Batgirl and Roxy Rocket


The Blind Stunt

By Alexander Wong

A/N: This is my fourth one-time story. I will complete my Alice in Wonderland soon. Just let me heal my writer's block.

Other Notes: Roxy Rocket is from the Batman: The Animated Series episode The Ultimate Thrill, a stuntwoman adrenaline junkie who turns to crime because it's more…stimulating.

Roxy Rocket was on the run, driving her rocket speeder at high adrenaline. She was preparing for her next stunt…of crime. Even when no longer working for the Penguin, she still likes to have fun stealing. She was about to begin her next thrill when… her black double showed up in her jetpack.

"Well, well," Roxy smirked. "If it isn't the Brat girl. Coming to spoil my thrill, huh?"

"Actually, since you like thrills so much," said Batgirl. "What do you say we make things more interesting?"

Roxy was puzzled at first. Then she began to notice Batgirl taking off her cape and her jetpack and ripped off her sleeves. Then, she saw Batgirl covering her eyes with a long black piece of cloth. Seeing a new thrill in this, Roxy took off her jacket and took a white handkerchief to blind her.

Just when both were blindfolded, Roxy said "You, girl, have made this my new ultimate thrill!"

Then they began to fight on top of her rocket. Roxy uses the first move to strike. Nevertheless, Batgirl fought back and then kicks her back.

"You missed," Roxy said to Batgirl. Batgirl struggled to fight blindly on Roxy's speeder. Then, Roxy began to make the next move but Batgirl ducked and Roxy accidently hit the rocket's engine, causing the rocket to be malfunctioning and letting it to crash on the ground.

"Well, looks like this is it!" Roxy shouted and smiled. Desperate and in a panic to save herself, Batgirl grabbed Roxy and jumped to the ground safely.

"Now, that was a good thrill," Batgirl said while recovering herself.

"You said it, sister," Roxy replied. Then she sighed, "Well, I'd guess you have to take me to jail, huh?"

"Well, we still haven't finished our fight." Batgirl said. Then Roxy said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Both looked at each other, still blindfolded. Then they stretched their muscles, prepared their fighting stance and then…