Dick heard Damian laughing.

It wasn't really the origin of the laughter that startled him – yeah, it was – the real thing was, it was happening more and more.

This cute little laugh would burst out of Damian when no one was around, Dick had no idea why and it was driving him mad. He'd ask his little brother – though at fourteen, he wasn't actually little anymore – what was so funny and would get this weird look from Damian and always the same answer "Nothing."

Yeah. Nothing. Because Damian was so full of giggles.

But that was all Dick would get out of him, even if he just stood there, making sure his stare was piercing and staying long enough that the silence turned awkward; Damian was either clueless or immune. It generally sucked.

Still Dick couldn't just let that laugh go, he had to bust Damian's door open and look around to find out what could possibly be funny enough to produce that unearthly sound. As per usual, he found Damian lounging on the window seat with his sketchbook propped up on his knees, a slight smile still gracing his lips and no one else around.

The kid was distracted enough by whatever the hell Dick could simply not find to not notice the new presence and speak lightly as if continuing a conversation "Yes, if anyone was to do such a demented thing, it would be a deranged moron like you." only then Damian acknowledged his brother "Yes, Grayson?"

"Who are you talking to?"

Damian scrunched his nose in the way that always made Dick feel like a lunatic for opening his mouth "Is there something wrong?"

"No, I just… You laughed, I just heard you talking and I wanna know who you were talking to."

The expression deepened as Damian glanced at a spot on the floor by his seat, then back at Dick "Are you daft?"

It was almost enough to make Dick back away, but hey, he already felt like a lunatic, why not act as one "Look, the faster you answer, the faster I'll leave."

"I'm talking to Jason. Obviously."

"Uh huh, uh huh…" Dick nodded quickly "And Jason is your imaginary friend."

Now that made Damian bristle "Grayson, if you came all the way up here just to insult him, then-"

"Yeah, no." Dick interrupted the pissed off rant "I mean who is him, Damian?"

"Jason, you brainless freak!"

"Okay… And where is this Jason?"

Damian shook his head, completely mystified "Have you lost your sight along with your mind? He's right here." he pointed at the same spot by his seat he'd been glancing earlier.

The same empty spot.

"Sure, sure…" Dick agreed distractedly "You do know there's no one there, right?"

The kid exchanged a look with the no one sitting on the floor before frowning "Yes, there is."

"Jason's sitting there" it was more of a question then a statement, but under the circumstances it would have to do.

"Grayson, are you mocking me?"

Dick waved his outturned hands in a plea "Could you just… humor me?"

"Fine, but you better have a very good reason to be behaving like… yourself." Damian fumed, laying his sketchbook on the seat and straightening up "Jason, this is my so called brother Richard Grayson. I promise you we do not share any blood relation. Richard, the one you've been antagonizing with that ridiculous attitude is Jason Todd."

"Jason T- Wait, what?!"

"I'm done talking to you" Damian declared standing up, marching to the door and slamming it shut.

Dick stared at the carvings on the wood, his hand itching to turn the knob again so he could ask if Damian was yanking his chain, but when the kid's voice drifted through the walls "See what I have to deal with? And Grayson's the good one." Dick realized that maybe this was not a horrifyingly well designed prank.

Maybe Damian really did have an imaginary friend.

Dick just had to figure out why the hell it was a former dead Robin who Damian was supposed to know nothing about.

A/N.: This was a tiny, tiny drabble that got out of hand... I saw a prompt on tumblr a while ago about Jason being Damian's imaginary friend, and I couldn't get it out of my head. (now I can't find the prompt anymore)

And then there was this. It just amuses me, so yeah.