Hey, everyone, it's Jameer14. This is my first fan fiction for the shadow children series. Enjoy!:


Luke Garner sat down to join his family for dinner.

A whole year had passed since he had successfully brought down the Population Police and the corrupt government that had founded it.

Luke's father looked at the five members of his family at the dinner table.

"It feels so great to be able to have all five of us at the dinner table," he said.

"Dad," said Matthew. "It's been a year and you've been saying that at least twice a month."

"I know, I know," said Harlan Garner. "Anyway, let's eat!"

Luke looked down at the grilled chicken, potatoes and white rice on his plate and began to eat.

Halfway through his meal, Luke's phone began to vibrate in his pocket. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Nina.

"Uh, mom, may I be excused?" asked Luke.

"Sure, honey," replied his mother.

Luke got up from the table, answered the phone and walked into the family room.

"Hello?" said Luke as he sat on the beige sofa across from the TV.

"Hey, Luke," he heard Nina say. "Mr. Hendricks called an emergency meeting at the school!"

"Now?" asked Luke. "But I was eating dinner!"

"Luke, I'm sorry, but Mr. Hendricks really wants you there along with me, Matthias, Percy, Trey and Alia."

"Did he tell you what the meeting was about?" asked Luke.

"No," replied Nina. "But the meeting starts in twenty minutes."

Luke sighed. "I'm on my way," he said.

"Thanks, Luke," said Nina. "See you there."

Luke hung up, stood up and walked back to the dining room.

Matthew looked at Luke expectantly. "What was that about?" he asked.

Luke frowned. "My presence has been requested at a meeting at Mr. Hendricks' school."

Luke's mother sighed. "Well, you'd better get going," she said.

Luke crossed through the dining room and out the front door.

To the right of the driveway where his parents parked their pickup truck, Luke saw his bike lying on its side.

He picked it up, hopped on and began to ride to Mr. Hendricks' school for boys. As he rode, Luke thought about how much things had changed since overthrowing the country's old government. He, Nina, Trey, Matthias and their families had all moved into an upper class neighborhood near Mr. Hendricks and his school. The move, the houses and even some luxuries were paid by the new government as a token of thanks. And an incentive to keep an eye out for people who pose a threat to the new government.

Both of Luke's parents were government officials and Smits had moved out to help with efforts to find Oscar and Aldous. The two biggest threats to the young government.

Luke, Percy, Matthias and Trey regularly attended Mr. Hendricks' school.

Nina and Alia went to the girl's school on the other side of the woods.

Luke slowed down his bike as the cabin Mr. Hendricks lived in came into sight.

Want to know why Mr. Hendricks called the meeting? Find out in Chapter Two, which I'll upload after I get FIVE reviews.