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Iced Over

Chapter 6 – Depth

Per usual, the lake was as calm as ever. On his way there, the snow had began to fall and truthfully, the white flakes were beginning to sicken him. The dark hedgehog left giant rectangular prints with in the snow as he made his way past the lake, robin's chirping at his arrival while they hopped along the branches. Continuing on, Shadow kept walking until he reached the border, a beautiful semi-mirage of where the open lake area met the mostly coniferous woods and he travelled on deeper into the forest. People saw him as a guy who always thought no matter where he was, but ultimately here, in and around this lake and forest, was where most of his thinking came to conclusions, success and sense.

'What on planet Mobius am I doing?' he asked himself while in his thoughts, regretting the promise he'd made to Amy. He liked her, yes, but he wasn't sure how all this would play out, he wasn't even sure if he could keep it. He'd never agreed to spend so much time with a single person before either, Rouge being an exception- they really only ever met up on business terms. There was only one person had he liked in the same sort of way as he liked Amy and she had been Maria, and look where that had got him, Maria was gone... and it was at his expense. His fault.

He came to a halt in his tracks, realizing what he'd just thought, eyes widening a fraction. Did he actually just think that... Amy could replace Maria in a way? That he could grow to like her, become her friend? And that if did declare himself her friend, or if she were to declare herself as his, then would the same happen to her - would she be taken away from him just like Maria? He swallowed hard, tightening his jaw in frustration at these thoughts. Why were these even occurring to him. After minutes of sporting a look to of unsettlement, he shook his head subconsciously. 'No one will ever be like Maria. No one. I won't have to worry about anyone being taken away from me again, because no one will ever be like her or replace her.' he told himself, trying to scrap all the previous thoughts, angry with himself, but only achieved in seeing Maria and Amy standing side by side, both with that... warm smile. Squeezing his eyes shut, he forced the image to go away but it was only replaced by the horrible memory of the blonde haired, blue eyed human lying on the cold, hard and metal ARK ground with her body going into serious shock, a feeling of helplessness surfacing from within Shadow as he remember himself not being able to do anything in his power to help her. Maria's faint voice then echoed through his spinning head, 'Shadow, please. Be friends with them...'

Red eyes snapping open, he let out a short breath and pulled a long one in, lungs expanding greatly. "That's what she wanted..." he said quietly to himself, the fog in his mind suddenly lifting, clearing it while his next path in life took shape, and he felt warmer at the remembrance of her guiding and purpose giving words. "She wanted me to help them, the people on this planet, and make friends with them... I must continue to look after the pink hedgehog. I will protect her."

Then at that exact moment in time, something clicked in his mind. It was all beginning to get clearer to him now, he was beginning to decipher these inner feelings, beginning to understand why he took this strange course of action towards this girl. Why had he stuck around and helped the unfortunate Amy? Shadow thought this: not only did honouring and respecting Maria's dying wish as well as his horrific reoccurring memories have an impact on his decision, but he had begun to understand that an abundance of want had played a part- wanting, as in a desire to help the girl. He'd took a special shining to Maria, indifferently, he'd also took a shining to Amy.

When the foggy wall of confusion in his mind collapsed, Shadow wasn't ashamed to admit that all this frightened him slightly, this connection forming between him and Amy was something new. Maybe, if his memory was clear and he'd been able to remember exactly how he'd established a friendship with Maria all those years ago, then maybe he wouldn't be having this problem, he would know what to expect.

Yet at the same time, he was curious, something that usually only occurred in certain situations such as solving mysteries involving a mission or researching new techniques to aid him in combat, curious as to where a certain route lead him or what a new type of robot was made up off. All technical stuff. Stuff around his job at G.U.N.

But no, this curiousness was different, Shadow knew that much. And he just knew that he had to be careful.

"- and then that's how I managed to get the turkey so late." Sonic said, Amy smiled and nodded politely as he continued on. "- then I'm putting the sausages used in the chilidogs into the stuffing and then stuffing the turkey with the stuffing before stuffing it all in the oven. It's going to be my idea of food heaven!"

