Keep Me

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This is my first SVMN fic, so I hope I do the characters justice. Also, this is an AU- there are still vampires and Sookie is still a telepath, but it does not begin where the SVMN books began, nor True Blood. I do not want to ruin any surprises, and I promise that you will catch on quickly. It is best if you are moderately familiar with both mediums of the story, for I have a tendency to pluck from both.

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Chapter One:

Eric could not make heads or tails over how he ended up in this predicament. He was not unfamiliar to the feel of a woman in his arms, even an unconscious one like the girl he held now. It was the fact that she was neither glamored, drained, nor yielding to him that threw him off balance. Yet, despite the absences of those usual prerequisites, Eric carried the young woman to his home.

If Pam were still with him, Eric knew she would have been smiling devilishly as he laid the girl on the couch. She would have tease him about ordering take-out, or bringing home a doggy bag, or something equally her style of humor.

One thing was certain. If this girl was going to sleep in his guest room tonight, she would not be smelling like this!

After Eric divested himself of his unneeded coat, he started peeling layers of torn, ruddy clothing off of his new ward. The layers had left his new trinket shapeless, and it was not until this moment that he had the opportunity to appraise her physical beauty. Ah! Eric swooned at the sight of her breasts- they were full and firm. He could tell from her musculature that she had lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time, so the circumstances that sent her to live on the street were apparently recent; probably no more than a month or two. With all of the famines he had lived through, Eric had a good eye for such changes in human physique.

It is impressive that she managed to fight as long as she did in such a weakened state, Eric thought to himself, remembering how he had stopped in front of one of his buildings when he saw two men standing by its doors. When he saw them picking at a person sleeping in the alcove of the doorway, he realized what they were up to. Not wanting to have to file any reports on disturbances occurring on his property, the vampire went to intervene. As he approached, the young woman awoke and started fighting like a feral cat as the men tried to rip away her clothes. She had clawed and bit with ferocity, impressing Eric with her zest.

Once again, the smell of the urchin's blood tempted the vampire, but he resisted admirably. He wanted her body clean before he partook in such a treat, not wanting the flavor marred by her unclean skin. After he had her completely naked, Eric scooped the young woman from the couch and carried her to his large bathroom. Eric debated between giving her a bath or a shower, but considering just how dirty she was- he opted for the standing shower. It would be easier for him to support her weight and wash her, rather than have her lying in her own filth in the tub.

Flipping on the water to warm it and not rudely awaken his unaware dependent, Eric leaned her against the wall before stripping himself down as well. Eric picked the girl back up and carried her into the standing shower with him. She stirred slightly at the warm water, but her head merely snuggled deeper into Eric's chest. He chuckled as he began washing her, dampening her hair so it could be lathered and cleaned as well. He took care not to hurt her head any further than the damage the two men had done to it- which had rendered the little warrior unconscious, and cued Eric to step in. As Eric ran the soapy wash cloth over the girl's body, she jerked awake and would have cracked her head against the wall if Eric had not held her to himself in a vice like restraint.

"No, no nononnonono!" The girl began sobbing, struggling against him. Her earlier fight response kicking back in. Though it was unwelcome, Eric felt a tinge of regret that she would awaken at that moment, and her only logical conclusion was that she was either about to be raped, or already had been.

"Quiet, Little One, I am only washing you." Eric spoke quietly but firmly into her ear. He could feel her trembling like a caged rabbit in his arms and against his body. "You were not going to sleep in my home smelling like a garbage heap."

"But... Yer naked, too." She had yet to turn or even look at him, and she kept her head tilted down, staring at her bare feet as, mostly, clear water ran past her nervously curling toes.

"I was not going to soak my own clothing in defense of your over developed sense of modesty." His tone was dry and unamused. She nodded slowly in understanding, still not looking up at him. "Look at me, Little One." Eric's tone sharpened, and the girl's head snapped to the side to catch his gaze from the corner of her eyes, "Turn towards me and look me in the eyes." She did as he said, "What is your name?"

