I'm so sorry that I haven't updated. I've been sick with the flu. So I've made this chapter as long as I can. I've also seem to have lost the next chapter for The Mask is Removed, so I'm trying to find that, but I'll probably have to rewrite that whole chapter.

As soon as the girls were gone; chased off by threats; he turned and stared at the moon. It was shining brightly above the school, and he knew that the change would be upon him shortly. It wasn't that painful, but it was annoying; mainly due to the fact that his blood was spilt in the ritual/; but still. More like it was something that Kuran wasn't allowed to find out. He was a pureblood; abet, a sealed Pureblood; but still, a Pureblood. Dangerous when he was a D, but even worse when unsealed. Interesting enough, it was his father who had sealed him when he was younger, but now that his father was 'dead' there really wasn't anything that he could do about it. Just sit back, wait and try not to 'fall' all of the way. Not like he actually could, that was going to be slightly more difficult. He had come close to falling before, but his own power had come out; wrapping Zero in a cocoon of light, forcing his inner unleashed beast to retreat. The waves of power that had washed over the school had alarmed the entire Night Class. A Pureblood that was stronger than their precious Kaname-sama? This was unheard of. But when they searched the school; by that time Zero had gotten his power back under control; they found nothing. Not even a trace of the power. Like it had never actually happened.

It was interesting how different Zero was when he switched emotions, but it was still so hard to see when he went from one to another. Some of them were obvious. When he was angry, his eyes changed color. Not to red, but to gold. None of the Night Class had realized it though, so Zero never mentioned it. It was easier that way, to stay hidden and safe. Aside from the fact that he was a Pureblood, he was also a hunter. And that combined with Shuzima's blood inside of him to create an already extremely dangerous mix. He was already insanely powerful; Night Class didn't know that yet... He was determined to keep it that way; but as soon as he was unsealed, his power would shoot through the roof, completely passing levels that only Purebloods could obtain. When he had gone through his unexpected release several years ago, Rido had found him, and in exchange for his silence; Zero had set Rido and Ichiru up on a date. After working out perfectly; they clicked immediately; they were secretly married. Currently his brother was 8 months pregnant with their third child. The first was now 8 and the second was 6. Both were little monsters. Speaking of little monsters. While the Day Class left for Winter Break; they would be coming here to the school. He knew it; Winter Break was going to be hell for him. Though he already had a plan. Hunting Missions were the perfect way to escape.

Less than three days later, he had told Cross that his nephews were coming to the academy for break and he was currently packing his bags so that he could escape on a three week hunting mission. The chairman however, refused to let him leave. Zero was to stay at the school and watch over them and no amount of pleading could change that. The boy just had to face that fact that he was doomed. Zero know that his life was going to be miserable. The children were Purebloods; not as powerful as him, but close enough; but the one thing that they really liked to do (They got it from their father) was torture him. Not in the actual way, but whine, plead, beg and generally be complete and total annoyances. Zero reeeeaaaallllly wasn't looking forward to this.

As soon as he had unpacked everything; it was nearing midnight; Zero picked up the faint sound of a car driving up to the front of the school. Knowing damn well that the Vampires would also have heard it, Zero leapt out of the open window and raced across the ground. Sure enough, the Night Class was already there, staring in silence at the limo that had been parked by the school entrance.

"Do you know what's going on Kiryuu-kun?" Kuran was first to speak up. Currently, Zero was wishing that he could put a bullet from Bloody Rose through his head. But it seemed that luck was against him as the limo doors opened and two little blurs hurled themselves against his legs. And for the first time in their lives, the Night Class watched in amazement as Zero Kiryuu; the famous hunter; went down. He hit the ground hard, not fighting it, and stared up at the sky. Kaname swore that he heard a sigh escape from the boy's lips.

Turning his gaze upon the little beings that were currently sitting on top of Kiryuu, Kaname was shocked to see a little boy and a little girl. The boy looked about 8, with silver hair and blue eyes. The girl was about 6, same silver hair, but she had one lavender eye, one yellow. Both of them had a single brown streak in their hair. Nothing looked fake or dyed, their color was completely natural. Returning his gaze to the car when he heard another door open, Kaname chocked back a hiss when Rido stepped out of the driver's side. The elder Vampire moved swiftly around the car, opening it so that he could help a very familiar person out of the passenger's seat. Then it hit him. Ichiru Kiryuu. That's who it was, Zero's younger twin brother.

"What are you doing here, uncle?"

"Dropping of my children with their uncle, what else?"

Zero sighed under his breath again. "Will you two please get off of me?"

"Yes Uncle Zero."

"Yes, Unkle Zerwo." Another chocked noise from the night class.

"That reminds me. Ichiru, how is your marriage to Rido?"

"It's fine, nee-san. I'm 8 months with our third child."

"Where you going this time?"

"Rido's taking me to Lake Lougai for a little alone time."

"Does this mean that I'm going to be babysitting these two for a month of two?"

"Yup! Remember, they're both Purebloods, and not completely into their powers yet!"

"Kuran. You get to watch over them when I'm in class. I don't think I want to trust the Chairmen with my niece and nephew just yet."