"That's... a lot of stuffing. But my mouths watering just thinking about it, it sounds delicious." Amy said as she put her cheek in her hand, elbow sitting on the table, her smile effortless and completely natural, Sonic had to blink to stop staring at her uplifting face, for him, considering what he thought of her in the past, he found everything about it surprisingly beautiful, her face, he'd missed seeing it so much and he didn't feel the slightest bit of irritation upon seeing it anymore.

"Didn't doubt it. Hey you're still coming tomorrow, right?" Sonic asked, his mood perky. "With your foot and all, you'll need all the help you can get, with me around transportation will be a breeze and I definitely don't expect you to manage your own way over and back." he winked at her, it was rather swift, much like everything about him. "How about I pick you up and bring you back, it's the least I could do?"

Sonic noticed the girl before him shift uncomfortably in her chair as she turned to evade his vigorous emerald green eyes, her hand beginning to play with the cuff of one of the sleeves of her comfy, oversized jumper. Amy opened her mouth to say something but quickly closed it again as she shook her head to disperse her actions before she looked back to him. Sonic's bright face straightened, his eyes filling with confusion.

"I... I mean, you don't have to come..." he spoke, taken aback. Amy could tell from his voice alone that he'd saw her discomfort, Sonic was unusually perceptive lately. A sign of maturity? She considered it a possibility - and that was good news. That aside, she certainly didn't want him to think this was about him. In fact, she simply wanted to ask him a question, she just wasn't exactly sure if either two involved would say yes, but she'd really like it if they did say yes.

"No, I really want to! I'm definitely coming." she said while looking back to him again, eyes wide, smiling when she saw Sonic relaxing a little, his face brightening ever so slightly. "It's just..." she hesitated noticeably.

"It's okay, go on..." Sonic encouraged. Amy shook her head and internally laughed at her silliness, such a stupid and simple question tripping her up, although she didn't like asking questions for someone else... Especially when the other person hadn't even requested her to ask such a thing.

"Um... could Shadow come?" she finally asked. Sonic's eyes widened. Again, she was bringing the black hedgehog into this. Didn't she know Shadow at all? Why would he even come willingly? Although, even though Sonic knew the ways of Shadow the Hedgehog, he still didn't see why not. What harm could it do? Besides, they'd tried to get the dark hedgehog to come and hang out in the past, it never had worked, well, apart from Sonic's twentieth birthday but that was more of a coincidence, you know, with the Time Eater and all that.

He nodded and gave a shrug. "Eh. Yeah, sure. Why not?" a cheeky grin formed on his muzzle and he arched a brow before leaning forward in his chair, Amy getting an eyeful of his big and blue, handsome face. "You do realise that you have to run this by Mr. Sunshine first, right?" he said, voice amused.

She laughed at the use of Mr. Sunshine. "... I can, um, probably convince him." Amy said, her face becoming flushed, this seemed to be a frequent thing now, sweating palms and a hot face whenever she ever got too close to her perfect blue-blur, she just loved that feeling whenever she was around Sonic. Only when they were apart did she actually think about his actions, actually, more like over-think about them. Maybe one day she'll learn to live life as it comes and take things on with a more carefree attitude, that would be nice to achieve; then maybe everything would fall into place.

"Nah. That's probably the exact definition of impossible, Ames." he said coolly as he slumped back into his chair again, his grin levelling down to a smirk.

"Is not." Amy retorted, sure with herself as she looked Sonic dead in the sparkling emerald green eyes, secretly melting while she was at it. "He's actually a really decent and thoughtful guy once you strip back all those hard, crusty outer layers... And you know what? I'm really fond of him."

Sonic, eyebrows raising while he straightened up, replied with "You're what now?" He stared at her as if she were talking crazy talk. Did she just compliment Shadow, the Shadow he knew anyway?

"Yes, Sonic, I know I sound mad but... I know he's a big softie deep down, and I think we've kind of, you know, established that we can get along quite well." Amy replied.