"Sookie." She replied meekly, forcing herself to not break eye contact.

"How old are you?"

"17..." She mumbled. That surprised Eric. He could tell that she was young, but age had become a very difficult thing for him to distinguish in humans long ago.

Sookie was relaxing as he asked her questions, and Eric could tell that she was becoming less frightened. "So young." He smiled slightly, "Just a child. Why were you sleeping in the doorway of one of my properties?" He asked.

"It was cold... All the alleys were too windy..." She mumbled.

"Why do you not live with your family?" He asked, using the soapy wash cloth on her again.

"I don't have any family." Her eyes darkened.

"Are you a runaway, Sookie?" He asked, still gently washing her.

"No, I'm a survivor."

Eric actually laughed at that. "You are delightful." He grinned at her, turning off the shower and opening the door to grab a towel and begin drying them both off. He wrapped the towel securely around Sookie's body before handing her a second towel for her hair, "There, much better. Very clean." He nodded in approval.

Sookie hugged the towel around herself, "Thank ya." She mumbled shyly.

"You are welcome." He cupped her chin delicately before leaning in and kissing her forehead, "You are very beautiful, Sookie." She blushed deeply.

"Yer hands are chilly." She commented.

"Yes." Eric grabbed a towel to drape around his waist because he was aware that his own nudity was a continued stressor for the girl, though she showed great resolve in not appraising him. "I will show you to the room you will be sleeping in." He took her hand, leading her out of the bathroom.

"Ya don't expect me to sleep with ya?" Her voice was surprised.

"Did you wish to?" Eric's eyebrows rose in mock surprise, "I will gladly accommodate you, if that is your desire." He wriggled his eyebrows now, making Sookie blush.

"Nah, I just..." She took a deep breath, "I've never been offered help, only trade-offs."

"I do not barter women into my bed." Eric frowned, "They either wish to be there, or they do not. Most usually wish to be there." He smirked down at her, earning another blush, "That color looks delightful on you. You should wear it more often." He opened a door and let her step inside. "You may stay in here. A friend of mine stays regularly in this room, and she leaves clothes here. You appear about the same size, so feel free to borrow from her wardrobe until we are able to acquire clothes more suited to you." He nodded his head at the closet and dresser. "There is also a bathroom just through that door where you should find a spare toothbrush." He showed her the connected bathroom. Dental hygiene was not necessary for a vampire, but it was a good idea to clean away bloodstains before continuing the evening. "And I will be sure that there is food in the kitchen for you in the morning. I will not be available until the evening, and will be gone before you awaken. Will you stay here until I return?" He asked.

Sookie nodded, "Yeah." She paused for a second, "What's yer name?"

He nodded as if that had detail had slipped his mind all together, "Eric Northman."

"Thank ya, Eric." Sookie smiled slightly up at him, appearing to still be a bit weary.

"You are very welcome, Sookie." He purred, earning another tasty blush.

"Is there..." She forced her eyes to connect with his own again, instinctively knowing that he demanded eye contact when he was being spoken to, "Is there anywhere I shouldn't be in the house?"

Eric was surprised at her immediate inquiry to her limitations in his home, "Go wherever you wish, however, if you intend to stay until I return, I would appreciate it if you did not leave between now and then. I have a security system that you would not be able to disengage on your return. Feel free to anything in the house, however. There is a library on the first floor, and a TV in the den should you get bored. I would prefer if you did not go on my computer." He told her.

"I don't know how t'use one anyway." She smiled wryly.

Eric was surprised to hear that. If a vampire as old as he could use one, he figured that someone as young as she would probably know more than him about computers.

"Sleep well, Little One." Eric nodded at her before leaving the bedroom so that she could dress.

"I-" Sookie cut herself off.

"Yes?" He turned back to her.

"Are ya goin' t'sleep?" She asked timidly.

Eric wanted to laugh. It was only midnight- he would be awake quite a while. "No, I am not going to sleep just yet."

"I'm not very tired." She told him, "Can I keep ya company?" Eric smiled a bit wider, "I feel weird staying in a stranger's house..." She finished lamely.

