrugged laying back down, head under pillow. Whisper rolled her eyes and groaned. "Get

moving farmboy! He wanted you down there and hour ago! The boy sat up once more, and slowly got up and into his apprentice robes. The boy stretched,

trying to relax his tense muscles. The boy then raced his friend down to the guild grounds, spotting a patient looking Guildmaster. "Ah there you are, I was

starting to think you would never pry yourself from your pillow. No matter, Whisper Maze wanted you, he has a small task for you." Whisper bowed her head

and turned to leave, making her way to Maze's dwelling. The guildmaster turned back to the boy. "As for you lad, you will be working more on your will

technique, you seem to be lacking on it quite a bit. No matter, we shall try a new spell, something that takes a bit more concentration." The Guildmaster handed

the boy a spell card which read: engulf. "This spell surrounds the user in a ring of flames, acting as a shield from any enemies nearby. Well go on lad, give it

try." The boy stood away from the Guildmaster, and concentrated on the energy around him. He saw a small ring of sparks go around him, which made him

smile from pride. He turned to look at the Guildmaster, who was frowning. "You're not making much progress there are you? Try concentrating harder lad." A

small group of apprentices, including Whisper, had come to see the current training going on. Not wanting to embarrass himself, he concentrated as hard as he

could, until finally a large ring of flames surrounded him. The claps and cheers around him soon were replaced with the sound of screaming, and houses

burning. He was surrounded by dozens of dead bodies, which littered the ground, all of them belonging to people he had been around growing up. In almost

slow motion he ran through the burning rubble that was once his beloved home town. At last he arrived at the only surviving house, where he and his family

had lived. There he saw this man, laying lifeless on the ground, a large gash running along his chest. He ran to the man , laying his head on his still chest,

weeping softly. "Father!" The boy's vision faded, once again seeing the Guildmaster and others in front of him. The boy fell to his knees, eyes moist and tears

streaking his face. His vision started to blur and fade as he fell, falling into the endless darkness.