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It was a most beautiful day at Hogwarts. Looking down at the grounds, one could see groups of students studying by the lake, practicing quidditch, or just relaxing on the hillside. Most of the seventh years, however, were inside, studying for the upcoming NEWTS. One student in particular was studying quite profoundly in the Ravenclaw common room.

He was sitting at his favorite desk; the one right by the arched windows overlooking the grounds. He had books opened and his peacock feathered quill was scratching away on his parchment. On his chest sat the Head Boy badge. He had worked very hard to get it, and his parents were proud, he wouldn't disappoint them now. His hair was a very messy and curly brown, but if he kept it short enough, he could almost keep it tame. His eyes were quite the opposite; they were a clear, beautiful green.

He stopped his studies for a moment to look out the window. When he looked back at his table, he sighed and stood up. He walked over to the bookshelf on the other side of the room. His fingers were lightly brushing the delicate spines when he noticed it. His hand was no longer completely solid, instead it was slightly transparent. Not enough for someone to notice unless they were really paying attention. He took one last glance at his hand, and swiftly exited the common room.

He walked quickly through the corridors of the school, paying attention to nothing and no one. He reached his destination- the stone gargoyles leading up to the headmaster's office.

"Password." The one to the left said.

"I don't know it, but this is urgent. I must speak to the headmaster immediately!" The boy said.

"No entry without the password." The one to the right answered. The boy sighed.

"Fizzing whizbee." He said. Nothing happened. "Exploding snap, lemon drop, chocolate, ear wax, every flavor beans, harmony, time turner, magic, elf!" The boy said. The gargoyle on the left laughed.

"Nope." It said. The boy sighed angrily and before he ranted again, he thought. He was a Ravenclaw after all, he could figure it out. 'This is the twenty-fifth anniversary of Voldemort's demise.' He thought. He thought for a moment more before continuing.

"Horcrux." Nothing happened. "Hallows. Snake. Battle. Death!" Nothing. He sighed again. "MERLIN! OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR!" The stone gargoyles moved out of the way, revealing the staircase. The boy quickly ascended, and, without knocking, opened the door.

"Come in." He heard the headmaster say sarcastically. He wasted no time in explaining.

"Headmaster, it's happening; just like you said." The boy informed him while pushing up his sleeve. The headmaster leaned forward to inspect. He moved back in his chair and looked up at the boy.

"Ah... Yes it appears the time has come. You have been instructed in what must be done?" The headmaster asked, and the boy nodded. "Good, good. Now, it is important that you are not seen. Can you transform well?" Once again, the boy nodded. "Then we will not waste anymore time." The headmaster stood up and walked over to a drawer and pulled out two items. One was an old looking time turner; the other a galleon. He handed both objects to the boy. The boy placed the time turner around his neck, and kept the galleon in his hand. "You know the spell?"

"By heart." The boy said.

"Okay," the headmaster said. "You have one hour to place the time turner where she will find it and cast the spell. Are you ready, Mister Potter?"

"Yes." The boy said. "See you in an hour." The headmaster nodded and the galleon grew warm in his hand. He felt a tug at his stomach, and he was gone.


When he opened his eyes, he was in a dark closet. He heard lots of cheering and figured the Dark Lord had just been defeated. He opened the door a crack, closed his eyes, and concentrated hard on becoming a dog. He felt another tug and when he opened his eyes, he was a four-legged brown shaggy dog. He padded out of the closet and began his search. He knew already which room he needed to go to, it was just a matter of finding it that proved to be the problem.

He kept trotting when he saw an old woman with her back turned. 'Perfect.' He thought. All he needed to do was catch her scent and he could find her office. He barked and startled the woman.

"Oh, hello there little one." She said. He detected a slight Scottish accent. She outstretched a hand and he bounded over to her. He sniffed her hand, and, when satisfied he could remember her scent, he licked her hand. He was hated that part if being a dog. He had to act like one, and, unfortunately, that meant licking people's hands. He let her scratch his ear and, before bounding off again, he let out another bark. With his nose to the ground, he trotted through the corridors until he found the office of Minerva McGonagall. He quickly transformed into a human and entered.

He went straight for her desk and took off the old time turner. He laid it on the desk and pulled out his wand. It was an eleven and three-quarter larch wand with a dragon heartstring core. He pointed his wand at the time turner and recited the spell. "Eto vse budet cheredovatʹsya." A golden light slowly came from his wand and surrounded the time turner until the spell was eventually absorbed by it. He turned on his heel and transformed again into a dog.

He waited outside the office for about twenty minutes when he heard someone coming around the corner. It was who he was here for; a bushy-haired girl with brown eyes- Hermione Granger. He waited until she moved a little closer, and he started wagging his tail and letting out little barks. A smile broke out from her face and she came towards him, hand outstretched. Right before she could touch him, he swerved out of the way and turned into the office. She stayed where she was and he barked again, turning his head to the side. She stood and began to walk toward him, and he turned and ran back to the time turner. Confident she was following, he ran under the desk. She approached it and saw the time turner.

She picked it up and examined it. The dog slowly crept from behind the desk and into the shadows, where he turned human again. He pulled out his wand. Curious, Hermione turned the time turner once. Nothing happened that she knew if because, if it brought her back in time, she would surely hear the battle that ended only an hour ago. She shrugged her shoulders and put the time turner back onto the desk and turned to leave. The boy, still concealed in the shadows whispered, "Stupefy.", followed by an apology. When Hermione hit the ground, he walked toward her. He could feel the galleon in his pocket growing warmer, signaling that his hour was almost up.

He looked up at the shelf by where she had fallen. There were a few heavy looking books at the top. "Accio heavy books."He said, and they flew towards him. He bent down by Hermione's head and gently laid one half on her forehead and half on the ground, and then he laid the other two on the floor around her head. He needed it to look as if she got hit in the head and suffered from a small case of amnesia. The galleon was getting even hotter, and so he pulled it out of his pocket, quickly ran back to grab the time turner and waited. He felt the familiar pull and found himself back at the headmaster's office.


"Is it done?" The headmaster asked, and the boy nodded. "Good. Now we wait." The boy nodded and left the headmasters office.

He entered the common room and went up to his dorm. He went to his trunk and pulled out a pair of black gloves. He looked back down at his hand. It was still vaguely transparent, but that would hopefully be fixed if the plan worked. He pulled the gloves on, and went back down to the common room. No one had disturbed his table, and so he sat down and continued from where he left off.

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