A Titan Wedding

November-December, 2012

Rated : T

Author's note: Teen Titans and Justice League are owned by DC Comics/Warner Brothers/Cartoon Network.

[Mid-September, 2011]
[Titan Tower]

Arella writes…

In the last several months, Edward and Raven have grown closer than anyone in Azarath dared to dream. Since I moved into the Titan Tower after Trigon destroyed Azarath, I've seen Edward at his best and certainly at his worst. He's shown that he loves my daughter with all his heart, but, then, he's fond of the entire team enough to call everyone part of his family, and the Titans have adopted him as well.

He's protected Raven from threats that would have seen her dead, putting his own existence on the line for her several times, even having to fight battles in her mind.

And, Raven returns that love openly now. I understand that at first, folks thought she was transferring her feelings for another dragon onto him, but, as time passed, that erupted into a true love between the two.

But, after long days of planning and waiting, the time has come for them to get married. It's time for those two to go from two minds, two souls into one like mind and a merged soul. I just hope that the day goes by uneventfully. With the Titans and the Justice League, one can't tell.

Chapter 1
[Late August – Titan Tower]

Edward and Raven had finally settled on a date and in between missions, finalized the plans for their upcoming wedding.

The invitations had been mailed out to the guests and well, everyone accepted the invite. The guest list was pretty big as the guests were allowed to bring a friend, if they wanted to.

True to Bruce Wayne's word, he was paying for the entire thing and while it was going to be expensive, Bruce had told Edward and Raven to "spare no expense". It was his way of thanking the couple for their service on behalf of the Justice League and the Titans.

Wayne Enterprises would provide security for the event, freeing up the superheroes to relax. It was up to them to choose their civilian identity or their superhero identity. Edward thought that they would most likely be in their non-civilian identity, save for Bruce Wayne, obviously.

The only problem was the remaining issues between Bruce and Robin, but, they were finally starting to talk civilly. That was a start.

In fact, Robin had agreed to be Edward's best man at the service, which was a relief for Edward. Then again, had Robin declined the honor, Edward's next in line would have been Cyborg. Edward just wasn't sure if Beast Boy was mature enough to be best man.

Raven's choice for Maid of Honor was a toss-up, though. She had narrowed it down to Arella, Terra and Starfire. But, she was conflicted. Arella was still a relative newcomer to Earth, despite her being aware of the custom. Starfire was also aware of it, having seen weddings on the television. Terra was currently the front runner, which surprised Raven given their history.

Then, as Raven thought about it, there was also Kole. Raven certainly enjoyed Kole's company, which made Edward pleased. They both knew Kole had an instant interest in Edward and was hurt unintentionally when she realized she was just too late. Then again, Edward had gotten several emails from Chicago. It seemed that David was cultivating a friendship with Kole…much to Gnarrk's chagrin at times. Edward didn't mind. His son was well past the point where Edward could tell David what to do.

Also, Raven had to decide who she wanted to stand in for her father in giving away the bride, so, she decided that Cyborg would get that honor. That was easy and Cyborg had graciously accepted that honor.

The planning really kicked into high gear once they told Alfred what they had decided for a date: October 15. That would give them time to plan around missions and to get a minister. They did not want to just do in front of a judge for a civil ceremony. Edward was adamant on that issue. He wasn't going to just be married in the eyes of civilian law, but, he wanted it to be a blessed union by his God.

The announcement was published in the "Jump Post-Gazette" and, well, the emails poured in for Edward and Raven after that. Not all were friendly and those that weren't, were referred to the FBI and local police, especially if they contained any sort of threat…after the AI tracked them down through their IPs, even if those IPs were spoofed.

Edward really didn't want to deal with those petty emails. He knew that some folks would not accept a dragon marrying a human, no matter what he said, and he wasn't going to waste time dealing with them.

However, Raven also got hate mail and *that* pissed Edward off. He didn't really appreciate those folks who thought it was smart to harass Raven. He really was tempted to have the AI do more than tracing back those emails to their ISP. It wouldn't have taken much for Edward to have the AI send a command to the remote computer to destroy it's CPU. But, he opted not to as there were laws against that.

Sadly, though, one person had decided to up the ante with several death threats against Raven, as well as suggesting that Edward was having sexual relations with her. That particular person got a visit, not just from the FBI, but, the Titans themselves.

The person in question was pointedly told that if he came with 500 yards of Titan Tower or any of the team for any reason, he would be hauled to jail for harassment and stalking…If Edward didn't decide to physically harm the person first in defending his fiancée first.

Then, Edward stayed in his dragon form and snarled at the guy, eyes glowing yellow in warning. And, as they left, Edward's tail "accidentally" knocked down the power pole that led to the guy's apartment complex. That severed the lines and knocked power out to the block as the power surged through the lines, frying nearby transformers.