"That's cool." Sonic reply after wetting his lips, trying to dampen the dryness of his words, Amy watched as the cerulean hedgehog then briskly got to his feet. "Well, I'd better be off. But if you need anything, don't hesitate to let me know."

She too, rose from her chair and sat on the edge of the table while dangling her foot in its cast. "Yeah, of course I will."

"Good." Sonic said satisfied and after weighing up the odds quickly, Amy soon found herself in a warm embrace, Sonic being the one to hug her for once, she successfully stopped the small gasp that threatened to escape her throat as she let him gently hug her. In complete shock, she returned the embrace, heart flipping in circles within her chest. They broke apart just as the corners of her vision began to blur, Amy guessed either her brain wasn't getting enough oxygen or she was just about to cry. "Hey and I hope to see you and Shadow tomorrow, okay Ames?" he then said, a faint red in his cheeks, though Amy was too far away in her own little world to notice.

"Huh?..." she said while blinking rapidly, her cheeks glowing healthily. "Oh, yeah. Definitely. Can't wait!" she said, recovering from her state.

"I'll see myself out, you don't need any more extra walking." the blue-blur said as he readied himself to leave, a lovely smile curving onto his lips. "Merry Christmas Amy."

"You too, have a merry Christmas." and then he turned away from her, within the next couple of seconds he'd flown out the door.

Amy sighed dreamily at his exit, she instantly missed his company. That encounter with him had been nicer and had went far smoother than she'd expected. Hopping onto her good foot, she slipped the crutches on her arms as she made her way back out of the kitchen, humming upbeat and quirky tunes to herself.

Nightfall would fall early as expected with the dense clouds rolling across the dimming sky, all low and swollen with many a snowfall to come. A white Christmas Eve meant a white Christmas Day, the perfect picture of Christmas - not that Shadow cared for that sort of thing.

The wolves howled in the forest as the sun was swallowed by the enlarging puffs of grey, indicating that night was really here, it wasn't exactly late, it was just that the days were short in the winter months. Robins hopped from the branches of the bare winter trees to fly to their cosy, little nests before settling down for the night. As for the small burrowing animals, they peaked out from their holes and saw darkness closing in and they too did much the same as the robin and the other winter woodland birds. While the forest began to sleep under a blanket of snow, other animals awakened. The wolves and the wildcats, the rare white snow-leopard that had made its way down from the mountains, hunted the sleeping deer and antelope, while many of the wolves had gathered in packs to howl at the moon if it showed tonight.

Yet one wolf had gone astray; she was a efficient lone wolf when need be, yet despite being more than capable of surviving on her own, she did belong to a pack, always finding her way back to it in the end. Her lost roaming was deliberate though, her scent had puck up a familiar person nearby. Snout in the snow, the wolf spotted a distant red glow in the darkness, the bare, eerie trees splitting it into a few separated and faded beams. Paws were padding closer and closer to the light.

The hedgehog leant against the tree, the black and red one, he stood with a red gem in his hands, the wolf's eyes reflected the red glow in her eyes. That gem, it was pretty. She managed to get closer and closer but the hedgehog didn't even acknowledging her, she grew annoyed at this. Wanting his attention, the hound launched herself at him.

Then in mid air, she was swallowed by a engulfing flash.

Hours had passed. Stopping in the middle of her movement, she stared at her bedroom floor. By now, the rose pink hedgehog was almost ready to accept that Shadow wasn't coming back, she sighed sadly as she sat on the edge of her bed half dressed, it had took a lot out of her to get up the stairs, and now she was getting herself into her nightwear. But she should've knew his words were just empty air, he'd probably realised what he'd gotten himself into and fled, after all, Amy knew how difficult and annoying she could be, she was pretty sure Shadow had got a taste of that.

Why was it now that she felt so alone? Even when she knew that people did actually care about her, at least somewhere . Only a few hours ago Sonic was downstairs hugging her and now she was feeling so lonely and isolated again.

About that, after having time to think, she thought that hug was probably to appease some sort of guilt he had. It wasn't out of the ordinary for Sonic to feel guilty over the suffering of others.

