Gravity: *freaks out* I'm so sorry! I know that I should have updated. It's just that I was *voice drops* busy. . . Anyway, I don't think that you'll accept that for an answer, so I'm going to give you this instead. I'm sorry! This was a half finished chapter that I needed to put up.

Zero: Why do I have to do this?

Gravity: Because I said so.

Zero: And if I don't?

Gravity: I'll never let Kaname fuck you.

Zero: *blushes* And why would I want that? He's a leech.

Gravity: Oh, you know you want it. . . . .

Zero: Screw you! Gravity doesn't own this. *Grumbles*

Gravity: If I did, Kaname would be marrying Zero and not the bitch Yuuki!

Yuuki: Hey!

Gravity: What? I'm speaking the truth!

He should have known that the brats would have gotten into trouble. After all, they were related to him. They had been searching all day, but the only thing that troubled the Hunter was the fact that they seemed to have disappeared into thin air. This didn't bode well, not well at all, and Zero had the sinking feeling that things were going to get worse pretty quick. Besides, the level D; as Yuuki liked to call him; had a knack for this sort of thing. He'd always been able to tell when something was going to happen, but now was the worst timing ever. It was the full moon again, and Zero didn't know if he'd be able to keep the seal placed on him from breaking. It was bad enough that Kana-KURAN would be around, but to be honest, Zero was afraid.

You see, he really liked Kuran, more so than a normal like. Zero had fallen in love with the Pureblood, but he knew that he had no chance. It was the slow thumping of his heart that managed to calm him down, the rhythmic beat that never stopped. It was a way for him to focus on something other than having Kaname's cock up his ass. Stiffening slightly, Zero frowned and mentally chased the thought away with a shotgun. Occasionally the thing would rear its ugly head, but a glare would make it stop. However, this time was different, it would be harder. Because of the fact that Zero was an unmated, sealed Pureblood, he would go into heat with the moon. It was also the time that his powers were the strongest. It also meant that he was going to have a hell of a time if he was to keep this hidden from Kana-Kuran. Shit, was he ever going to stop slipping up? It didn't seem that way, so the young man sighed and resigned himself to his fate and eternal suffering. You know what? Zero decided that being immortal wasn't as fun as it seemed to be.

A small frown slid across the Pureblood's face. He hadn't seen the children after they had fled and it was beginning to worry him. Especially after Zero had come to him asking where they were. He didn't like it when his mate was upset. Wait, his mate? What the hell was he thinking about. His mate was to be Yuuki, although. . .. she had been extremely bitchy lately. Shivering softly, Kaname mentally shooed away any thoughts that would disturb his rest before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep. He would deal with it later. Now was when he needed his rest. After all, a Pureblood can only run so long without any sleep.

Zero sighed, this was just as bad as he thought it was going to be. Apparently the twins had been taken and he knew where. Actually ─don't tell Kuran ─ but Zero had done a little snooping in the Pureblood's room and Zero had come up with some impressive information. Hirashi was back and the sealed Pureblood was about ready to kill someone.

"Little one, give up as you are now mine!"

"Fuck you! And stay away from Ichiru!"

Hirashi stood up off of the floor and smiled a cold, dark, calculating smile. One that chilled the boy to the bone. This wasn't supposed to happen. Ichiru was supposed to be safe at home, not with this asshole. But it didn't matter, his little brother had been captured and now it was up for Zero to get them out of this. Thankfully Hirashi didn't know that they were sealed Purebloods and Zero had used that to his advantage, collapsing the place completely.

He had thought that Hirashi was dead, but it appeared that he was wrong. Not like it mattered though, he needed to make sure that Ichiru's children were safe, and if not. . . rip a few holes in that bastard. The man deserved it, and he knew it. Now, if he was Hirashi were would he hide? Ahh, that's right. The only Graveyard where his parents were buried. The man had a twisted sense of humor, and he liked to let his victims know it. It made them more frightened that way. It was always a game to that man, always a game. Never real. Zero shook his head softly, he needed to stop thinking that way. His eyes lighting up slowly, Zero disappeared into the Moon Dorms. He had a plan and it involved Kuran's approval. And if the Teme didn't approve, well. . . Zero could always knock him out, right?

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