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Summary - A small child called Bella gets adopted into the Cullen family after her mother; Renee Swan and her father; Charlie Swan get killed in a car accident, Bella come out alive with only cuts and bruises. Carlisle Cullen decides to adopt her and when Bella gets taken to her new home she meets Peter and Jasper. They immediately know that she's their mate and get very possessive of little Bella.

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~ * ~ * ~ Prologue ~ * ~ * ~

Hello my name is Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen, I am the mate to Captain Peter Andrew Whitlock and Major Jasper Lee Whitlock, The God of War. I was once a normal, naive curious little girl going out with my parents to nice restaurants and playing hide and seek in the woods outside my house. But that was all years ago, all it took was one night to change my entire forever. This is where my story began.

~ * ~ * ~ Chapter 1 - The Accident ~ * ~ * ~

~ Charlie Swan's Point of View ~

Today is September 13th and it's my little girls birthday, she's turning 5 today. The years have gone so fast that it only seemed like yesterday I was in the hospital with Renee as she gave birth to Isabella. We decided to call her Isabella because it means beautiful in Italian and she was the most beautiful baby I had ever, and I'm sure will ever see so we thought she needed a name that expressed that, so hence the name. I was the first person - apart from the nurses of course - to hold her. As I held the little bundle, that was my daughter in my arms for the first time I swear I nearly cried with pure happiness and joy as she opened her eyes for the first time and looked up at me with her big chocolate brown eyes filled with curiosity and wonder as she took in the world around her.

Now my little girl is turning 5. Me and Renee have decided to take her to the new restaurant in Port Angles called La Bella (forgot the name sorry) I've heard from the reviews that the food is really good, especially the desserts. Which is good because our little Bella absolutely LOVES ice-cream, her favourite is chocolate. I swear if we let her she could just live of the stuff.

I was brought out of my thoughts by my beautiful wife kissing me quickly on the lips and asking "Are we ready to go now Charlie?" I nodded silently.

"Go where daddy? Where are we going?" My sweet little daughter asked. You see we decided to keep this a surprise from Bella since it's her birthday and she deserved to do something nice, even though she hates surprises.

~ Bella Swan's Point of View ~

It's my birthday today and I'm really excited and happy. I've opened my presents and so far I've got a really pretty locket, that is in the shape of a gold heart from daddy, with a picture of me, daddy and mommy on one side and of the other side just a picture of mommy and daddy. From mommy I've got some really nice clothes, mommy knows that I don't like to wear dresses and skirts or anything girly. Yuck. So mommy got me 2 pairs of jeans, one black and one dark blue. 4 tops one pink, one blue, since daddy says I look pretty in blue, white and one top grey. They all had different designs on them varying from butterflies and flowers to tigers and a cute little doggy. I also got 1 jumper that was grey and fluffy like a cats purr hehe cats are pretty, and a red coat that was very warm and cosy.

I knew mommy and daddy were up to something since they kept whispering to each other and I knew I was right when I heard mommy ask daddy, "Are we ready to go now Charlie?" After she kissed him on the lips. 'Yuck, I will never, ever kiss a boy they have cooties.' I thought with disgust. I ran up to daddy and looked up, yes I have to look up my daddy's very tall, and asked him "Go where daddy? Where are we going?" I asked him with my best innocent expression.

"It's a surprise Bells." Daddy told me. He knew how much I hated surprises, I bet mommy knew where we were going and that wasn't fair. "Please daddy will you tell me where we're going?" I pleaded him as I pouted and made my eyes bigger and made them filled with tears, of course I wasn't upset but he didn't know that.

I could tell daddy was about to give in when mommy picked me up and put me in the backseat of the car and buckled me in. Daddy and mommy also got in the car, daddy in the drivers seat and mommy in the passengers seat.

We drove for what I thought was five minutes, I wasn't quite sure though it was just a guess. When mommy turned around and said to me. "Sweetheart we're all going to the new restaurant in Port Angles called La Bella it has really good food and fantastic ice-cream, or so we've heard." Mommy explained with a smile on her face. "Thank you, thank you thank you!" I started squealing, mommy and daddy started laughing, I know they weren't laughing at me they were laughing with me.

"I love you mommy." I told mommy. "I love you too sweetheart." Mommy told me with a smile on her face, I turned to face daddy and said. "I love you daddy." He quickly looked back at me and said "I love you too baby girl-" Daddy was about to say something else when mommy suddenly shouted. "Charlie look out!"

At first I didn't know what mommy was talking about then I saw it, a big lorry truck heading our way. It's bright headlights blinding my eyes. Daddy suddenly swerved the other way but we didn't have enough time the lorry caught the side of our car and slammed into it. Hard.

I suddenly jerked forward, I would have when through the windshield if it wasn't for my seatbelt. So I just bounced back and hit my head of the seat. My last thought before the blackness consumed my was, 'Are mommy and daddy ok?'

~ Charlie Swan's Point of View ~

I hit my head really hard of the steering wheel, I knew I was going to die, in only a matter of seconds, maybe even minutes if I was lucky. But it didn't matter because the end result was death. I suddenly realized all the things that I wouldn't be able to do. Tell Renee that I love her, or see her beautiful smile or hear her laughter that sounded like angels singing. I hear my beautiful daughter tell me that she loves me. Never see my baby girl grow up Walk her down the isle (sp?) on her wedding day.

My last thoughts before blackness consumed me was, 'I hope Renee and Bella are alright.' Then everything when black.

