The transporter hum faded as Edward and Raven appeared in the Watchtower.

"Welcome to the Watchtower," J'onn said, "I understand you're interested in a tour before you head off to Hawaii?"

"That would be appreciated," Edward said, "I wasn't able to visit long the last time I was here, and Rae's never been here."

"We typically do not give out the grand tour, but, consider this a gift from the League," J'onn said, "If you need to communicate telepathically, please feel free to do so. I will not eavesdrop."

"Thank you," Raven said with her usual deadpan. Edward also thanked J'onn for his discretion. Edward was already picking up some interesting vibes from his new wife and didn't want to say anything. He knew he was looking forward to the evening activities and the next two weeks in the Hawaiian sun.

Then again, Raven was also looking forward to the evening, but, was also nervous: she was still a virgin and didn't know what to expect. For once, her emoticlones were strangely quiet.

As the Martian Manhunter gave the tour, though, both were equally impressed with what they saw. They were shown around to the various "public" areas where the League would meet and discuss how to keep the planet safe and when to intervene. They got to see the kitchen, dining areas, guest quarters and other areas.

It took a couple of hours to accomplish the tour before they headed back to the transporter room.

They were teleported down to the hotel that they would be staying at for the next two weeks and after Edward showed his ID, they were shown to the honeymoon suite where things were certainly made up for them!

Edward, in keeping with tradition, scooped Rae up in his arms and carried her across the threshold of the room. She giggled at the display, which caused Edward to smile.

The bed was a heart shaped one with rose colored bedding. There was a real fireplace there with a cozy looking bear rug (not real fur, lest PETA have a hissy fit) as well as a hot tub built for two. The bellhop also highlighted the Jacuzzi style bathtub, also large enough for two. There were complementary bathrobes that had a note on them saying that the happy couple was allowed to take the robes with them.

There was also a complementary bottle of champagne as well as several other things.

After Edward tipped the bellhop, the man left.

The view was simply awesome. They had an Oceanside view on one side, and the Hawaiian mountains on the other side.

A short while later, the hotel manager knocked on the door.

"Mr. Barnes?" he asked.

"Please, it's Edward," was the reply, "What can I do for you?"

"I'm James Tucker, the hotel manager," he said, "I'd like to personally welcome you to our establishment for the next two weeks while you are on your honeymoon. Rest assured that you will not be disturbed during your stay as the rooms near you have been reserved by a Mr. Wayne. They will be empty, though.

"If there's anything you need, though, please do not hesitate to ask. Mr. Wayne is picking up your entire tab, including room service should you wish to avail yourselves of that. We also have more intimate selections of films, food, and other more private items."

[Then, why did Bruce hand us those credit cards?] Raven asked.

[In case we wanted to buy stuff outside of the hotel, my dear,] Edward replied.

[We're not buying 'protection' from the hotel, though!] Raven said.

[That's taken care of…In my luggage,] Edward reassured his new bride.

The manager also highlighted several aspects of the suite and when Edward offered a tip, the manager politely declined, "I'm well passed the need for tips, however, please feel free to tip the staff as you see fit."

Edward shrugged as the man left.

"Hungry?" Edward asked, picking up the room service menu.

"Not for food," Raven replied with a twinkle in her eye and she headed for the luggage and opening one of the suitcases, she grabbed what Jinx had bought her and headed off to the bathroom.

She came out a few minutes later wearing a very see through nightgown. Edward raised an eyebrow as she came near and led Edward to the bed…

Rachel (Raven) Barnes (née Roth) writes…

I can't believe that the wedding went off as smooth as it did. The kids were wonderful, the guests were fantastic and Edward, well, he proved that he can be very gentle as a lover to contrast with his ferocity in fights. He was so gentle with me on our wedding night that, well, it was very pleasurable. I wish I could tell you how, but, there are some things that even an empath needs to keep private. The emoticlones would kill me if I told.

We've got a lot of things to do on the honeymoon that, well, we never got the time to do in Jump City with missions getting in the way. I do hope that Jinx and David can get along, though. They're taking our places on the team for a while, so the team isn't short-handed.

After a while, though, Edward's indicated he wants to adopt Melvin, Timmy and Teether. But, I want to see if we can have a child of our own first. We're on the way to finding out.

To be continued in "Honeymoon in Hawaii".

Hi everyone!

Well, this concludes part one of my wedding arc. The second part will be a straight Raven/Edward piece that will probably pick up the following day (after Edward and Rae have their "XXX" moment that I'll leave to your imaginations.)