Celebrations all around

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The parties on Olympus hadn't stopped; it had been a full 12 hours since the fighting in Greece and not a single minute of all of that time had been sad or slow. It began with a regale of Apollo own design to tell it, everyone rejoicing at the end, all fear that was shown towards Gaia was ridden from the mount. She hugged and kissed all of her grandchildren before saying goodbye, but not before Hestia invited her to come back anytime she wanted.

And so the earthly primordial departed with a hug from her mother when she teleported to the center of the Universe planning to reunite with her siblings and husband.

But this did not end the festivities, all the Olympian gods and goddesses were having more fun than they had ever had.

Dionysus was in fervor, dancing with Ariadne and drinking wine with his sons. Aphrodite and Hephaestus were dancing slowly; she was standing on his toes as he held her to him, many of their children smiling at that. Ares was at the bar with his sons and many other warriors drinking and sharing scar stories.

Apollo was singing with the muses, dancing with all of them and having a jolly time. Hestia could be seen by all tapping her foot by the hearth while enjoying the company of many of the smaller children along with her sister Demeter. Nico and Aeráki were dancing with their daughters, Nico never letting them go after learning that they were in danger. Poseidon and Hades were sitting with their respective wives watching their children and grandchildren happily.

Zeus and Hera were having a surprisingly good time, not fighting and rather dancing to the music and enjoying the peace. Hermes was never separated from his children, enjoying the jokes and closeness they could share.

But most eyes were on Artemis as she and Percy enjoyed their slow dancing, swaying slowly to the music, Percy having spent hours reuniting with friends and family. Many tears were shed, most of joy. Triton, Aeráki, Nico, Thalia and Theo all enjoyed time reuniting with their 'sibling', Theo and Aeráki both meeting him for the 'first' time found him to be the perfect brother.

Triton could be found joking around with Void pretty easily, the two matching personalities enjoying the wines. Chaos spent a time with her soldiers, talking to each and everyone of them, checking them all for injury and congratulating them all on their great performance. Then she spent some time building up her courage to talk to her father, preparing herself for an experience she never imagined would happen.

Percy eventually pulled away from Artemis, looking down at her affectionately before whispering in her ear. Artemis looked back at him and smiled nodding her head before heading straight towards Chaos with a smile on her face, one that melted Chaos' worries.

"Come on, let's have a little family talk." Artemis said, wrapping her arm in Chaos' and slipping through the energetic crowd out onto a terrace under the stars and moon.

"What are we doing out here?" Chaos asked Artemis.

"Chaos, I think you know why we are here. You have been waiting to talk to him for a long time now. You should meet your father properly." At that moment two men emerged from the party.

"…And then she stepped on his foot. He squealed like a girl!" The two were joyously laughing.

"Yes, Triton has never had any luck with women, he has no idea how to talk to them." Percy remarked, but when he saw his fiancé and daughter waiting for him Percy stopped laughing but kept up his smile looking from his fiancé to his daughter. "Chaos." Percy said slowly.

And just like a small child Chaos ran to him, flinging herself into his arms, shedding silent tears of joy. Percy stroked her hair affectionately looking at his daughter clinging to him.

Void looked at them happily, he knew what it was like to see a father that you didn't know existed come to you, this was not too different from his own reunion. But before he could feel left out Void quickly wrapped his arms around them both, hugging his father and sister tightly.

Percy looked up at Artemis, smiling at her as she smiled on at the family hug in front of her. But Percy wasn't content with her just watching; he motioned her over with his head, which she followed soon joining into the familial embrace.

And Percy had never been so content, the three people he loved most in the universe were in his arms and surrounding him. This was new to all of them though, never had they had an experience like this, Chaos had been alone, apart from her soldiers and children since the birth of the universe, and none of them would ever do this for her. And Void was asleep and couldn't experience this.

But Percy and Artemis had a small talk about this done while dancing, this was something that they wanted more than anything, a family. Percy told Artemis that she would be their mother once they got married so it was important for them to all have a good relationship.

"Dad…" The voice was small and significantly muffled but they all heard, Void and Artemis loosened and pulled away slightly, allowing Chaos to look up at him, her eyes swelled with tears. This was never an option for her, she never was allowed to feel emotions like this; she was the one that had to be the 'fearless creator'. "Why?"