Now, having the space to think properly, she knew it meant nothing, it was just a small gesture that she was over thinking again. Come on, it was a hug, nowhere near a kiss, yet she put so much thought into something so small and insignificant, she was very aware that she put so much thought into everything Sonic did.

Amy threw her fluffy pyjama top aside and fell back onto her bed. "I need to get over my stupid obsession." she said aloud, too serious for her liking. "Sonic will never be mine." she paused, noting that the corners of her vision was blurring. "I should go out and meet new people... to a bar, a club. I might meet a guy better than Sonic..." Well, she was pretty sure that was impossible, but she could still believe and have a little hope. One day she hoped she'd wise up and just grow up, but it was easier said than done.

She was interrupted by a thump from downstairs, a crash and a howl... from a wolf by the sounds of things! She flew to sit upright, her green eyes widening. "Holy...?"

Downstairs, Shadow lay flat on the floor, a hand on his bumped head. He grunted as he climbed to his feet, getting over the faint pain quickly, his alert crimson orbs glowing in sudden colour before darting in the direction of the moving thing in the corner of his eye. The wolf stared at him, her tail between her legs as she growled loudly, unnerved by either his chaos control or the change of scenery. "How in hell did you get here?" the dark hedgehog barked unnecessarily. The wolf, feeling threatened at his tone, flashed her teeth as she growled further. "It's my fault now, is it?" Shadow said sarcastically in response to the canine's growls of warning, Shadow's words were pointless, the animal couldn't even respond. How stupid of him.

Storming off, Shadow turned his priorities elsewhere and began searching for the hedgehog he'd promised to look after. When he didn't find her anywhere, he muttered. "Faker." venomously under his breath. Then his eyes found the staircase and he frowned to himself, he'd overlooked a lot lately. "Amy?" he finally called up the flight of steps.

Amy surely heard him and scrambled to pull on her pyjama top."U-Up here!" she stuttered, puffing out a breath of relief when she managed to get the top on quick enough. Within half a minute, there was a knock. "Come in." and her door opened, Shadow not having the same problem as her; she reckoned it had took her half an hour to even reach the top of the stairs.

He peered in at her and she flashed him a delighted smile. Shadow breathed a calm breath at the sight of her, he strangely felt his heart make it's presence known at that moment.

"Are you okay?" he asked cautiously, in fact, unsurely, his red eyes running over her body, noting that she was now in her nightware. "I see you managed to make it up the stairs. Is the blue hedgehog now gone?"

Amy nodded. "I'm completely fine, thanks for asking." she said with a true smile. "Scaling the stairs was hard but I made it up here in the end, and Sonic, oh he was in and out in an hour. Where'd you go Shadow?"

"To the lake." he paused and looked down the hall to find the wolf at the top of the stairs. "... A wolf broke your vase." he added out of the blue, voice indifferent.

"What?" Amy questioned as she scrambled off the bed, into her crutches and to the door. Shadow stepped back to allow her to see Grey staring at them both, the wolf having calmed herself. "Awwwww." Amy cried. "Hi Grey! She's Grey, the same wolf from the woods, right?"

"I thought it would've been in your nature to have a problem with a wild animal occupying your home?" Shadow asked, rather confused.

Amy smirked adorably and looked over to him. "I've got big, bad you to protect me from this cute little wolfie. Besides, you two get on great!"

Shadow nodded blatantly. "I'm here to protect you, yes." he confirmed. "And yes, 'Grey' is one of the few animals I like."

"Then that's a really good thing." Amy said while her eyes sparkled happily, merely at Shadow's presence. "Hey, you hungry?"

"... I don't think I am... Are you?" he asked after a slight pause, unsure as to what 'hungry' felt like. Then it hit him, would he have to cook for Amy? Maria had taught him how to make pancakes and waffles, but that was all, he didn't think he'd even ate one. Besides, the recipe was rather faint in his memory and there was no way he could remember all of the measurements and.. Ounces? Was that one of the measurements Maria and he had used? He could only remember small snippets of the event too, unable to even picture or hear Maria clearly in his maze of memories.