"Ooops!" Edward said at the time, "My bad."

The team heard later that the guy's neighbors were most displeased with him and were very vocal about it cause the power surge caused other issues. The guy almost ended up in the hospital, but, ended up with an eviction notice instead as the apartment management was invoiced for the repairs to the power pole…courtesy of a call from Edward.

That sent a clear message throughout Jump City as well. The city was protective of their resident super hero team and the general opinions on the blogs in town was favorable of their actions and thoroughly trashing those who would force their hand in such matters.

Edward eventually got on the boards, though, and asked folks to tone it down. He explained that he was not pleased to have to teach the guy a lesson, but, he was not going to let the unprovoked attacks on Raven's honor go unchallenged, either. The others had his back in this mini-mission and as far as he was concerned, it had been handled.

It took a while, but, the folks in town settled down and most were happy to see this development. They were somewhat disappointed that the wedding would be held in Gotham City, but, when Edward and Rae allowed Arella to release the guest list, it was obvious that Wayne Manor was more suited for the service.

Edward also knew that the criminal element would possibly make a play as well and, well, he had hoped that they would stay away or at least stay below the radar enough that the police could handle the problem.

That did not mean that the alert system was turned off, though, and several times, it did go off.

[A week earlier]

The alert system sounded, letting the Titans know that they were needed to deal with a problem.

"Sector 7-G," Robin said, "Looks like Fang and Kitten."

Edward thought back to his browsing the Titan Database to the pair. Kitten wasn't that dangerous by herself, Fang, though, was more dangerous to the team.

Kitten could be countered easily, especially if her plasma whip were removed from the equation. Fang was capable of shooting webs and venom as well as other spiderlike traits.

They headed to the roof for the trip. After Edward morphed, Robin, Cyborg and Jericho got on board, Terra had grabbed her usual boulder and Beast Boy got on. Starfire and Raven would fly in formation as well and they were off to the scene of the trouble.

They arrived about 5 minutes later and as the team landed Edward said, "OK, you're interrupting quality time with my fiancée. Y'all better have a good reason for this."

"Oh, Robbie-Poo!" Kitten squealed, "Glad you could make it!"

Starfire answered, "You're also intruding on the time of quality with my boyfriend Robin, you klorbag!"

Fang said, "I owe you Titans something." He spat a wad of webbing at the team, only to see it flash fried by Edward's flame breath.

"Nice trick, web-head," Edward said, "I've already studied your tricks." Edward fired off a lightning blast, forcing Fang back.

"Azarath metr…ARRGH!" Raven screamed.

[RAE!] Edward screamed through the link.

There was silence through the link, though. Fang saw Edward's eyes go from calm to enraged in a flash.

He broke off his attack on Fang and raced to his girl's side.

Beast Boy said, "I think you made a huge mistake, girl."

"Titans, GO!" Robin called out.

As Edward tended to Raven, he saw an ugly lash around her midsection that burned through her leotard to the skin below. That was blistering as Edward watched. He glared at Kitten and snarled, "I hope your health insurance is paid up. No one does that to Raven!"

Kitten tried to use her plasma whip again, only to be pelted by rocks flung by Terra and starbolts. Kitten tried to use the whip to shield herself, but, she didn't count on Edward's tail intercepting the whip and the plasma, being electricity, was absorbed.

The whip sputtered and died, leaving a wire behind.

Kitten looked stunned as Edward ripped the device out of her hands and crushed it in his paws.

"We got this, Edward," Terra said, "Take care of Raven."

Starfire snarled, "You hurt sister Raven. Give me a reason why we shouldn't bury you."

"No, Star," Edward said, "Kitten's been declawed. Take her to jail and give her a bird's-eye view of the city en route. Maybe from about 2500 feet up."

Kitten didn't even have time to register Edward's hidden meaning: A drop from that high would be fatal if she resisted. Starfire grabbed her and was off.

Fang saw how quickly Kitten was taken back to jail and he wasn't happy and tried attacking Edward with his venom.

The liquid splashed on his scales and Fang was shocked to see that there was no effect right away.

But, Edward didn't get the chance to counter-attack as he was hit by Cyborg's sonic cannon as well as Terra pounding him with a large chunk of the pavement and underlying soil. Fang was knocked cold before anything else could happen.

Raven, though, was still out and Edward was first concerned, then, pissed.

Edward morphed back to human and without realizing it, stepped in Fang's venom and suddenly, Edward was paralyzed.

Beast Boy said, "Super Loogie‽ BLEAH!" as he stuck out his tongue.

Robin noticed the problem and said, "We'll get you back to the Tower, Edward. But, not to worry, this will wear off soon. He got me before with that crap.

"Beast Boy, I need you to form a copy of Edward's dragon form, please."

Beast Boy complied as Starfire flew back in.

"What happened to friend Edward?" she asked.

