"There is a place that humans can never seem to reach. It's a part of those hidden worlds; ones that only the imagination can find. A part of another world, one that it rare and complex beyond what mortal minds can dream up. Even the dream like state of one when they enter makes it seem almost as if there is nothing there. It's a colorless world; though some tend to describe it as so many colors, that they bleed into white. Could it mean that there are emotions that are part of it? What does it mean? Why does it exist? What is 'it'?"

Zero sighed under his breath and closed the book gently before setting it down on a side table. He had been planning on reading this book for a while now; but it no longer jumped out at him as something that he had to do. Now it was one of the more annoying, nagging things that he no longer had time for. Sighing again, he glanced at the title, "The Illusion of Emotions." by Raito Yagami, and frowned. There was something that he couldn't seem to stomach about that book. Something that was beyond him; well, not really, but he really didn't feel like trying to figure it out. Call him lazy, but that was the exact opposite of what he really was. Zero was a natural genius; one that came along only once a century. Though most people didn't know about it due to the fact that he slept in class. But that was expected; how was he supposed to patrol till almost three in the morning and be able to get to class at eight; and still get enough sleep every night? It was exhausting; even for him, and he was a Vampire too! That's really what bothered him though. He was a Level D and falling, every day was a struggle for him, and having his former; and I mean former; crush snarl at him like he was trash was hard. He knew that they had once loved each other a long time ago, but now that Yuuki was a Pureblood, that wasn't going to happen. Royalty wasn't going to chat nicely with street rats. It was just the way that things went, though to be honest; he really didn't mind it,
It gave him the peace and quiet that he really needed. Less likely to tear out her throat that way. It also meant that he didn't have to see that damn Kuran bastard. Though he really shouldn't be talking, he kind of respected the guy. After all, it has to be hard dealing with a sister who is determined to have sex with you. Zero had heard rumors that he had chased her out of his room while she was wearing only skimpy night gown. Though Zero wasn't really surprised about that; he didn't see what she was trying to flaunt; the fact that she had no breasts? Or was it the fact that she had no ass? Hell, Master Yagari had a better ass than she did. And that was saying something. Actually, speaking of Master Yagari, Zero made a mental note to guard the office area today; earplugs would be needed; simply due to the fact that he had caught Yagari-sensei and Cross in the midst of a heated make-out session. That was one thing that he didn't want Sayori or any of the Day Class students to see. Though he had the sneaking suspicion that the Day Class Girls Association already had several pictures. Dammit, that meant that he was going to have to hunt down the negatives wasn't he? Not something that he was going to be looking forward too. Though, seeing his Kana— wait; when did he start referring to Kuran as his? He must be getting sick.

Actually, he might be getting sick, hallucinating at least he hoped that he was. It was actually really unsettling to watch his younger sibling; Ichiru; run off with Kuran Kaname's uncle. Now that he thought about it, he and that damn bastard were now cousins. Great. Kaname he could stand to be around, but Yuuki was a dead loss; there was no was no way in Hell that he would be able to even spend 10 seconds in the same room as her. Not after she tried to strangle him in his sleep. Thank god for his quick reflexes; those were the only things that had saved his ass... Frowning again, he glanced at the clock sitting innocently on his bedside table and froze: 5:30. He was late for change over. Right on time; he heard the creaking of the gates and the squeals if the Day Class girls, even some of the men were there. It was a damn shame that all of the members of the Night Class were Vampires; sexy Vampires, but still... Vampires. Since he was already dressed; Zero leapt off of the bed and grabbed his gun before turning to the window and leaping out of it into the tree. Underneath him was the invisible line that; in normal conditions; the girls wouldn't even be trying to pass it. Now they were pushing each other out of the way to get to the Night Class. That is; until Zero cleared his throat. The girls on his side spun around and scurried into their spots; cautiously watching him as he lay on the branch above them. Letting himself fall, he grabbed the branch with one hand and flipped lightly, landing silently on the ground at the edge of the path. The girls behind him backed up quickly; there was something in his stance that screamed 'DANGER'. And when he got mad, Zero Kiryuu easily became the most dangerous thing on the planet. But that wasn't an understatement; that was a rule. And every single Day Class girl knew it. It was a really bad idea to get on Zero's bad side. In fact, it was a really bad idea to piss off wither of the Prefects. No one knew how bad of idea it was; not yet, but no one really wanted to try. Sure they were fan-girls, but being brave was one thing, being stupid was a whole other world. One that they really didn't want to enter. As entering it would only bring death. But that was assuming that they did enter it.

Letting his eye slide from left to right, Zero kept a sharp watch on the girls behind Sayori. It was an unspoken rule, he would watch whoever was behind her and she would keep an eye on whoever was behind him. Actually, it was something that all of the Prefects had done; especially after the girls had found out that they couldn't watch both sides at the same time. Before Zero, Yuuki had been constantly trampled, but the moment he came into the area; the girls would flee. After watching that happen a few times; Yagari had suggested to Cross that he make Zero a Prefect. It had been the perfect idea, so he went with it. Finally, an idea that he could really take a bite out of; not one of his lover's normally extremely stupid ideas. Thank God for whatever brain Yagari seemed to have left. Almost as if on cue; Kaien was smacked over the head by a hand and the blonde soon realized that Yagari was glaring at him. It was almost as if the man could read his mind... But that was impossible. Reading minds was only something that Vampires could do. And Yagari wasn't a Vampire, was he?