"I would enjoy that. Find something to wear, and I will meet you in the den. When you go downstairs, turn right into the hallway, it is the first arch on the left." He told her, and then walked slowly out of the guest bedroom.

Sookie waited a beat after the door closed before turning towards the bathroom. Her first course of action was to brush her teeth. They felt grimy and the girl felt embarrassed that she had even spoken to another human being and subjected them to her, more than likely, horrendous breath.

After her teeth were clean, Sookie came from the bathroom and began opening the drawers of the dresser. She found the underwear drawer and slipped on a pair of panties, trying to ignore the fact that they were lacy, very sexy, and just a tad too big. Her young body had not quite finished forming her hips yet, so these particular coverings were not designed to cling to her still-developing figure. Finding the sleeping clothes, Sookie blushed a deep red. There was not a single garment that she could make herself wear, especially around her host. All of the nightgowns were practically transparent, or extremely short- or both. Sookie went through all of the drawers, hoping to find track pants or shorts, and a normal t-shirt. Whoever Eric's friend was, she obviously did not believe in "dressing down".

Finding a robe that was almost modest, Sookie wrapped it around herself and headed back downstairs.

"Are you not cold, Little Sookie?" Eric chuckled when she arrived.

"What kind of... Ummm... friend is it that stays with ya?" Sookie asked shyly.

"A very close one." Eric smiled, "Her name is Pam, and we have known each other a very long time."

"She... She doesn't got nothin' I would feel okay sleepin' in." Sookie admitted, the blush on her face cluing Eric in that what his Child was privy to wearing was not deemed appropriate by his guest.

"I see." Eric chuckled, "Would you feel more comfortable in one of my shirts? It would be very long on you, probably to your knees."

"Would ya feel weird if I wore yer clothes?" Sookie asked quietly.

"Not at all." Eric laughed, "Do not be frightened about Pam's public clothes, though. She has much more modest public attire." He assured before leaving to grab a shirt for her. When he came back and handed it to her, he pointed across the hallway, "There is a bathroom where you can put that on connecting to the room across the hallway." He told her, and Sookie hopped away excitedly. She must really want more clothes on around me, he thought to himself with a chuckle. Usually women wanted as few clothes on in his presence as possible.

When Sookie returned, Eric patted the empty cushion beside him.

"So, Eric," Sookie began, "what do ya do for a livin'?"

Eric thought about that for a moment. There was so much that he did, "I am a businessman. I own several businesses that I coordinate and run."

"Oh, cool." She was without direction on where to take the conversation from that point.

"Will you tell me why you ran away?" He asked.

"No." Sookie shook her head firmly, "Ya wouldn't believe me if I told ya."

"Try me." Eric was intrigued.

Sookie shook her head again, "It's private."

"I do not need to worry about you killing me in my sleep, do I?" He joked.


"That was a joke, Little One."


Eric shook his head with amusement, "What will you tell me about yourself, then? I do not even know your last name."

"I don't have one."


"I don't want that name never again." She seethed.

"I am sure your parents would not like to hear you say that." Eric told her.

"They're dead." She responded.

"I am sorry to hear that." He was not actually sorry, but he knew that was the appropriate response.

"Don't be." Was her reply. "I hate 'em."

"Good, I was just saying that, anyway. Why do you not like them?" He inquired further.

"Because they-" She stopped short and eyed him warily, "They had me committed."

"Committed?" Eric's eyebrows rose to his hairline. She did not seem crazy. In fact, she appeared to have all of her faculties.

"Ya know- a loony bin?" She looked at him with exasperation.

"Yes, I know the colloquialism." Eric nodded, "Why did they do that?"

"They was afraid of me." Sookie's tone was growing steadily deeper as her emotions darkened, "After they died, custody of me passed to my Gran, and she had me released. She died when I was fourteen, and then I went to live with my uncle."

"Did he die?" Eric asked.

"If only." Sookie ground out.

"So, he is the one you ran away from. The question we have come back to is "why"?"