Then, he heard it. "And then you put the batter into this big, giant mixing bowl... and- Oh, Shadow! It's big enough to fit on your head!" A overwhelming astonishment filled him, was that... Maria's voice resurfacing from his memories? He contained his shift in facial features quite well, yet Amy noticed his eyes brightening for some reason. Another benefit he'd discovered he got from being around Amy, she occasionally granted a long lost memory to bubble to the very surface of his mind, and he cherished it right then and there. He really wanted to thank Amy for that, but refrained himself, while rendering it unnecessary.

"Yeah, I've got a few tub's of ice cream in the fridge, do you want some?" Amy finally asked as Shadow looked to her, awaiting a response, his gaze seeming distant and unfocused. He watched her move and tilt her head, like the way Maria had always done, the pose were all her blonde hair fell to one side, except Amy's was pink hair and it was bit more stiff due to her hair actually being quills, but there was some swaying and he found it was just as pretty and Maria's. Why he was studying the pink hedgehog's appearance was a new question on Shadow's mind...

"Uh... Don't you want a proper meal?" Shadow questioned, his response lagging a little as reality managed to catch him up.

Amy pouted. "No way. I want ice cream." she said in a determined and childish manor. "Whenever I was little and felt sad, I ate ice cream, but if it was before dinner time then I wasn't allowed any... And now that I'm older, I can screw the rules." the girl grinned at her words and then shrugged. "My parents will be here tonight anyway, they'll no doubt insist on making me something... And I'm pretty sure that you can't cook either with you absorbing goo and all that. Besides, how hard could it be to cook with an injured leg, although the same couldn't be said if I had an injured arm..."

Shadow nodded. "You're right, I can't cook at all." he paused as he watched Amy smile amusedly before she began to slowly pass him with the adjustable metal poles aiding her walk. " - I will not allow you to go down the stairs on those." he informed her as he gently took loose hold of her forearm, the rose-pink halting in her movement, his voice had softened quite a bit with the interaction. "I'm here for a reason, you know." Right then, the pink hedgehog's heart skipped a beat in her chest, there was just something about the way he'd said those words, smooth, velvety, creamy, dark. Or maybe she was just wanted to believe that they sounded that way?

Amy slowly turned to look at him, glittering green eyes analysing everything about him closely, her heart beginning to pound, like it had always done with Sonic. It began to pound in her ears softly, a constant reminder that she was alive. With a hopeful breath, she asked, "Would you mind reminding me of that reason?" Usually, she'd ask such a question in ignorance, but this time, she asked it in pure curiousness, hoping to hear something interesting and satisfying, maybe hear a bit from a part of Shadow she didn't know. There was something lingering in the atmosphere between then, a feeling? A mood? Whatever it was, it settled her and noticeably soothed Shadow too, his outer exterior seeming relaxed. Amy recognised this but Shadow was still unaware of a lot of things.

His eyes met hers briefly, but his piercing orbs moved to look past her shoulder just as quick. "I've been thinking..." spoke Shadow, words slow, paced and being planned. "... About what you asked me back in the hospital."

Amy nodded and made a 'Uh-huh.' sound to let him know that she was listening.

"You asked me why I saved you. I said it was because of Maria..." he paused and focused on her again, her pretty green eyes observantly fixed on him in return.

"Yes, that's right. You did." Amy said, filling the silent gaps between his words, otherwise she would only hear an unwanted silence occupying it - something associated strongly with Shadow and she thought it was vital that Shadow didn't notice these long silences. In short, she really, really didn't want things to get awkward between them again, Amy figuring that one slip up or insult or misconceived view could set them back to square one... Not so much her but from Shadow's perspective.

"But... I want to inform you that I... think... I wanted to help you."

Amy smiled in slight delight and shyness at the same time. "Shadow, you're kind of confusing me..." she admitted sheepishly.