Percy knew exactly what she was asking, she was asking why he wasn't there, why he left them, why he never was with them. This hurt Percy, it always did. Percy was the one that left then alone and didn't give them what they felt they needed, he didn't give them guidance or the father they wanted. It was easier with Void, he was raised by Chaos but she was alone since the day she was born and forced to live as a grown up and raise her brothers only to have to fight with Order and lose Void, her life was so difficult and Percy wasn't there for her, like he should have been.

"There is no greater regret of mine than leaving you like that my love, you are my little star and I left you by yourself to deal with and raise your own brothers." Percy pulled her tighter into his chest, his own tears in his eyes. Void was trying to hold in his own tears while Artemis had a bittersweet smile on. "But in the formation of you I used so much of my own energy that I fell asleep, I became the energy and forces that surrounded you and I watched over you but I did not have enough strength to come back to you."

Percy kissed the crown of her head, "You were so lonely and I could see it, I was once like that but that is how you found your power in creation and the manipulation of my energies, that was something that I could never have imagined, you had surpassed me in that. You were creating stars and galaxies for fun, but every time you would destroy them, you were a very chaotic child. But I was able to learn from you, your technique was more than I could have realized because it was with it that I was able to form your brothers but that also used enough of my energy. I wanted you to be happy so I gave you brothers that you could be with. But it was my entire fault for not being there for you. I woke up to see fighting, I didn't see it from my own blindness."

Percy took a shaky breath, "It broke my heart to realize that my own son, one from my own essence took to heart all that was corrupt and evil, I watched as my own son attacked you and I watched helplessly afraid for all of you. But you made me so proud, so very proud. I loved you from the very beginning and I will love you even after I fade."

Chaos continued to cry, weeping in pain, in love and happiness, even in anger but she wouldn't let go of Percy. This is what she had been denied from her since her birth, someone to cling to and ask for support from. This is what she wanted.

"I love you too." Percy smiled but never released her, and Chaos grip on him even tightened. They held this for what felt like second but Void clearing his throat pulled them out to see that a half of an hour had passed in this position. Percy reached out and pulled both Void and Artemis to him, embracing all three of them.

"I love all of you."


Couples were spending time together in the party, some of them enjoying the sweet feeling of being together and others rejoicing in the victory. Silena and Beckendorf were stationed with Annabeth and Luke at one table in the back, their smaller children running around and Charles was wrapping his arms around his expecting wife.

Katie and Travis were dancing closely while Clarisse and Chris were enjoying time together by the bar talking to Jason and Piper who were reigning in their three youngest children who had found joy in rough housing with Clarisse's son, all piling on top of him.

Octavian and a now fully recuperated Rachel were enjoying their time laughing with some of the nature spirits, Octavian had a major attitude change after the giant war, most of it due to Rachel and her eccentric personality. Meanwhile the hunters were enjoying a few of their favorite activities, dancing together, shooting arrows at the few Apollo, Hermes, Zeus or Ares campers that were either stupid enough or were dared to ask them to dance and all just enjoying their time, but some of them were equally interested spying on Artemis and Percy, the pair were always a fun topic amongst them.

Leo and Frank were busy chasing what appeared to be a dog on fire but truly it was Frank and Hazel's son, Sammy, in his new form of a German Shepard being ridden by Leo and Reyna's daughter, Victoria whose hair was ablaze. This drew many laughs amongst the party guests, seeing the two war heroes being out run by their children. Hazel and Reyna were enjoying their time watching this, knowing that this was a daily occurrence, well at least when ever the two were together.

Many others could be found throughout Olympus, although many report losing sight of Juniper and Grover fairly early, only seeing them again a few hours later and it had appeared that Grover had gone through another war, covers in sweat and dirt, his hair a mess and Juniper only looked slightly better, although her dress was a little lopsided.

Tyson was enjoying time with his Cyclops brethren but also spent some time with Theseus, the brother generals enjoyed many good laughs. All of Chaos' soldiers were entertaining their younger siblings as well, many of them being in awe of their idols.

But the news spread quickly amongst the partygoers, and the rumor mills were working overdrive, especially with the ring, those that had fought for Olympus had seen the kiss but now words of an engagement were spreading too. Those like Silena and Beckendorf, who had stayed in new Olympus or on the Olympus in New York, where they were now were informed of the kiss and now the ring, words were abuzz and never were the dancing pair left without a single eye on them. Percy even made a show of it, dancing exuberantly with a laughing Artemis just being dragged around, much to the amusement of all spectators.

