Taste Of My Heart

"You thought you could take my son from me?!" Regina screeched and flung Emma into the wall, pinning her there with magic.

Emma grunted in pain as her back hit the wall, but she met Regina's gaze without fear.
"I love him." she stated simply.

Regina shook so hard with rage, Emma feared something might snap. But then, suddenly, she went deathly still, a slow smile beginning to stretch itself across her face. "He can't have your heart, my dear, if it's in my possession instead."

Regina's hand settled on her chest and traced seductive patterns around her breast before sinking slowly, sensually inside to grasp the beating organ of her life. Emma released a low moan as Regina swiftly yanked it from her chest. Holding it aloft, Regina examined it with delight, as Emma watched in terror. "So beautiful..." Regina whispered, then smirking at Emma, brought her ruby red lips close to the heart.

For a terrifying moment, Emma thought Regina was about to eat her heart right in front of her. But as Regina's crimson lips opened, her tongue slid sensually down the edge of her heart, her eyes fixated on Emma's face as she did so. Emma felt a jolt shoot deeply through her core, her eyes fluttered closed, and a breathless gasp was forced from her lips.

Regina's smirk widened, her fingers danced over the red flesh of the heart, caressing it gently. Emma's hips bucked and stuttered violently, straining against the magic holding her to the wall.

"Your heart has a lovely taste. But I'll have to savor this little dessert for later." Regina placed the heart in a small box and locked the lid.

Regina brought her face close to Emma's breathless, panting one. "I haven't indulged in the main course yet." She locked lips with her new pet, her hand curling around Emma's neck, stroking seductively. Pressed tightly to her as she was, Regina felt when Emma's nipples pebbled against her. Only a small laugh of victory escaped her as her tongue traced a hot line of desire down Emma's white neck. By the time Regina jerked her tight jeans down, Emma was moaning with abandon above her. When Regina began to taste her, Emma's breath caught in her throat, and she was positive her heart in the box stopped beating for a second or two. A few intense minutes later, Emma came with a silent shudder, eyes closed, tears leaking down her face.

Regina released her from the wall and Emma clung to the witch for dear life. Only when Regina was touching her could she feel it, her heart in the box. The second Regina pulled away the connection was broken and she felt as hollow as an empty jar.
Regina studied her. "I think we might be able to come to some arrangement, Miss Swan."

Emma looked up in faint hope. Regina smirked and caressed her face softly, "You may remain in Storybrooke for Henry's happiness and my... pleasure."

Emma leaned into the touch like a starving man, hanging on her every word.
"Obviously, some of your rude conduct will have to change. You've been very disobedient in the past." Regina voiced thoughtfully, but then smiled as she stroked the box nearby. "However, I don't think it will be a problem anymore."

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