"It's still private." Sookie replied, not giving anything away. Eric was frustrated.

"Why will you not tell me?" Eric asked.

"It's not somethin' t'talk about with a stranger." Sookie explained.

"I will let it go for now, then. I hope that I am not a stranger for long." Eric smiled, and it spread to Sookie's lips.

"If I ask ya something strange, will ya kick me out?" Sookie asked quietly.

"I doubt that you could ask anything that I would be offended by." Eric was intrigued.

"Do ya believe in fairytale stuff?" She asked.

"Such as?" Eric was even more captivated.

"Ghosts, monsters, humans with weird powers. Stuff like that." Sookie elaborated.

"Yes. Is that your strange question?" He asked, hoping the topic continued for some reason.

"No, I just wanted to check before I said this:" Sookie told him, "Because... Don't freak out, but ya glow. It's not bright, but it's there."

Eric was more than just surprised, "How can you see that?" He tried to keep the demand out of his voice.

"What are ya?" Sookie whispered with awe.

"Do you promise not to run out of the house screaming if I tell you?" Eric asked in a low voice. It was not as if he would be unable to catch her, but he would have preferred if she did not run from him.

"Of course. Who am I to run away from somethin' different?" Sookie shrugged.

Eric lowered his fangs at the end of her declaration, and she did not even flinch. "Vampire."

"...Wow..." Sookie was amazed, and she reached to touch his fangs but stopped suddenly, "Can I?"

Eric nodded, and tried to keep his eyes from rolling back in euphoria as her delicate finger glided across his ivory fang.

"They go back up?" She asked, and as a demonstration, Eric let them slide back into their human fa├žade. "That's awesome."

"What are you?" Eric asked.

"Human... And I can read minds." She admitted.

"You can hear my thoughts?" Eric asked, suppressing a growl so as not to frighten her from speaking the truth.

"No... I can't hear anythin' from ya. That's why I got scared in the shower- 'cause I didn't know what was going on." She explained. "I like ya, though. I've never met someone who's mind I couldn't read. It's very nice to finally know what "quiet" is."

"I'm sure that living in a mental institution was quite difficult for you as a telepath." Eric actually sounded like he cared.

"What's a telepath?" She asked quietly, looking embarrassed.

"One that can hear others' thoughts." He elaborated, surprised that she had never heard the term.

"Oh, well, let's just say, there was no questionin' if I was crazy or not. With all the "voices" and creepy thoughts I was hearin', I was completely out of my mind when they put me in there." She gave a chagrinned smile.

Eric chuckled, "How would you like to work with me, Little One? I have many people in my employment, and it would be a great advantage to know what they are up to." He explained. "You could interview them and take notes on what they were thinking when you asked specific questions I would leave for you to ask."

"I don't know how much help I could be." Sookie admitted.

"A lot."

"Not really... I have a lot of... Problems with that." She tried to find a way to explain.

"Such as?"

Sookie blushed, "I can't read."

"How is that... Possible?" Eric was flabbergasted, but it did explain her simple way of speaking, and her not knowing what a telepath was.

"I spent most of my childhood drugged up in a mental institution. And I have so much trouble blocking out thoughts, that I can never pay attention long enough to learn nothin'." She explained.

"I will teach you how to read, and write... And speak." Eric nodded firmly.

"R-really?" Sookie looked excited.

"I will teach you a lot of things, Sookie." Eric smiled, "You will become well educated under me."

"Will I get to meet other vampires?" Sookie asked.

"Oh, yes." Eric nodded, "Especially in a few years."

"Why's that?" Sookie tilted her head curiously.

"Vampires will make themselves known to the world in a few years. The Japanese have created a synthetic blood that we have discovered can sustain us." He explained, "It will be called the "Great Revelation"."

"That's so cool!" Sookie gushed.

"On certain levels, yes. On others, it will be quite a nuisance. Unfortunately, modern forensic sciences are making it more and more difficult for us to remain hidden." Eric sighed, "So this is our best course of action."

