Dr. Carlisle Cullen was a kind and compassionate man. He took great pleasure in his job healing the sick and wounded. He could think of nothing more worthwhile and fulfilling than what he did, and although he received many, he never asked for a word of gratitude from any of his patients. In truth, the satisfaction that his job brought him was thanks enough. But there were the rare moments. The moments when he'd ask himself "Is it really worth it?" The moments when he'd consider walking out of those hospital doors and never looking back. But this time, it was far worse.

He gazed upon the face of the young woman, once so beautiful, but now merely a lifeless shadow of this former beauty. This face bared no similarity to the young girl he had met all those years ago in high school. It was haggard and drawn, and even in death it could not find peace. Carlisle turned from the corpse he had fought so furiously to save, and without a pause, left the room.

Once outside he allowed the grief to wash over himself, slumping against the cold hospital wall. How would he tell his wife, Esme, that he could not save her only sister? Though they hadn't spoken in years, Carlisle knew that her sister's passing would destroy Esme. Waves of anguish rolled through Carlisle as he thought of the pain he would have to bring his wife. And Edward? Carlisle's young nephew, only five years old. How would they tell him that his mother had given up on even him, leaving the boy starving and alone due to her neglect? How much would he understand?

Even though she had hurt the boy in the most terrible way, Carlisle could not find it within himself to hate the woman who had once been his friend, his family. He only felt sorrow. Sorrow, for he had not realised the pain his sister-in-law must have been going through. To take her own life in such a horrible way. Carlisle couldn't help but blame himself for all the pain he could have helped to erase. And now, all the pain his family would feel because of this. He knew, inside, that there was nothing he could do, but he couldn't stand the feeling of being so helpless.

With a shuddering breath, Carlisle rose from the floor and moved towards room 519, where he would find his wife and nephew. He hesitated briefly, preparing himself for whatever may come now. Carlisle took one last breath, then he pushed open the cream door and entered the small room.

Inside he found his wife, hunched over the small hospital bed which sat in the middle of the room, grasping the fragile hand of the unconscious young boy. He had multiple needles taped into his arm, and the slow bleep of a pulse monitor announced each strained heartbeat, faltering every few seconds. Even at his young age, Edward Masen was handsome. Strands of his messy copper hair stuck to the sheen of sweat around his face. He looked so pale and thin, it was clear that it had been weeks, if not months since he'd had a proper meal. Once again, Carlisle shook with grief as he imagined the torment this boy had endured. Esme looked up from Edward, expectation in her eyes. Dark purple circles had settled under her eyes which were blood shot from the tears that seemed to continuously fall.

"Elizabeth?" she whispered. Her voice broke as she did so.

Carlisle closed his eyes, shaking his head as his own tears began to fall. A sob broke from Esme's throat. In two quick strides, Carlisle was holding her in his arms, gently rocking her as they cried together. He would have given anything to save his wife this grief and pain. After all she had been through, she deserved only happiness.

Only a month prior, Esme had discovered that she could not have children. Though they had already begun the process of adoption, Carlisle knew how Esme wished she could give Carlisle a son of his own. Not that Carlisle ever minded the idea of an adopted child, he loved Esme with all his heart, and would do only whatever made her happy.

Carlisle looked back at the boy who lay still in the hospital cot, completely unaware that he had lost everything. "Not everything." And with that, Carlisle vowed that he would give Edward the stable and happy home he too deserved. In that, Esme would find her happiness too.

Hi everyone! So this was really more of a spur of the moment thing, I had an idea and decided I might try to pursue it. I'm definitely not much of a writer, I really just wanted to try my hand at something different so I do ask that throughout this story please don't criticise my poor expression too much. That said, of course constructive criticism is much appreciated, as well as any other feedback you may have. Just bear in mind that this is more for my own personal entertainment than anything else. And with that, hopefully I'll write a bit more as time goes on. I can't promise regular updates, as I'm sure you all know very well, life is busy and we all have to prioritise. I'm currently in my final year of college so you can imagine that free time is slightly limited.

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