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Previously on Little Angel

~ Alice Cullen's Point of View ~

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~ * ~ * ~ Chapter 4 - Me? Adopted? ~ * ~ * ~

~ Carlisle Cullen's Point of View ~

After I had got off the phone with Alice, I quickly walked down the corridor which led me to Bella's room, as I was walking I started thinking of ways to ask Bella if she wanted to be part of the Cullen family.

Should I be blunt and just come out with it like, 'Bella I would like to adopt you,' or sugar coat it a bit like, 'Bella sweetheart because your parents have gone up to heaven, would you like to be part of my family?' or possible even the middle like 'Bella honey, since your going to have to go into a care home would you like to come to live with me?'

Just as Bella's door came into view I decided to have it somewhere in the middle, blunt, caring but also said in a way that a small child would understand. I knocked on the door almost hesitantly then waited for her to answer. I know I don't need to knock since I'm a doctor that works here, but I wanted to be polite and was willing to do these little things that would make Bella more likely come to live with us if she saw that I wouldn't pressure or hurt her.

"Come in." Bella's sweet little voice answered from the other side of the door. Her voice was filled with sleep, she probably just woke up and was tiered and I felt slightly bad for possibly waking her, her voice sounded confused as well, probably thinking of who could be at the door since she doesn't have any relatives left.

I opened the door and walked into the room, but not before shutting the door. I watched her beautiful brown eyes light up in recognition as she saw me, as well as relief.

"Hi Doctor Cullen!" Bella said happily, while waving to me. I chuckled quietly to myself at her cute behaviour.

"Hello Bella, and as I said before Sweetheart call me Carlisle." I told her with a smile. But I hoped that soon she would call me dad or daddy. But I know that, that might take awhile.

"Ok Carlisle." Bella replied with a sweet smile, I swear if I could drown I would in her absolute cuteness.

I walked over to her bed and sat next to her, I opened my arms and she climbed into them while snuggling into my cold hard chest. We sat in silence for a few minutes, until I broke it.

"Bella sweetheart can I ask you a question?" I asked her hesitantly, afraid of her answer.

"Of course you can Carlisle." Bella told me, while biting her lip nervously, probably thinking that it was something bad.

"Bella there's no need to be nervous, it's nothing bad." I told Bella, trying to make her happy again and not be scared. It seemed to have worked because Bella stopping biting her lip and her eyes showed the relief she was feeling. I swear when you looked into her chocolate brown eyes you can see every emotion she is feeling.

"But it is serious though Bella, and I want you to think it through before you answer ok?" I asked/told her with what I hoped was a soothing smile.

"Ok." Bella replied, with a cute 'serious cute' expression. I nearly 'awww'ed out loud at her cuteness, then wondered when I started acting like such a girl.

I cleared my throat before speaking. "Bella honey, I was wondering since now that your parents have gone to that special place in the sky to be with God and maybe even be angels. Also since you don't have any other family relatives, I was wondering if you would like to live with me and my family?" I asked Bella, I was scared she was going to say no.

So I held my breath and waited for her answer, while all that was going through my head was.

'Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes Bella, Please.'

~ Bella Swan's Point of View ~

I just say there and stared blankly at Carlisle as my mind processed what he had said.

Me? Adopted?

Carlisle wanted to adopt me.

Carlisle. Wanted. To. Adopt. Me.

It was the only thing that was going through my head, it was like it was on repeat.

Carlisle the beautiful kind doctor wanted to adopt ME. Plain Jane Bella Swan, I know I'm not pretty, for from it. That mean girl at school Jessica, has made that clear enough.

'Start of Bella's Flashback'

It was my first day at school in Forks and I was scared, I mean what is no one liked me, or people thought I was a freak or what if I was BULLIED.

I didn't want that I mean I only came here late because my Auntie May was VERY ill, she had something called cancer and I had to go and stay with her, with mummy and daddy. I had to go to school their too, the people where nice and friendly though but I couldn't make friends because I KNEW I would have to leave soon.

But when Auntie May died, we moved back into our house at Forks, at first I couldn't wait to start school I was very excited. But then I remembered watching something on TV where a girl got bullied and now I'm scared that it's going to happen to me.

So far school has been nice, I mean I really like my teacher. She's called Mrs. Stewart and she let me colour since it was my first day, but she said that I had to do work tomorrow though, oh well.

I did sit on a table with some other people, there names were Angela, Ben, Tyler, Jessica, Lauren and Mike. Angela and Ben were nice. Angela talked to me about her first day and how worried she was and that it would be ok because she knew how I felt, plus nothing happened to her. Ben talked a bit to me too, but he seemed a bit shy. The others on the table just ignored me. While Jessica glared at me, I don't know why though because I've done nothing to make her mad at me.

'Time Skip to Lunch, Still Flashback'

As I walked on my way to lunch I bumped into Jessica.

"HEY, watch where your going FREAK" Jessica screamed at me.

"I'm sorry, and I'm not a freak." I told Jessica.

"Yes you are a freak I mean just look at you, your fat, not to mention ugly I mean I don't know why your parents even want you. It's probably out of pity." Jessica said to me, with an evil smirk on her face.

I could feel my eyes start to tear up at her horrible words. Jessica saw this too.

"Oh, your going to go and cry now are you? Cry baby, Cry baby." She started chanting at me, I didn't realize that Lauren was here until she joined in the chanting.

I didn't want to cry in front of them so I ran to the girls toilets, ran into one of the empty stalls and started crying to myself. Hoping the other people in the toilets didn't hear, but then again what did I care Jessica was right no would care because I'm fat, ugly and a freak.

'End Of Flashback'

I came out of my flashback with an anxious looking Carlisle staring at me, it was then I realized that I hadn't answered him.

It was like he was scared that I would say no, and to be honest with you he didn't seem like the person who should be afraid. He seemed brave. Or a mix of bit maybe scave.

Did I want to get adopted was the question, I mean what about mommy and daddy, wouldn't I be betraying them.

I thought about it for a few more moments, before I knew what my answer would be.

"I've decided Carlisle, I…-"

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