~ Renee Swan's Point of View ~

The last thing I knew we were driving down the road and my darling little daughter was telling me she loved me, then a lorry crashed into us and I hit the back of my head on the window.

I knew I was going to die. I just had the amount of strength to open my eyes. I turned to look at my husband, only to be crushed at the sight before me his head against the steering wheel blood pouring from his head I knew he was going to die - if he wasn't dead already. - I could see my little daughter from the very corner of my eye she was lent back against her car seat eyes closed but I knew she would be alright. That was good I don't think I could bare it if she wouldn't survive. Call me selfish but I'm kind of glad Charlie is going to be with me in the after life.

My last thought before blackness consumed me was, 'I love you Bella, I'm going to miss you.' Then everything when black.

~ Carlisle Cullen's Point of View ~

It was just another normal day at Forks Hospital. Saving lives - or at least trying to. - Nurses, and surprisingly patients flirting with me even though they all knew that I had a wife. They still kept trying pulling their tops down or pulling their skirts up, it disgusted me. I can't wait to go her, to see my beautiful wife and mate Esme. Oh how I miss her.

I was brought out of my thoughts when a nurse, I believe her name was Claire came up to me and said "Their has been any accident on the road 342 (made it up) on the way to Port Angles. It was a drunk driver that crashed into a family of 3. The driver is dead, and the family were Charlie and Renee Swan and their five year old daughter Isabella Swan. Charlie and Renee died almost instantly after the crash but Isabella has made it out alive with only cuts and bruises. Has no other family left so will have to go into a foster home. Shame really. I was wondering if you could check her over please?" She explained urgently.

My heart when out to the little girl, having to deal with so much and is still so young. "Of course I will. Which room is she in?" I asked also immediately after she asked.

"Room 13, thanks doctor Cullen." I just nodded to her and hurried to room 13.

As I entered the sight shocked me. It was a little girl on one of the hospitals bed, she looked so innocent and sweet, with her long chocolate brown hair and cute button nose. I felt a huge surge of fatherly protection towards her. I wanted to protect her and love her (like a father of course) and keep her from all the terrible things in the world.

I then knew that I had to be the one to adopt her, I knew Esme would be thrilled since she's always wanted to be a mother, Rosalie would be ecstatic too she's always dreamed of being a mother but since she knew that being a vampire you weren't able to that dream crashed and burned but also turned her bitter, I also knew that Emmett would be excited to have a little sister around to teach video games and pranks, Alice would be really excited since she would have someone else to dress and have fun with, I wasn't too sure about my other son's Edward, Jasper and Peter but I will soon find out.

I carried out all the tests I would on my other patients but just being extra careful on Isabella, I wouldn't want to hurt who I hoped would be my new daughter.

When suddenly her heart monitor sped up, telling me that she was nearly awake. Then Isabella opened her eyes, they turned out to be a chocolate brown colour they were deep and showed her every emotion; hers now being fear, confusion and curiosity.

I decided I would now make my presence known - since she couldn't see me. - I stepped forward, cleared my throat and said to her…

~ Bella Swan's Point of View ~





I was about to ask mommy to turn my alarm clock off and let me have 5 more minutes, when I suddenly remembered when happened earlier, or was it yesterday. The lorry, the bright lights, hitting my head not knowing if mommy and daddy were ok.

I quickly opened me eyes hoping that it was a dream and mommy and daddy would be fine and we would still be driving to Port Angles to La Bella to have my special birthday dinner. When realized that I was real, as I looked round I realized that I was in a hospital. My mind was filled with questions; 'How long have I been here?' 'Are mommy and daddy ok?' 'Why does my head hurt?'

I was pulled out of my thoughts by someone clearing their throats, my eyes quickly when to the source of them sound. It was a man in a white jacket, meaning he was a doctor, he had golden hair and golden eyes. He looked really kind too.

"Hello Isabella, my name is doctor Cullen. But you can call my Carlisle." He told me as he smiled warmly at me.

"H-h-hi" I stuttered out quietly, still afraid and confused. Doctor Culle-I mean Carlisle's eyes seemed to soften at my scared voice. "Where are my mommy and daddy Carlisle?" I asked feeling worried and scared. I hoped that accident was just a dream and they I maybe hit my head, because it does hurt and I am pretty clumsy sometimes.

"I'm sorry Isabella-" Carlisle started to say but I interrupted him saying. "Bella. I like to be called Bella." I explained when I saw the confusion in his eyes. "Ok Bella, I'm sorry to say this but do you know what heaven is?" Carlisle asked me while wearing a worried expression on his face, it didn't soot (sp?) him at all.

"Yes, mommy and daddy told me that it's a place in the sky where all the good people go who have died, and some of them even become angels. They told me this when my nanny Marie died last year. Is that right Carlisle is heaven a special place in the sky?" I told him, finishing with a question. I was curious to see if what mommy and daddy said was true, because sometimes even mommy and daddy could be wrong!

Carlisle walked closer to me and sat at the end of my bed, looking at me with kind, honest and trusting eyes. Yet they looked worried and slightly afraid as he looked at me, like I was going to brake any minute. "Yes sweetheart your mommy and daddy were right heaven is a special place in the sky where all the good people have died go, and I'm sorry that I have to tell you this but your mommy and daddy are in heaven now." Carlisle explained to me, ending softly at the end and looked at me worriedly.

That's when what Carlisle said set in. Mommy and daddy have died and they aren't coming back. Mommy will never read me another bedtime story, or daddy won't be there to help me with anything and everything, since I was a daddy's girl. But now my daddy's died so who's little girl was I now?

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