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The Shadow Goblin's Revenge

Chapter 1: A Message Delivered

Once upon a time their lived a beautiful princess named Regina. On her 18th birthday her mother and father held a masquerade ball and on the last day she met a mysterious woman named Emma. They immediately fell in love but Emma disappeared at the stroke of midnight. Regina searched in vain for Emma only to find her in an Enchanted Forest. Emma lived there with a magical being known as Monica. A shape shifter, that aged slowly and kept the balance in the forest. Monica allowed Emma to court Regina but what they didn't know was that a great evil was unleashed. The Shadow Goblin a ferocious, ugly creature from a dark dimension that feasted on children's souls. Emma and Lord Devin another magically being from the a dark dimension, who tortured evil doers set off on a quest to find the Golden Flower, the only thing that could defeat the Shadow Goblin. Monica, who was attacked, was left in her forest guarded by Silver Mist a white wolf and Monica's number one protector. Lord Devin and Monica were in love but their relationship could only last for so long for if they left their dimensions for too long then the balance would be destroyed. So, they could only see each other every few centuries but it just made their love grow deeper. Regina was sent back to her castle to find a way to help Emma defeat the Shadow Goblin but when she got her powers she zoomed off to help Emma. During the battle with the Shadow Goblin they found out a shocking secret, Emma was the Golden Flower. With her last bit of strength she defeated the Shadow Goblin but it cost her human form. Yet, the Golden Flower said she could recreate Emma's human form but her memory may not be the same. But true love won out and Emma remembered her princess. They got married and had a beautiful baby boy named Henry. Lord Devin married Monica and they thought they lived happily ever after. But they thought wrong.

In the Dark Dimension Monica gazed up at the pale moon. The only pretty thing in this realm in her opinion, for everything else was covered in darkness. Her thoughts were interrupted by a pair of strong arms circling around her waist. "Hello my love", Lord Devin said sweetly.

"Hello my Lord", Monica said as she kissed his lips. Lord Devin could tell Monica was frightened by his dimension but out of love for him she stayed. Just like in a later time he would stay for one week with her in her realm. A week was the longest they could stay away from their dimensions and it saddened him to see her leave. But he would make every moment with her count for a lifetime.

"I believe I hear our song", he said as he snapped his fingers and some shadow creatures began to play. He bowed low to Monica as she curtsied to him. Pulling her into his arms they waltzed under the pale moon. A smile came to Monica's face as Lord Devin's heart soared. He would do anything to keep that smile on her face. The moment was interrupted by a cold chill as it dove into Monica's heart. "Monica are you alright?" Lord Devin asked as he too felt a disturbance.

"Yes, but we must find Emma and see what has happened", Monica said. Helping her to her feet, Lord Devin opened a portal and they walked through. Back in the castle of Queen Regina and Emma a little two year old was chasing a cricket. He had dark hair, with a pale complexion, and blue eyes.

"Henry you leave Mr. Jiminy alone", Regina called as she picked up the squirming two year old.

"Oh it is alright your Majesty the prince just wanted to play", Jiminy said softly as he hopped away toward the castle.

"Sorry sweetie, he got away from me again", Emma said as she ran toward her wife and son.

"You are forgiven my love", Regina said with a smirk as she kissed Emma's lips. Just then a white blur appeared before them and it became a white wolf.

"Silver Mist what are you doing here old friend?" Emma asked in shock.

"Golden One you must come to Jefferson's house at once", Silver Mist cried. Her eyes were filled with fear.

"Of course let me get my horse", Emma said. Regina would stay with Henry but told Emma to be safe. Emma climbed on her horse and followed Silver Mist into the forest. She came to Jefferson's house and saw the door was ripped off. Pulling out her sword she slowly entered the house. "Jefferson are you home?" It is me Emma", she called. No one replied as she entered the house to a horrifying scene. Jefferson's daughter Grace was sprawled out on the floor unconscious. Her eyes were pure black and the sight made Emma go five shades whiter. She looked around the room and saw Jefferson up against the wall with claw marks in his face and body. His hat was torn and he looked badly hurt but what caught Emma's attention was something was dripping from the wall. Placing her finger on it she saw a wet red substance. To her horror it was blood, Jefferson's blood. On the wall this was written. I'm Back.This couldonly mean one thing. The Shadow Goblin was alive and he had left a message for Emma to find. The only question was where was he going to strike next?

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