"I know I am. I'm confusing myself." he said, his usually hard and icy eyes lowering in frustration at his own confusion, aware that his words weren't exactly clear or blunt but the exact opposite. It was one thing thinking these words and planning what he was going to say but it was another saying them and Shadow wasn't satisfied with the way they'd came out. Amy laughed lightly, she had to admit it was this was cute, she was equally as touched at his attempt to share his inner thoughts and feelings with her - especially ones involving her and it made her feel privileged, acknowledged and the fact this was all coming from Shadow made it even more significant and special. "Genuinely. I think that was the word I was looking for. I think I genuinely wanted to help you."

"You don't 'genuinely' help other people?" she questioned, trying to disguise the humorous look on her muzzle with bafflement.

"Only in the act of right. Sometimes I don't feel compelled to help them."

Well, this conversation had took a strange turn. "So... what you're saying is that you would've left me to die if I were anyone else? Is that it?" Amy raised an eyebrow questionably, she wasn't really sure where Shadow was going with this.

Shadow closed his eyes as Amy's widened. "No. You have me mistaken. I would've saved your life and anyone else's for that matter, but me offering to stay in your home and aide you in your personal life was a genuine extra. I wouldn't have did that for anyone else therefore I wanted to help you."

Amy's sigh was from complete flattery as her breathing picked up, cursing the warm feeling spreading across her cheeks. "I didn't really expect you to either, and I really want to stress that I'm so thankful that you offered and even if you only stay for one day then I'll still be thankful. Okay Shadow?"

Shadow opened his eyes and nodded, a miniscule and relieved smile on his lips. "Okay." he spoke softly, Amy watched as his smile straightened again as his eyes drifted to the floor at her feet. "Amy, you also remind me of Maria." but he definitely wasn't going to explain that he was afraid of Amy dying because of him.

A small and saddened gasp escaped her lips. The way he looked to the ground as if he couldn't face her; he looked troubled and the pink hedgehog didn't like seeing him this way. Swallowing hard as the butterflies awakened deep in her stomach, she didn't know what else to do and so Amy took his hand into her own and gently gave it a fraction of squeeze. Shadow's eyes however didn't remain on the floor and instead they were forced up to her face, eyes wide as his body froze. She only stared bravely into his overwhelming red orbs and this time, she didn't fail in noticing the slight hint of red rising on his muzzle but whether this was from her making him uncomfortable, she didn't know. Instead, she just hoped for the best. "Shadow," she began after taking a deep breath and regretting the decision to take his hand immediately. But it was too late to take her action back now. "I don't know whether to be glad at the comparison... or sorry, because I fear I might be bringing back unwanted memories..."

Shadow found it hard to breath at her touch, he wasn't used to this and it was making him slightly uncomfortable, but what made it even worse was the fact he didn't want her to let go, he liked the sensation. It was new and different to anything else he'd felt before. Amy was so kind, so beautiful and... he gulped hard, beautiful? Something twisted in his gut when he realised he had to reply. "I, uh, no. Don't feel sorry. You're helping me bring back my memories."

Amy smile solemnly, now knowing that Shadow was far from over the events on the ARK. "Just know that you can always talk about it... about anything with me... I'll always listen." A warmth spread through her heart as she found herself receiving a squeeze in return from Shadows hand that was gently enclosed in hers, she was surprised to say the least.

"I appreciate it Amy. But I've talked enough now. Thank You." and Amy let his hand go at the words. The crimson and ebony hedgehog only stood and said nothing to her for a moment, he stared at her in a prolonged silence and she shifted while embarrassed under his studying stare, his face laced with a distant and thoughtful expression. Amy then found herself just admiring him, he was so handsome, so edgy, so fit. "You said something about ice-cream?" he then spoke, filling the silence.

Amy coughed awkwardly. "Oh yeah! I want some."

"Do you want some help down the stairs?" Shadow once again questioned.

"Well, you weren't really giving me a choice in the matter beforehand..." Amy said with a shrug, she unconsciously put a hand to her chest to feel her heart, it was racing.