"Huh..." Sookie turned thoughtful, "How often do ya need t'... Drink?"

"At my age, I can go a week or two without human blood , but when I drink regularly, I require very little. The synthetic blood is less filling however, and I'd need a couple bottles a week to maintain myself on just that, though I have no intention of drinking synthetic very often. Only for appearances."

"Did ya bring me home fer a snack?" Sookie asked.

"Yes, but I wanted you clean first. Your skin was quite unappealing." Eric told her, "But then you awoke, and I decided I wanted to talk to you."

"Are ya... Hungry?" She asked.

"A bit, but I can go a while longer without needing to feed." Eric shrugged.

"Would ya have killed me?" She whispered her inquiry.

"No, I would have taken my fill and then glamoured you into thinking we had only had sex. You would have gone on your merry little way thinking you were just exhausted from a night of passion." Eric leered.

"I ain't never had a night of passion." Sookie murmured.

"Mmm," Eric's eyes lit up, "I knew there had to be a reason behind that sweet scent in your blood."

Sookie flushed, "If yer hungry, or if it would make ya more comfy... Ya could drink from me." She offered.

"Is that so?" Eric grinned and Sookie almost regretted making the offer.

"I... I guess... Does it hurt?"

"Not if I do it right." Eric's grin became mischievous.

"Okay..." Sookie bared her neck and Eric clicked his tongue, "What?"

"If I bite straight away, it will hurt." He told her, turning her head towards his and catching her gaze, "You just need to relax, and-."

"OW!" Sookie pulled away, holding her head, "What did ya just do? That hurt!" Eric's brow furrowed.

"Impossible..." Eric took her chin again and caught her eyes, "Just relax, all right? I am going to try something. Tell me if you feel anything." He tried once again to instill his glamour and felt her flinch, "You felt that?"

"Yeah, what are ya doing?" She tilted her chin out of his hand, still rubbing her head.

"I was trying to glamour you so that you would be relaxed. It takes the pain out of the bite." He explained.

"Oh... So does that mean I can't be glamoured?" Sookie asked.

"It would appear so." Eric was still reeling from surprise. It had been a long time since he had been surprised. Even longer since he had been surprised so many times in such quick succession.

"So, I guess if ya drink from me, it's gonna hurt, huh?" She sighed.

"We could do it the old fashioned way." He wriggled his eyebrows.

"Do I even want t' know?" She asked.

Eric leaned in and captured her lips with his own. Sookie gasped against his mouth, but relaxed quickly into the massaging caress of his lips. She tensed when she felt his tongue sweep over her lips, and she opened her mouth to him hesitantly. At that moment, she was grateful that she had thought to brush her teeth before coming downstairs. The feel of Eric's tongue invading her mouth took Sookie's breath away, her arms rose to wrap around his neck, and she allowed him to lean into her, forcing her body to lie back on the couch.

Kissing the breath from her, Eric moved on to her cheek, her eyelids, her chin, and then finally to the column of her throat. Sookie whimpered a moan as he ground his hips against hers, and she wrapped her legs over his waist instinctually. "Ah!" She gasped when his hips rolled, pressing his bulge directly over her inflamed sex.

Nostrils flaring as the scent of her arousal wafted into them, Eric nibbled lightly on her neck, somehow managing to keep his fangs from popping out and piercing the beautiful flesh. "I have barely touched you, and you are so aroused." Eric sucked harshly on her neck, tasting the blood vessels popping beneath the surface of her skin- a teasing appetizer of his soon-to-be meal.

Letting one of his hands slide down her body, Eric took ahold of one of her breasts, squeezing it lightly and earning another moan. When he found her nipple through the fabric of her borrowed shirt, he gave it a light pinch and listened in delight as she whimpered and her hips bucked to meet his. Eric let his other hand roam to her free breast and began to manipulate and tease that nipple as well, his mouth busy suckling and lightly biting her throat. When she began to tremble and whimper uncontrollably, Eric let his fangs pop into place and bury themselves in her lovely flesh.