But throughout the entire time, ignoring all the eyes on them; Percy and Artemis enjoyed their time and talked, about everything that the other needed to know. And it surprised everyone when the previously tentative Percy stepped onto a podium and called for everyone's attention.

"Ladies and gentleman, warriors, hunters, all of you have served Olympus well and have forever gained the role heroes!" Cries and cheers went up, "Today marks the end of Olympian wars; my son and daughter will work tirelessly to guarantee this for the universe." More cheers erupted as Percy went into a speech on the braveries of the day and the promises of tomorrow.

In a very un-Zeus-like manner Percy indicated all forms of bravery, be it those that stayed to protect the families of New Olympus or those that fought to the bitter end.

It wasn't a terribly long speech and Percy was grateful for that; never was a fan of public speaking. But he did have some important things to say. "As all of you must know by now I am engaged to be married to the most beautiful goddess to ever step foot on Olympus." Artemis blushed at this looking abashed from Percy's public flattery.

"But due to this I have decided to retire and settle down with my beloved, do some hunting and camping." He sent a wink at Artemis now before sending his son a meaningful look that most missed. "From the birth of this Universe and the life amongst it I have given myself the job of watchful guardian, always stepping in when it is needed and helping those that truly need it. Most of you have seen me in some shape or form, I have always been able to change my appearance so it was never like this but I have helped you all." Many people had hushed whispers to spread around, all speculating the next few words. "And because of my retirement I will be passing off the mass of my power, the gifts given to me by the energy that was with me at the beginning, these powers that will continue to help the universe long into the future."

Percy paused before continuing, "My son, Void will be taking my place, forever being watchful and always presents, he will become what is there in the unknown." Percy pulled his shocked son next to him at the podium, "I present to you my son, the universal protector, the unknown, Void!" Applause erupted greater than before now, Percy grinning brightly, Artemis and Chaos smiling at them both and Void being sheepish for the first time in his long, long life.

It was the classic march song that Percy had to listen to as his heart skipped a beat or two, looking down the aisle, already having seen Zoë, Thalia, Phoebe and the rest of the bridal party his breath failed him now seeing Artemis in her dress. She looked beautiful with her long auburn hair tied loosely into a side braid that lay on her shoulder. Her lithe body was hugged into a slim form-fitting silvery-white strapless dress. He knew that this was the most beautiful woman he would ever see.

Artemis' arm was linked in her father's leading her up to her husband-to-be. Artemis knew that all of her sisters were looking beautiful standing up at the altar, their floor-length silver gowns were perfect for each of them but she couldn't look at them because her eyes could not leave Percy.

It hasn't been long since the battle against Kronos but ever since the two could not be separated. Percy spending his time just as he promised; he was with the hunt and in that he was doing everything for Artemis. It was a running joke now that if it wasn't for Artemis' natural independence that Percy would become a slave for the hunters, but Artemis simply smirked and gave Percy a wink when ever it came up. He had his fears of it, but he wouldn't care as long as he had her.

"You're staring again." Percy's best man whispered to him, Percy didn't even look at Nico, his lips just quirked a little more.

"I know."

Nico just chuckled and shook his head.

Even in a few short weeks Percy would look back at his memories of his wedding and he wouldn't be able to remember much of it, he could remember his nervousness, a lot of kissing, friends and family but most importantly, he remembers Artemis and how beautiful she is. She flaunted that teased him about staring just as much as the guys did. But it was the greatest day of his life to that day, only having been beaten by the day he found out that their wedding night had been fruitful of more than the greatest experience of his life.

Percy was laying on his bed and this was the greatest feeling he could have, because as he was laying there a head of auburn hair was lying on his chest, and his had was settled on the slightest of the baby bump that was showing on his beautiful bride.

"What are you thinking about Percy?" Artemis' voice broke the silence, turning over so her chin was one his bare chest, his hand now on the small of her back and her lithe body pressed against his strong frame, enjoyable for both of them. Her molten silver pools found his perpetually churning sea green oceans.

Percy smiled down at her, "Well besides what we just did…" Artemis blushed, no matter that she is no longer a maiden and married she still isn't used to the idea of copulation. "I have been thinking about all the little hunters that we are going to have and how happy I am going to be."

Artemis smiled and leaned up to kiss him, "You are insatiable Percy."

"Only for you my love." Percy kissed the top of her head before flipping over.

Artemis let out a gasp as she now found herself underneath her husband before reaching up around his neck and pulled him into a searing kiss. Thus beginning another beautiful night for the young couple.

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