"Very well." In the next couple of seconds Shadow had stepped behind her and scooped her up like a damsel. She blushed furiously as she felt the heat radiating out from his chest, and she felt the chest hair brushing off her arm. It tickled! And she also noted she could get used to this... no matter how awkward the situations could get.

It was now a few hours before midnight, the fire crackled and sparked heartily as Amy was curled up on her couch with a blanket wrapped around her body, pink eyelids closed as she breathed lightly in her sleep, the blanket courtesy of Shadow. Said dark hedgehog was sitting in the single sofa, staring into the red Chaos Emerald as the warmth radiating from the fire made him feel weary himself. This was nice. Right now, if this were last year, he'd be on a mission, traipsing about in the freezing cold with his likely partner being Rouge, the bat didn't really feel for this type of year either.

As for Grey, she'd stayed a while before her animal instincts took over and Shadow had found her clawing at the back door to get out, probably to hunt. The crimson and ebony hedgehog decided to let her roam free again, not seeing any reason why not and so he opened the door for her. After fleeing the house, the wolf had then disappeared into the many trees at the back of Amy's garden, never to be spotted in the forever darkening night.

Both of the hedgehogs were startled when the doorbell rang suddenly, disturbing the silence as the sound of the burning fire was overpowered by the unpleasant noise. Automatically, Shadow got to his feet.

Amy's eyes slowly flickered open. "It's my parents, don't scare them." she said, a half joke in her drowsy state. With a yawn following her words, she sluggishly pulled herself upright as she snuggled deeper into the fluffy brown blanket, hugging it close to her chin.

He sighed. "I'll try." Shadow said before disappearing, Watching as his quills disappeared with him, Amy couldn't help but feel so content, she liked Shadow a lot and Amy guessed he was a lot different than Sonic, social and attitude-wise. Whereas Sonic was easy to embarrass when it came to one on one conversations, not liking intimate talks and stuff and preferring being the centre of attention, Amy was finding Shadow a lot different; he was far better with one on one conversations and even when they got awkward, he still prevented himself from noticeably squirming, he preferred them over boastful rants in front of lots of people, and although he'd proven to be arrogant and big-headed in the past, she'd noticed a lot of things she'd over looked before, like his dedication, obedience and his ability to be gentle. Shadow wasn't at all what she initially expected. Sighing, she wished Shadow could stay with her forever, but who knows? Who really knew what he was like: There seemed to be so many levels to Shadow the hedgehog and Amy was fascinated over this, she was growing an attachment to simply finding out more and more about him: This was what made Shadow, Shadow. But something in the back of her mind nagged on and on saying that he'll leave in the end, just like Sonic always had.

Two middle-aged hedgehogs' stood on Amy's front doorstep with snow dancing around them. Amy's father, Mr Rose, was light beige in terms of fur colour and had a tanned muzzle, his quills were short and spiked. He also had green eyes just like Amy and he wore a cross-hatched professor jacket with brown patches on the elbows. However, it was clear that Amy was more like her mother. Mrs Rose had pink fur but it was far darker than Amy's rosy-pink colour, she had brown eyes and her muzzle was a light cream, her dark-pink quills were actually quite long and brushed off her middle back section. Unlike Amy, she preferred to wear bottoms and so she wore a white buttoned blouse tucked into some dark brown, wide legged trousers.

The door before them eventually opened and Mrs Rose raised an eye-ridge at who she saw before her. Amy's father squinted his eyes in confusion, clearly his wife having not told him about anything Amy had said over the phone.

"And who might you be?" the elder male asked unpleasantly, not liking the sight of Shadow.

"I'm Shadow the Hedgehog." Shadow replied rather dryly. "I suspect you're Amy's parents, come in." Turing his back on them, he briefly motioned a hand for the two to follow him in and they did, not having a choice. Once they were inside, they followed the dark hedgehog into the living room and found their daughter sitting comfortably on the couch, face glowing as the flame of the winter fire was reflected in her eyes.

Glancing between the pair and Amy, the crimson hedgehog pondered over what he should do next. "Shall I leave?" he asked Amy, all eyes falling on him as his deep voice once again resurfaced.

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