I wrote this to two composed pieces I found on YouTube: 'Relaxing Gothic Music - Night Mist' and 'Relaxing Celtic Music - Morning Dew'. They can help set a feel to this story, so if you wish, you can try listening to these in the background.

My first Shadamy fic, pure Shadamy to develop later.

Iced Over

Chapter one – Whisper

It was mid December and she usually enjoyed this time of year, her love for the fresh powdered snow, cosy fire and festivities never seemed to change, but winter felt different this year. Looking out at the falling snow once again, she wondered if her heart was as lost as her head made it seem. The rose pink hedgehog felt like she was growing further away from the ones she loved most, especially the one her head always believed she had belonged to; Sonic. Her heart told her it wanted to give up on this love that never seemed to progress; it knew it didn't belong to Sonic anymore. At first she denied theses feelings, told herself these feelings were all a mistake; why would she ever want to give up loving her hero? But as the days continued to pass, she was beginning to accept what it wanted.

Staring through the white descending flakes into the dark clouds that resembled Amy's unclear state of mind, her head was plagued with thoughts and questions. Could she ever let Sonic go? Without him would she die alone because she was unable to find another? She didn't know. What if he did love her? Some nights she pleaded for him to at least show a sign that he did have feelings for her, even if it was an indirect one, it would provide a glimmer of hope, make her heart hold on for a little while longer. She hoped this would happen soon.

Telling herself that her thoughts were pathetic and self-pitying, she rose from her chair and walked into her hallway where she grabbed a red knitted scarf and a red woolly hat before putting on a thick cream coat. Once she was done she left her house in hopes of clearing her head with some fresh, icy air.

Amy had been walking for around an hour. The snow had stopped falling by now; it had left a clean blanket of white over everything. Today she had decided to head in a different direction; she had turned a couple corners she didn't recognise but she wanted the path to lead her to an unknown destination anyway. Without knowing a single thing about where she was, she looked around. It seemed like she was by some kind of lake.

The water within the lake hadn't frozen over; it rippled calmly with the cold, light wind that blew over it, the breeze caused a shiver to make its way up her spine. Her hands were numb through her gloves because she'd been walking outside for so long but she'd gotten used to it on the way there.

Amy stood for a while and looked around her, the snow-coated bucolic environment and quiescent atmosphere had an extremely therapeutic effect, the sound of moving water strangely made all of her thoughts and worries slowly fade away, her head becoming empty as she stared deep into the murky depths of the lake.

So when she heard the crunching footsteps in the snow of someone turning away from a distance, it revived her from her inanimate state straight away. She turned around to see someone with their back to her standing underneath one of the many coniferous trees surrounding the lake. His outline seemed familiar and somewhat recognisable, squinting her eyes; the distinguished colours of the male made her recognise him almost immediately. She became tempted to approach him despite the feeling of uneasiness that had began to form in her chest, she couldn't understand why she had begun to feel this way, he wasn't exactly dangerous as such but she supposed he wasn't harmless either.

Shadow stood in the faint shade of the tree, the underside of his tan muzzle brushing against the wool of the deep green scarf he was wearing. He'd heard someone walk down to the banks of the lake, the snow made it almost impossible for someone to approach unknowingly; he had turned to find the pink hedgehog he recognised as Amy. He paid no mind to her and went back to what he was doing beforehand; brooding.

Amy questioned her logic as her feet began to move towards him, the soles of her boots sinking into the crispy snow. Did she have any logic? Why talk to Shadow? - She asked herself. But what did she have to lose? When she stopped behind his dark form, his ear twitched and he turned to face her, his arms folded across his chest.

"I didn't expect to see you here Shadow..." Amy told him as she ran her eyes over his body before wrapping her arms across her own body to heat herself up a bit, the sight of him made her feel even colder than she already was.

He glanced at her before turning to look over the lake again. "As did I." He answered showing no further interest in the conversation. He didn't dislike Amy, he could tolerate her due to the fact it was she who had helped him remember Maria's true dying wish, he was grateful to her for that.

She too, turned to look over the lake. "So do you come here often?" she asked him as she brushed a pink lock of short hair away from her emerald green eyes. They both stood with their shoulders aligned avoiding direct eye contact.

"What is it to you?" he asked in his deep monotone voice, a mysterious one nevertheless.

Amy didn't know what to make of his reply, but continued to act like she wasn't bothered. "Nothing, I was just wondering..." she told him. "It's just I stumbled across this place and it seems really nice. It's relaxing."