The scream that erupted from Sookie's mouth was not one of pain, and Eric could smell the flooding scent of her arousal, even as he felt her hips bucking up to glide against his own. When he drank his fill and retracted his fangs, Sookie slumped onto the couch breathlessly, still whimpering as though feeling after shocks of pleasure.

"Did you just come, Little One?" Eric whispered from her throat as he licked the wound clean to seal it.

"I don't know. I never have before." She let out another satisfied whimper. "I think so..."

One of Eric's hands left her breast and slid down the length of Sookie's body until it was pushing around the elastic of her panties. Sookie gasped and struggled to get away from his fingers, but his weight held her pinned.

"Mmm, wet and twitching." Eric purred in approval, "Your little pussy just had its first orgasm." He licked her throat from the clavicle to the point of her chin, and felt an increase of moisture gathering around his finger. "Do you want me to make you come again, Little One?" Eric asked in that same seductive purr.

"Y-yeah, Eric." Sookie whimpered.

Eric growled when she said his name while her voice was laced with pleasure. His finger began tracing over the slick gash between her thighs, slicking up his fingertip before circling her clit. Sookie arched against his caress and moaned. Carefully, he slid his middle finger into her warm pussy and pumped in and out while his thumb flicked and circled the bundle of nerves between her folds. Using his free hand, Eric pushed the t-shirt up above her breasts and latched his mouth onto one, and his hand took hold of the other.

Sookie screamed with the force of her next orgasm, her hands pressing against her eyes as she cried and gasped for breath. However, Eric was not finished. Having primed her and gotten her juices flowing heavily, he chose to abandon her breast and slide down the length of her body. Sookie was not conscious of her panties sliding down her legs, but she decided later, that had she noticed at the time- she still would not have stopped him. When his mouth enveloped her sex, and his tongue started to manipulate her entrance and clit, she crowed happily.

"Ah! Oh, oh, please!" Sookie cried and gasped as his tongue twisted around her clit, flickering it so fast that she was panting and arching against his mouth, "I-I'm gonna come again!" She moaned, tears forming in her eyes from the exquisite pleasure. The explosion of her next climax caused her to arch so strenuously, that she could feel the muscles of her thighs and abdomen protest the movement. As she peaked into her orgasm, Eric bit the inside of her thigh, drawing just enough blood to enjoy the taste of her again.

Collapsing against the couch, Sookie gasped for breath, hands fisted under her chin as her entire body seemed to curl in on itself.

"Are you all right, Little One?" Eric asked between laps of his tongue against her wounded thigh.

"I feel wonderful..." Sookie sighed, un-fisting a hand to stroke Eric's long blond hair, "Will ya kiss me again?" She murmured. Sliding up the length of her body, Eric captured her lips once more, tangling his tongue with hers, letting Sookie taste herself in his mouth.

"You are the most delectable human I have ever tasted." Eric whispered against her lips, "You could rival a Fae."

"Fae?" Sookie tilted her head curiously, her fingers still combing through his hair.

"A fairy. Their blood is particularly addictive." Eric explained, kissing her cheek and working his way over to her ear to nip the cartilage and suck on the lobe. Sookie could still feel his arousal pressing against her through the thick denim of his jeans. Her hand reached between them tentatively, and she rubbed him through his pants. Eric growled, pressing into her caress, "You are playing a dangerous game, Little One." He bit her throat with blunt teeth, "I may take your innocence if you continue." He licked the spot he had just ravaged, "You do not want a monster taking your virginity, do you?"

"As long as I remember, humans have been bigger monsters to me." She whispered breathlessly, "Ya've treated me with more kindness than any human ever has... Aside from my Gran." She added as an after thought. "Please? I want ya to." She whispered.

Eric growled deep in his throat, "Are you sure, Little One?" She nodded, and Eric scooped her up into his arms, carrying her towards the kitchen. Sookie was surprised to see a false wall in the pantry that revealed a touch pad that Eric keyed the password into. The small alcove had another keypad that he unlocked after the first door had shut. "It is a light safe passage." He explained, "No one but myself and Pam have the pass codes, but I made sure there was a hallway and another set of locks in the event that someone tried to get to me in the day time."


