Annie is completely unsure of how long they stood there "talking" or who made the first incremental movement towards the bed, but as soon as her body stretched along Auggie's there was absolutely no turning back.

They did more talking after that, but it was in gasps and sighs. Over the years, Auggie had said her name with every emotion there was, from glee to terror, but tonight he said it with a reverence she didn't know existed and she felt his heart stop when her tears hit his face.

"Please don't cry," he whispered, the closest thing to a sentence in their talk.

She brought his hand to her face and assured him the tears were joyous ones.

Later, exhausted both physically and emotionally, Annie curled into Auggie's side and listened to his breath and the rain still falling outside. She thinks this must be what it is like inside a womb, warm and safe.

"We should actually talk," he startled her.

"I thought you were asleep?" she peered up to see a lazy smile on his face and his eyes cast towards the ceiling.

"No, just enormously relieved that you didn't kick my sorry ass out in the rain."

"Never," she kissed the spot right above his heart and was rewarded with his arms tightening around her.

"It's been quite a year," he ventured.

"It certainly has and I agree we need to talk, but right now I am so happy just being here with you, alone, like the rest of the world doesn't exist. Can it not exist until tomorrow?"

"As long as when tomorrow comes you don't regret this?' he sounded completely uncertain.

Annie slid up so she was face to face with him, even though he couldn't see her she wanted to look him in the eye.

"I will never regret this. I love you Auggie and I have loved you for a very long time. Everything out there," and she flung her arm towards the door, "no matter how awful, will never ruin this. I will not allow that."

She saw a world of emotions pass over his face and wanted to catalogue every one of them. Instead she kissed him and slid a hand along his rib cage that started them "talking" once more.

Annie wasn't sure how much time had passed when she started to surface from sleep, there was a gentle light coming into the room and Auggie was snoring softly behind her, his arms wrapped securely around her.

Then she heard it, a distinct noise outside, the scrape of the gate. Auggie was awake instantly his Army training or CIA training or his improved hearing kicking in.

"Did you hear that?'

"Probably just the UPS guy or something," Annie murmured and burrowed back against his warm chest.

"You sure?" Auggie sounded dubious and Annie realized she had been shot here not all that long ago.

A knock at the door convinced Annie it was not a killer and she rolled over to face Auggie.

"See, just a delivery, they'll leave it out…." a key in the lock stopped her cold.

Auggie was sitting bolt upright now and feeling for anything he could use as a weapon. Annie was searching for clothes, the comforter wrapped around her body.

"Annie? You awake? Your car is…" in came the voice and soon the shocked face of her sister.

"Danielle?" Annie and Auggie asked in unison.

"Um, hey you guys," Danielle smirked as Annie let out a huge sigh of relief and then instantly turned crimson at the scene in front of her.

Auggie was in her bed, sheets pooling at his waist while she was wrapped in a comforter, their clothes were everywhere, no thought given to where they would land when they were tossed aside last night. And surveying it all with a keen eye was her sister, the person who knew how she felt about Auggie before Annie had even admitted it to herself.

"What are you doing here?" Annie tried to sound more confident than she felt wearing nothing but bedding.

"I emailed you last week. When I didn't hear from you I assumed you were away for work, but now I think you have been shacked up here," she bent down and came up with Annie's bra dangling from her finger tip.

Auggie was simultaneously amused and horrified by the scene playing out across the bed he was trapped in at the moment.

"I was away. This," she twirled a finger in Auggie's direction, "is new…."

"Annie, where did the comforter go?" Auggie was feeling for it in an effort to feel less naked.

"I'm wearing it," Annie sighed now mortified.

"For the record, I am thrilled about 'this'" Danielle mimicked the finger twirling, "and I will put you both out of your misery by retreating to the kitchen in the house. I do expect to see you both up there and dressed within the hour though. I'll make breakfast if there is any food up there."

"There is some, um, food," Annie scrunched up her forehead trying to make the seconds move faster.

"I'm going, I'm going, don't have an aneurysm," Danielle laughed and exited.

Annie flopped on the bed.

"How am I suddenly 16 again?" she giggled.

"That was pretty brutal," Auggie agreed.

"Could have been worse. Could have been Joan," Annie shuddered at the thought.

"Come here," Auggie waved her towards him and she shimmied up the bed to capture his lips.

"In the grand scheme of our lives, how awful was what just happened?"

"Awful, no. Embarrassing, yes," Annie answered between kisses.

"So you aren't upset that Danielle knows?" he murmured against her neck as his lips made their way along her body.

"No, I would have told her any way. She knows how I feel about you. She's the one who told me."

That got Auggie's attention and he stopped what he was doing.

"I'll explain later, please continue," she laughed as she guided his head back to her body and slid a leg across his lap.

It was a good thing Danielle's invitation gave them the better part of an hour.