"It is." he agreed as he watched a robin hop along the branches of an evergreen bush, its red chest making it stand out through all of the white. It was very relaxing indeed. It was the only place that Shadow found adequate for his thinking, his alone time, the time he had when he wasn't working for G.U.N. He came here almost daily either at the beginning or the end of each day. This location was out of the way of the world, he was attracted to that aspect: Where not many people came by it and if they did, they kept quiet. It influenced how he felt and reacted to things, it channelled his aggression but most importantly, he felt closer to Maria here: he didn't know exactly why, but he knew she had always loved nature although she'd never been surrounded by it; she'd only ever saw it in books and fairytales, she was always fascinated by the colourful pictures that were full of life.

Amy turned her head to look at the side profile of his face; steady breaths made their way through his lips as he stood there, she watched as the hot vapour dispersed in front of his face. She'd always believed him to be alive; she knew deep down that he had emotions under that blank and unreadable front that was his face. She studied him in silence for quite a while, trying to be as perceptive as she could. Not once did he turn to look at her, instead he ignored the feeling of her eyes upon him. The silence dragged on between them; the constant sound of water filling it and the occasional rustling sound of snow-coated trees or a tweet from a robin red breast, blackbird or sparrow now and again.

"Do many people come along here?" Amy eventually asked as she finally took her curious eyes away from him, he was certainly an intriguing character, she'd always thought that of Shadow. He was the opposite of her hero in so many ways; that was one of the things Amy quite liked about him; she just wished he'd be a lot friendlier and open, that's all.

"Not many." he spoke as he turned to look at her; his blood-red crimson eyes piercing her sparkling emerald ones. Amy felt pressured almost instantly and looked away frantically but found that she was drawn to his eyes, she couldn't help herself from fixing her gaze on them again once she'd built up enough courage; she realised that his eyes read so many things even though he showed nothing at all through his facial features. He was calm. She could tell he was calm. When they were on the ARK years ago, he was angry and confused, she knew that much. It was refreshing to see him calm; to know that as time went on, an artificial life form could develop just like a living person. He wasn't the monster he was created to be, not like it at all. If he had chosen to be that monster back on the ARK all those years ago, things would've been a lot different by now. He wouldn't be the creature he was today; he'd be the monster that Professor Gerald had subjected him to be.

"I see..." she said as she took a deep breath of cold air, the icy air filled her lungs and made her aware that she was alive, it stung. "How are you? It's been a long time."

Shadow shook his head and turned away from her. "You ask a lot of questions." He stated neither angry or annoyed or pleased, it was frustrating for Amy; she couldn't tell if he was annoyed or unbothered or happy. She simply had no idea on how he felt if she couldn't see into his eyes.

"I'm sorry..." Amy replied as she stared at the shining black fur on his back, she could then tell quite clearly that her continuous attempts at creating conversation were irritating the ebony hedgehog. "It bothers you, doesn't it...? All my questions..." With nothing else to say, she closed her mouth; it was tricky trying to get him to talk, it was hard for her to even speak to him, he seemed so distant and cold, he and Amy's personalities had a strong contrast. She let out a sad sigh. Shadow would never become close to anyone, he'd always think into himself, he'd never share his thoughts or feelings to anyone; he simply didn't have anyone to share them with. She wasn't sure if he was afraid to become close to someone or if he generally had a cold and self indulgent personality... But it saddened her that he'd live his life out alone - even if he was unhappy with it. Amy's worst fear was dying alone.

He glanced over his shoulder to look at her. "We all ask questions." he told her before looking away and she quickly noticed that he had begun to leave, she became confused. What exactly did he mean by that? Amy raised her hand as if it would stop him, it didn't; she was unconscious of her action.

With a quick breath, she asked "Where are you going?" her heart suddenly panging at the thought of being on its own once again.

"That is my business." he stated before his skates kicked in, the surge of energy released from them lifted him off the ground and out of the snow to hover above it. Within a matter of seconds he had shot down the path on which Amy had come here by, leaving a scattered trail in the snow and with no type of farewell.

"Bye." She whispered as she was alone once again. Shivering, she began to make her way home; she wasn't sure how she'd do it but she'd keep a record on every corner she'd turn. She wanted to know how to get back here again.

Just as the snow began to fall, Amy set off on her journey home - for once her mind wasn't thinking of Sonic the Hedgehog.

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