"Do you know your numbers, Little One?" He asked.


"I will teach you the passwords before I go to rest." He nuzzled her ear, "That way, if you wish to return to me before dusk, you can."

The second door sprang open and Sookie flinched a bit from the sound it made, causing Eric to chuckle at her timidness. She, apparently, was frightened by sudden noises. She reminded him very much of a rabbit.

Setting her down on the large bed that he knew her eyes could not yet see, Eric reached over and turned on the bedside lamp. It was only there for aesthetic reasons, but he was sure his human companion appreciated the additional light.

"Take off your shirt, Little One." Eric instructed. Sookie's hands slowly pulled her shirt over her head in a movement that was more shy than seductive, and she let it fall to the side of the bed. Her eyes shied away from his gaze as her hands went to hide her breasts, but when he cleared his throat, her eyes snapped back on him obediently and hands fell back to her sides.

She watched, captivated, as Eric began removing his own clothes, her eyes taking in every inch of him that she had avoided looking at in their shower earlier. She was surprised how long ago that felt. The past couple of hours seemed like days.

When Eric was completely naked, Sookie blushed as she glanced at his male extremity. Her eyes went straight back to his once she had peeked at it, and now she could not bring herself to look at it again. Her body trembled from the mere sight of his maleness and her thighs drew together instinctively. Sookie could feel the slickness between her lower lips, sliding down her inner thigh just from the sight of him, but her heart fluttered and it became harder to breathe as she worriedly anticipated taking him inside of her.

Eric could see the hesitation, and smell her want. Deciding to let her familiarize herself with him, Eric stood beside the end of the bed and beckoned for her, "Come here, Sookie." He smiled. She crawled down the length of the bed, keeping her eyes locked on his, despite the fact that she was head to head with his member. "Take me into your hand." He instructed, his voice deep and reassuring. Sookie reached out tentatively and placed her hand around his length, her tiny fingers not even meeting her palm. She whimpered worriedly at his girth. "Do not be frightened, Little One. Just stroke me for a while." He laced his fingers through her long blonde hair, stroking his fingertips against her scalp soothingly as she took hesitant pumps with her arm. "That is a good girl." He encouraged, and saw her eyes light up at the sound of his approval. Eric realized quickly that she soaked up his encouragement and approval like a sponge. He decided to use that to his advantage. "Try taking me into your mouth now." He continued, shutting his eyes to bask in the heat of her mouth, her little tongue flickering over his swollen flesh experimentally, "Good girl, use your tongue." He approved and she soon started bobbing her head up and down on him vigorously, tongue snaking every direction to elicit more praise.

Eric opened his eyes and looked down to see her staring up at him with her big, blue eyes and mouth full of his cock, cheeks hollowed out as she sucked him, "You are so beautiful, Sookie." He hissed, resisting the urge to thrust into her inviting mouth, and reveled in the sight of her cheeks flushing. Brushing her hair out of her face, his thumb stroked her cheek, "Are you still nervous?" He asked. Sookie pulled her mouth off of him with a "popping" sound and shook her head. "Tell me so."

"Nah, Eric, I'm not nervous no more." She stated clearly.

"Good. Now, lie back on the bed." He instructed, and smiled as Sookie did so quickly. Eric took her foot into his hand and leaned down to kiss the top of it, working kisses up the length of her leg, then her hip, across her stomach, and then working back down the other leg. Sookie rolled her hips impatiently as Eric teased her. Sliding his hands up both of her legs, he cupped them at the bends of her knees and pushed her legs out and back, opening her center for him. Sookie jolted and cried out when his mouth began devouring her again. After a few moments of attention from his mouth, Eric released one of her legs to use his skilled fingers. He started with a single digit, familiarizing his lover with the feeling of being penetrated. As she became conversant with the sensation, Eric added another finger, stretching out her inexperienced entrance in preparation for his member.

