Yay! My first story! I hope you like it.

"I choose Charmander!"

"Then I choose Squirtle!"

'No fair', thought Bulbasaur , as the two new trainers received their first Pokemon, 'I want to go on an adventure too.' Unfortunately, the trainers left without sparing the seed Pokemon a second glance. As the professor left the lab for the night, he gave the last starter a sympathetic look.

Why hadn't they chosen him? Was there something wrong with him? Why couldn't he go on an adventure as well? He'd always dreamt of traveling around with his trusted trainer, whoever that may be, and beating all of his opponents in battle. He wanted to see the world and learn new moves. He wanted to evolve into a mighty Venusaur. He wanted to be the best he could be, but he couldn't do that if he stayed at the lab his whole life.

'Maybe someone will come to get me someday,' thought the lonely Pokemon. So he waited. He waited for his new trainer to come and claim him. He waited to go on a grand adventure. He waited for his way out of the lab. He waited for his destiny. He waited two long months, until his savior finally came.

Sophie was so excited. She was finally well enough to get her first Pokemon. She had been ill for a while, but finally convinced her mom that she was healthy enough to begin her journey. 'I hope the one they saved for me is the Bulbasaur,' thought the girl. Ever since she saw the poster with the starter Pokemon on it, she had been captivated by the small grass Pokemon. Sophie came back to reality as she went up to the doors of the Lab. She knocked, and Professor Oak answered with a smile.

It was destined, they decided, as they caught each others' eyes for the first time. Bulbasaur wanted a trainer, while Sophie wanted a Pokemon. They needed each other to accomplish their dreams. They both had waited so long for this day to come, and the moment had finally arrived. Bulbasaur heard the words he had been dying to hear, just as Sophie said the words she had been dying to say.

"I choose Bulbasaur!"

I hope you liked it. I'm planning on doing a multi chapter story on what happens on their journey. Please leave a review, it you are so inclined. Let me know what I can do better, and what can stay the same. Tanks for reading. Wolfy out!