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"Y-y-your niece and nephew?"

"Something wrong with your hearing Kuran?"

"No… I'm just…. in shock."

"Really? I couldn't tell."

"I don't need your sarcasm Kiryuu. It's not helping."

*Ignores him* "So, Ichiru, wasn't there supposed to a plane you two needed to catch?"

"Ahh! Yes, I nearly forgot. Come on love, you can torture your nephew when we return."

Ichiru whirled around neatly; for someone who was eight months pregnant; and waddled back to the car with Rido following right behind him. Zero just sighed under his breath. This was going to be a hellhole. Although on the bright side, he got to see actual emotions from the Ice King Kuran. Shock, that was a new one, and he doubted that he'd get to see it again. Zero supposed that he would just have to savor the moment. He'd take a picture, but knew that Yuuki would kill him. Turning around slowly, Zero set his gaze on the two trouble makers, this was going to be perfect. He just knew it.

"Alright you two brats. I've got rules around here. You will follow them or I will leave you in the Girls Dorm."

"What's in the Girls Dorm, Uncle?" His eight year old nephew spoke up.

"Girls who will ooh and ahh and pinch your cheeks like old ladies." Both children paled and nodded. They knew how terrible it was to have your cheeks pinched.

"Yes sir!" Zero snorted when they saluted him.

"Listen close.

Rule Number 1: Stay out of the stables. I don't know how White Lily will react.

Rule Number 2: Try not to piss anyone in the Night Class off. That's my job.

Rule Number 3: When I have class, you'll be in the Moon Dorms. DO NOT cause trouble.

Rule Number 4: Don't eat anything Cross tries to give you. Most of it's poisonous.

Rule Number 5: Don't go near Cross PERIOD.

Rule Number 6: If you need anything go to Kuran, me, Kaito, or Yagari. Got it?"

Both children nodded and glanced at the members of the Night Class. Aidou was frowning, Kain had a smirk on his face, but Rima and Ruka were the worst. Both of them looked like they were barely containing the desire to squeal about the cuteness the two children oozed.

"I supposed introductions are in order. Night Class, this is my niece and nephew. Roki is the boy, he's 8, and a prankster. Aidou, I suggest you keep your lab locked."


"Stay away from it, Roki. Again, I will leave you to fend off the Day Class girls by yourself. Aurora is the female, she's six. This is actually the first time I've seen her when she isn't a baby. I'm not too sure what she'll get into. Probably anything that her older brother does. That reminds me, both of them are Purebloods, but their powers haven't come in yet. I really don't feel like cleaning blood off of the walls in the Moon Dorm, so please be wary."

Kaname just nodded and made a gluttal noise in his throat, he appeared to be slightly out of it.


"Would you like to take care of them for the day?"


"Say 'Mmm' if you want me to shave you bald."

"Mm— wait, what? If you shave me bald, I will gut you."

"Just checking that you are listening, Kuran. No need to get all pissed off." Kain was snickering behind Kaname's back, but the Pureblood didn't seem to notice as his gaze remained glued to Roki and Aurora. Oh well, Zero guessed that he was kind of shocked by the fact that they were his cousins. Turning towards the school, Kaname seemed to snap out of his daze.

"Shouldn't they be going with you, Kiryuu?"

"Hmm? Why? You agreed to take care of them for the day."

"When did I… D'Oh!" Kaname gritted his teeth and watched as Zero's niece and Nephew picked out their favorite person. Surprisingly, Aurora picked Kain and Roki walked right up to him.

"Up." Kaname blinked, before raising an eyebrow.


"Why not?"


"Because I'm a Pureblood and I don't want to walk."

"I don't understand how you're a Pureblood. Ichiru is a human."

"Our secret. Stay the fuck out of it."

"Wow, that's quite a language you've got there."

"'Mommy' said it when he delivered Aurora."

"…..I can believe that."

"Carry me."


To the shock of the Night Class, Kaname bent down and gently picked Roki up. The boy settled himself behind the Pureblood's head, his legs hanging down to rest on Kuran's chest. It was perfect, he was tall and could see everything. Even Master Yagari making out with the Chairman in the office. But having already walking in on his parents having sex eight or so months ago, the boy already knew what was happening. So he didn't mention it. Still, the boy would laugh when Cross became pregnant.

"Unckle Zewo?"

"Yeah Aurora?"

"What's Yagari-san doing to the Chairman?"

Zero whirled around and looked through the window in time to see his master sucking on Kaien's neck. Sighing softly and ignoring the horrified looks of the Night Class, Zero bent down and picked up a rock.

"Kuran, can you open the window?"

Kaname nodded and the window slid open silently. Twisting his wrist expertly, Zero released the rock, giving it a deadly spin. It nailed Yagari directly in the side of his head, to the right of his eyepatch. A shriek slipped through his lips and he clutched the spot with his hands.

"What the Hell?"

"Yagari-sensei. You should know better than to do it when my niece and nephew are around. Cross released a high pitched, girlish squeal at the sight of Roki and Aurora. Panicking, both children jumped from their positions in Kain and Kaname's arms and fled towards the Moon Dorms.

"Those kids are smart." Yagari's gruff voice broke the silence, until he was nailed over the back of his head by Kaien.