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Summary: The demise of Tristan and Rory has always been a mystery to everyone; even to Tristan himself. But years later when everything seemed to be all forgotten, an unescapable situation arises which will either bring them together, or drive them further apart. - Sorry if this summary doesn't make sense but if u read on with the story you'll get what I mean =) –

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Broken Road


The feeling of utter exhilaration ran through Rory Gilmore's body as she sprinted past the looming oak trees; the pain she felt through the soles of her shoes wasn't going to stop her from reaching the destination.

'Almost there,' Rory thought as she saw the familiar sight of a larger-than-large tree that overlooked the beautiful lake she had grown to love so much. She slowed down as she reached the tree, taking a moment to catch her breath but the sound of the pitter-pattering of feet brought her back to the reality of her current situation. As a course of action she immediately hid behind the tree…waiting…

It wasn't too long until the expected cry filled the air,

"Rory !"

The sound of Tristan's breathless voice caused the smile on her face to become full-fledged. She knew she'd have to quit the game they were playing but she was determined to have one last laugh.

Before she knew it, she was behind Tristan's back, about to let out a boisterous 'boo' that was sure to scare the shit out of him.

But he knew her too well.

He turned around to grasp her hand in attempt to halt her actions but unfortunately she was in the process of leaping forward. It caused him to go off balance – and fall into the lake. The only form of satisfaction that came out of it for him was the fact that he managed to grab Rory's hand just in time for her to be dragged into the lake with him.

Temporarily underwater, Rory came up to the surface to find a very dishevelled and very sexy Tristan laughing loudly. She smiled and inched her way closer to him; close enough that their bodies were only centimetres apart. She placed her lips on his in an attempt to shut him up but the moment their lips touched she longed for the familiar feeling of one of their usual, passionate kisses. Tristan, as if reading her mind, pulled her into an embrace and so began one of their frequent, often lengthily, makeout sessions.

When they finally pulled apart, Rory rested her cheek on his shoulder while keeping her arms wrapped around him. A comfortable silence fell upon them as they stood, glued to the spot, a moment longer.

"I love you so much," Tristan whispered, breaking the silence. Rory lifted her cheek from his shoulder to look him straight in the eye as if what she was going to say was really important.

"I love you too…" she began, 'you know I would never do anything to hurt you right ?'

"Of course I do," he said with conviction before adding a moment later,

"What brought this on ?"

Rory circled her arms around his waist and rested her cheek back onto his shoulder.

"Nothing," she replied quietly.

Tears welled up in her eyes then flowed freely down her face, unknown to Tristan who thought the dampness on his shoulder was from the recesses of the water in the lake; the lake in which they were still standing in...

Chapter One: These Days Go On…

Rory's eyes flew open to pitch darkness and the feeling of a cold hard slate on her forehead. Hazily, she tilted her head back to figure out just exactly where she was. As the blurriness of a morning wake subsided, she realised that she wasn't in her apartment-- but in her office.

She had stayed the night once again.

The frequent overnight stays in her L.A office had forced her to buy extra furniture and to move it into what she liked to call her 'second home'.

The piercing sound of an alarm caused her to become fully awake. She cursed herself for even purchasing such a contraption but then did a double- take as she remembered it was a gift from her ever-so-lovable but oh-so-insane mother.

Sighing, she felt no energy to reach across the desk and turn it off so she did the first thing that came to her mind and hurled a pencil at it which was hidden very conveniently behind her ear.

But it was to no avail.

She reluctantly got up from her chair and turned it off then made a b-line towards the door knowing that on the other side of it lay the pot of gold; the coffee maker.

She walked over to it and was halfway filling the cup when the voice of her boss filled the supposedly empty building.

"Rory," Megan Trescot, editor of Illustrious magazine said through the doorway of her office, " I have something really important to discuss you so please limit your stay at the coffee maker for less than 5 minutes and when you're done come inside so we can attend to the matter."

Rory tensed at the serious sound of her boss' voice but made no hesitations in agreeing. She quickly poured the rest of the coffee in her cup and made her way to the room with a slight feeling of dread coming over her.

* * *

A mountain load of paper work lay before 25 year old Tristan Dugrey as he plopped down in his armchair to press the button of the intercom,


"Mr. Dugrey, Charlotte – I mean Mrs. Dugrey—no actually I mean your mother is here to see you," Veronica the new secretary replied.