"He stepped in that goo Fang spits," Cyborg said.

Starfire muttered a vile curse in her native tongue before calming down.

"Put Edward on Beast Boy's back," Robin directed, "Terra, can you transport Raven, please?"

Terra was still beside the fallen empath and nodded, "Sure."

Terra lifted a sizable piece of the ground with her and Raven on it and as soon as the other non-flyers were aboard Beast Boy, they headed back to the Tower.

[15 minutes later]

They had arrived at the Tower and Edward and Raven were taken to the medical bay for observation.

Edward was still unable to talk, but, the red glow from his eyes indicated that he was angry, or that his eyes were stuck in that state for a while yet.

Raven was in a trance, though, and floating above the bed, so, at least when Edward recovered, he could see that she would be OK after all.

What they didn't know, though, was that the next time Fang would try that…Edward's system would be immune to the effect.

Eventually, though, the glow faded to yellow, then, his eyes were normal again.

"Friend Edward," Starfire said, "You can move again?"

Edward slowly blinked and started testing his fingers and toes. They were slow to respond to his brain's signals. Next thing he knew, Starfire was massaging him.

"I had to do this when boyfriend Robin had the lack of movement," Starfire said, "It was most pleasing to him."

Sure enough, Starfire was right. Edward was regaining feeling a lot faster and gave a content sigh about five minutes later. He still couldn't move his head or neck, but, Starfire knew he'd want to see Raven, so, she carefully moved him where he would see her floating there.

He sighed again, seeing that. Starfire was confused, though. Was that disappointment or happiness?

She moved to Edward's neck and Edward started to visibly relax and actually fell asleep before Starfire finished.

By then, Robin had come in and smiled. He knew Star was still upset over having to attack Edward on Tamaran and, this was her way of making it up to him.

"Hi, Star," he whispered, "Looks like Edward's sleeping off the rest of the venom."

"You're not the angry?" she asked.

"Not at all," he said, "You're helping a teammate recover from being hurt. How many times have these two had to heal us from injuries? This is what friends do. Star, I think Edward would tell you that any debts you owed are now paid."

A tear fell and Star said, "This is the first time I've been able to help friend Edward since we got back from Tamaran."

Robin replied, "I know he appreciates it, Star."

Raven's heartbeat started to climb and that got Robin's attention. He went over and took the empath's hand and smiled.

"Raven's coming out of the trance," Robin said.

[Edward?] Raven called out via the link, but, he was so soundly asleep that he didn't respond.

[EDWARD!] she cried, panicking a bit.

Robin felt her grip suddenly become like iron and he winced.

"Great," he muttered as she bolted upright. Robin pulled the empath into a hug as well.

"Raven, it's OK," he said into her ear, "Edward's sleeping, that's all."

He felt Raven shudder a little bit, but, held on, murmuring calming words into her ear. She stopped after a moment and looked at Edward's sleeping form.

Raven then disengaged from the hug and looked to see her leotard damaged. Luckily, it was still form fitting and wouldn't fall off right away.

She reached over and felt Edward's cheek and in his slumber, he responded.

Robin said, "We'll bring you a new uniform, if you'd like."

"I'm good," she replied, "I'll stay here till he wakes up."

"Sounds good," Robin said. He took Starfire's hand and led her out of the Med bay.

Raven stayed with Edward for an hour until he woke up on his own.

"Dang," he said, "That was a good nap."

He pulled Raven close and said, "You OK? That little bitch got you good."

He traced Raven's newly healed flesh and she giggled, "That's tender, hon."

"Yeah," he quipped, "You're fine."

Raven didn't tell Edward of her initial panic and he didn't ask. He didn't feel that she was in distress over anything, so, they went back to their quarters and Raven got a new uniform out. She ducked into the bathroom as she still wanted her privacy in disrobing for the time being.

Edward got a minor chuckle out of that, though.

And, the planning continued for the wedding…

Here we go! The long awaited wedding story! This will have some action as well as the fluffiness of the wedding itself.

Here's the tentative "guest list":

The Titans core members (obviously)

Titans East.



David (Edward's son for those just tuning in),


Melvin, Timmy and Teether (Bobby's a given)

Jinx (Post "Titans Together!")

Justice League founding members, most in their "hero" identities (save for Bruce Wayne who as host has to be in civilian identity)

Lois Lane

Jimmy Olsen

As mentioned in the synopsis, some will be mentioned as attending, but, may not get any lines if the story gets too bulky. I ran into this problem with "Blackfire's Revenge" with too many people involved. Between the main Titans, Titans East and the JL involved in that one, it was a hard balancing act to give screen time to everyone. Some bad guys may get some time, as we've seen with Kitten and Fang already.

I'll be working on this and Terra's Story as time permits. I've got a few ideas for that one that I have to work in. Once I get Terra out of Markovia, that should free some things up idea wise.