When Sookie was on the edge of oblivion, Eric rose over her, releasing her other leg, and thrust deep into her with a single, long stroke. Bursting past her maidenhead, Eric felt her inner walls tremor and quake around him, and she cried out in pleasure, oblivious to any pain that had occurred. Kneeling between her legs, Eric wrapped them around his waist and then grabbed her hips as he began to thrust. Sookie cried out with every stroke, her hands clenching into the bedding, her eyes squeezed shut. With every thrust, she mewled, and Eric enjoyed the shimmy of her breasts as they moved with each collision of their sexes. Sookie twisted her hips against his movements, and sobbed in pleasure at the new angle.

"Kiss me, please, kiss me." Sookie babbled, releasing her death grip on the duvet and reaching up for him. Eric obliged quickly, and pressed his lips against hers gently. When he pulled away to let her breathe, she wrapped her arms around his neck and started gyrating her hips in a fluid like motion, meeting his thrusts. "Oh! OH!" She whimpered into his ear, arching her back with an intense orgasm.

Eric growled as the already tight passage became almost unbearably so, spurring him on to pound into her faster and harder, sending another shock wave through the overly sensitive girl. She screamed with a swift orgasm as he filled her with his spendings and bit the juncture between her neck and shoulder viciously.

Holding Sookie tightly as she came back down, he licked her freshest wound until it closed, and then slipped out of her still throbbing pussy before flopping onto the bed beside her. Sookie immediately curled into his body, tucking her head into his chest.

"Did I do okay?" She murmured after a moment of silence.

"Lover, you were exquisite." Eric tilted his neck so that he could kiss the top of her head reassuringly, "If I had not torn through your hymen I would have doubted that you were a virgin."

"If I hadn't've had one, wouldn't that've meant I wasn't a virgin?" Sookie was surprised.

Eric shook his head, "No, there are plenty of virgins that do not have one, or damaged it through other, non-sexual activities." He told her.

"Huh." That was Sookie's eloquent response.

Eric chuckled, "You are a marvel." He kissed the top of her head again, growling against her hair, "I want to enjoy you again." He squeezed her to his body, his arm trailing down and tracing symbols into her belly. "Are you tender?" He asked, sliding down a bit to kiss her cheek and then down her throat.

Sookie felt a deep pang in her loins, but ignored it, "I'm fine." She reassured.

"I will take you very gently this time. I should have been more careful with you the first time, but I was overwhelmed by your eagerness." He teased, giving her throat a blunt toothed nibble. Sookie rocked against him slowly with a moan, gliding her hand down his body to caress his cock as his lips and tongue tickled her neck and chest. Turning onto his side, Eric caressed his finger down the curve of her hip, caught the back of her knee, and draped her leg across his side. Their height difference left Sookie's face buried against Eric's chest as he slipped into her gently, earning a pleased sigh.

"Oh! It feels so good, Eric." She whimpered, clutching onto his upper arm as she bit his chest just above his nipple. "Ya feel so good inside me." Eric growled, grabbing her chin and tilting her head back so he could crush his lips to hers, taking the passion out on her mouth rather than increasing the speed of his hips. He did not want her hurting too badly in the morning, just sore enough to remind her of their night together until he could refresh her memory the next evening.

Her body began to roll against his, meeting Eric's thrusts with her own fluid like motion. Taking a handful of her glorious ass, Eric pulled her a bit harder against him as their bodies met, kneading the tender globe as he did so.

"Eric, I'm comin', oh! OH! AHHH!" She clung to him helplessly as the vampire's movements became erratic with his own climax.

"Sookie!" Eric growled loudly, thrusting deeply and staying in close as he lost control of his hips. The girl clung to him, mewling and crying out loud and passionate.

"Gods," Eric murmured huskily into her ear, "you are magnificent. I could fuck you all night." He kissed her forehead firmly, his cock still buried deep inside of her. "I might never want to let you go, Little One." He kissed her cheek now.

"Will you have sex with me again tomorrow?" Sookie asked, her big eyes shy, but filled with want.

"I think you can guarantee that I will be bedding you every night."


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