Claire POV

The screen door slammed shut as Eve ran out the door, leaving me alone with Shane once again, who was apparently babysitting me today. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Shane slapped his hands together and said, " wanna see the room?"

I shrugged and followed him up the wooden stairs, trailing my fingertips along with intertwining banister as we accended the stairs. Shane led me past several other rooms..."Michael's, Eve's, mine, upstairs bathroom...yours." He opened a door to reveal one of the best rooms I've ever seen; the walls were painted dark red and someone painted a red rose on the ceiling above the stripped bed. It was easily twice the size of the dorm rooms, completed with a black desk and chair with a big computer on it. My jaw dropped, which I think Shane took as a bad sign. "Eve painted it, I'm sorry it's the only other bedroom we can rent out...We can probably re-paint it, I know Eve can paint her art in her own room..."

"No," I interrupted him. "It's perfect. Thanks."

He smiled. "I'll go grab your bags."

I shook my head. "i got it."

"no way." He said. I raised my eyebrows and put my hands on my hips. "If Michael finds out I made you carry all your bags after your trip he'll probably kill me." He explained. I rolled my eyes and he walked out the door to get my bags.

I walked over to my bed, which was currently sheet-less. I sighed and flopped down, staring at the rose on my ceiling. She may be insane, but Eve was a really talented artist.

"And here we go." Shane said, dropping most of my bags to the ground. But, my cosmetics bag fell open, spilling my makeup and whatnots to the floor. Shane's face reddened as he scrammbled to pick everything up. He suddenly went still and and I joined him on the floor to see him looking mortified at the sight of my tampons. I couldn't help myself-I started laughing. I couldnt remember the last time I laughed so hard. Shane glared. "I'm not touching those." He told me seriously.

"Wow, you are such a guy." I said, still laughing.

"Well, I certainly hope so," He said, making a disgusted face as I put my tampons back in my bag.

"what's that for?" he asked suddenly and my smile faded as i saw what he was looking at; my box. when i used to cut myself, i had a small black box with a hot pink ribbon that tied it up. It had everything I used-band-aids and pale concealer to cover it up, and a small army knife with a black and white flower print. when Shane spilled my bag, the ribbon had come undone and everything in the box had tumbled out next to it. i hadnt even realized i brought it.

"nothing." I said quickly, shoving all the contents back in. I could see he was trying to look at my wrists, so I tugged my black sweater (which i had put on because of the annoying chill in this house) around me tightly. My wrists-and most of my hands-were concealed.

He didnt say anything, just stared at me and I knew the look; it was pity. I hated that look.

"I've got to call my parents," I said, breaking the silence. He nodded. "You pay for long distance."

"Sure." I said, slipping out of the room with Shane behind me as we headed for the kitchen.