Groaning, Tristan played with the idea of refusing but the fact that he knew his mother very well made him think otherwise.

"Send her in," he said with a sigh.

A moment later Mrs. Dugrey charged through the door in her Manalo Blahnik's and designer wear outfit and placed a newspaper on her son's already full desk.

"Congratulations honey," she began, " You made front page."

Confused, Tristan swiped the newspaper from his desk. The look of shock graced his features as he read aloud the headline on the page,

" 'Tristan Dugrey of Dugrey Enterprises is set to marry billionaire heiress Vivienne Westmore of Westmore Corporations.' "

Tristan placed the paper down in disbelief.

"I cant believe this ! Its only been - "

"- a day ?" his mother interrupted. Tristan continued to stare at the paper while Mrs. Dugrey made no intention on stopping, "What can I say ? News travels fast."

"Not unless they had a reliable source."

Charlotte chose to ignore her son's directed insult and continued on,

"Honey, you know I only want what's best for you and this company…"

"Yes mother. Go on…" Tristan said, hinting her lead on.

"So what better way to raise your profile and this company's image by being in the country's best selling magazine –"

"Mother you know I don't care about my image," Tristan tiredly interjected.

"Yes," Mrs Dugrey said indifferently, "but I'm sure Vivienne cares about hers"

Tristan dejectedly leant back in his chair signalling his defeat. His mother chose this as the perfect moment to press the matter further.

"Think about it. The magazine will get it's sell out 'Billionaire wedding of the year' special while our company and Vivienne's wreak the benefits of this good publicity."

Trying his best to relax and sound calm Tristan nodded his head in agreement before saying,

"I've agreed. Now if you don't mind," Tristan said getting up to kiss his mother on the cheek, "I would really like to be alone to process this all."

"Bye darling," Mrs Dugrey replied as she turned around to head towards the door. Halfway there she was halted in her tracks with Tristan's impending voice asking,

"By the way, what's the magazine called ?"

She turned around to face her son's looming figure, standing in the middle of the room, as if in deep thought. She simply replied,

"Illustrious magazine."

* * *

The eerie silence that filled the room was too much for Rory to handle. Impatiently she started tapping her fingers on the edge of her seat.

"Relax Rory, you're not in trouble," Megan reassured her with a smile, "if anything, I'm here to praise you. You have immense talent"

Rory visibly relaxed and leant back in her chair. " Why thank you'


" - But ?"

"But," Megan repeated, " You're stories have been- how can I put this-" she paused to try the right word,


"Depressing ? I don't think everyday situations should be classified as depressing."

With an arched eyebrow, Megan steadily replied,

" Suicide, abortion, nuclear warfare-"

"-OK I get the point. So I don't write happy stories. Is there something wrong with that? "

"Actually, there is. You should be writing front page stories."

"Megan, I write what I feel is important. I don't care if my stories aren't front-page news."

"Please Rory. All I'm asking is for you to give it a go. It wouldn't hurt to do one happy story right ? A wedding story perhaps ?"

Rory thought about it for a moment and realised she had nothing to lose.

"OK fine. A wedding story shouldn't be too challenging "

"So you accept? " Megan meekly asked.

With a sigh, Rory replied, "Yes …I accept. So when do I start ?"

"Great! You start in 4 days. You're going to need that time to pack so…"

"Pack ?" Rory questioned, "Where exactly am I going ?"

"New York," Megan said excitedly.

Rory just nodded, unable to think of anything else to say.

"So you know what your job is right ?"

"Yeah… to interview them on how in love they are and how many kids they want," Rory replied, sarcasm evident in her voice.

" Not only that. You're going to documenting the whole lead up to the wedding which is in 4 months time."

"4 months ? I'm going to be in New York for 4 months ? "

"Yes. Having second thoughts already ?"

"Yes-I mean-no. Its fine with me," Rory reassured her boss with a fake smile before continuing, " so who is the couple you are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for just to make a silly documentation of their wedding ?"

"Money well spent my dear. This is the biggest story of the whole year"

"And they are…?" Rory pressed on.

"Tristan Dugrey and Vivienne Westmore"

At the mention of Tristan's name Rory's face considerably paled as a wave of nostalgia filled her thoughts.

He was in the past.

It was over.

She hurt had him bad and she knew that even til this day, he still hasn't quite forgiven her.

The sound of Megan's eager voice interrupted her contemplation,

"Trust me Rory. You will not regret this."

It was too late. She already did.

* * *


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