2 Weeks at Camp Hercule

Chapter 1 – What a stupid idea

Written by RJ J


Gohan flew home quickly from a long day at school. Thank Kami it was a Friday, and holidays for the next 2 weeks, he didn't know if he could stand another day of doing lessons that he already knew. He really felt the urge to train, but as per usual, his mother would insist that his studies come first.

He landed in front of his house and entered the house.

He walked into the kitchen, his first point of contact as soon as he got home every day, and as usual, saw his mother there, making food.

"Hi, son, how was your day?" Chichi asked and handed Gohan a large sandwich, which was sitting on the bench.

"It was fine," Gohan said, between mouthfuls of the delicious sandwich "I got 100% in my maths test"

"That's wonderful!" Chichi exclaimed and threw her arms around her son, enveloping him in a hug, as if he'd get anything lower anyway.

Chichi released him from the hug and remembered the news that she was supposed to tell him.

"Gohan, tomorrow, you'll be going on a camp, it's for 2 weeks, and it's a wilderness training exercise, it should be very educational" Chichi said excitedly.

Gohan stared at her in disbelief. Why on earth would she want to send him on a camp like that, anything they did there would be nowhere near as hard as what he'd faced in the past, especially when he was younger and he spent a year in the wilderness on his own. But as usual, there was no point in arguing with his mother, so he nodded his head in submission.

"Good" Chichi said "Well, you better go get ready, they're meeting at 8:00 tomorrow morning in Satan City"

Gohan turned and left the room, making his way to his bedroom where he saw his little brother, Goten, playing in the middle of the floor, surrounded with toys.

"Hey brother" Goten greeted him cheerfully, as per usual.

"Hey squirt" Gohan said as he grabbed his pack and threw in a couple of gis and important stuff, like his toothbrush.

"Whatcha doin', brother?" Goten asked, watching Gohan packing his bag.

"Mom's sending me on a wilderness training camp tomorrow and it's for 2 weeks" Gohan said

"Oh, cool!" Goten exclaimed, "I wish I could go!"

Gohan looked at his little brother in amazement.

"Why would you want to? You can do all that stuff here"

"But it sounds fun" Goten said, and turned his attention back to his toys.

Gohan sighed and sat down on the chair at his desk and pulled out his homework and started working on the 'hard' problems.

Time passed quickly and soon it was dinnertime, then bedtime, and then the morning.

Gohan woke up at 7:00 to Chichi yelling from the kitchen that he'd be late.

He tiredly sat up and rubbed at his eyes in an effort to wake himself up. When all else failed, he dragged himself off to the bathroom to have a shower.

A few minutes later, he emerged, looking much more awake and dressed in a blue gi, which he thought would be quite suitable for a survival camp.

He made his way to the kitchen where Chichi was serving them up a big breakfast.

"You'll need plenty of energy," she said as she served him extra servings of bacon and eggs.

Gohan gobbled down the bacon and eggs, not that he'd need the energy or anything, he probably wouldn't be getting his normal amount of food for the next 2 weeks, so he was gonna make up for it now.

Breakfast was finished at around 7:30 and Gohan promptly left for the meeting place in Satan City.

The flight to Satan City was uneventful and it reminded him of going to school, especially since they were meeting in the OSH school hall.

At 8:00 on the dot, Gohan landed on the roof of his school and walked down the stairs and made his way to the school hall.

As he made his way to the hall, he could hear someone ranting on about how good and challenging the camp was gonna be.

He pushed open the door to the large hall and entered the room.

"And who are you?" the stern voice answered

Gohan looked up to see who was speaking and almost burst out laughing, it was Hercule.

Suppressing a smile, he answered calmly "I'm Son Gohan"

"Well, boy, you're late" Hercule said disapprovingly "Sit down and listen"

Gohan sighed as he slid into a seat near him, 2 weeks with this guy and he'd probably be trying to kill himself, or Hercule, depending on what he felt like at the time.

"As I was saying," Hercule yelled to the large group of teenagers "This wilderness camp will be hard, it will be tough and I expect all of you to complete everything to your best ability. Now I know that most of you will never be as tough as I am, but I expect you to try your hardest and follow all of my instructions"

While Hercule was making his speech, Gohan looked around a bit, trying to spot some familiar faces. He recognised some people from school, Sharpner and Videl were there, and there were plenty of people he didn't know, they were probably only there because Hercule was taking the camp and everyone loved Hercule. Well, mostly everyone anyway.

'He doesn't know what he's getting himself into' Gohan thought

"Our camp will be starting today with a 100km hike through the forest. We will camp for the night and set out for another 100km the next day, then another 100km the day after. Then we will set up camp and stay there for the next 8 days and after that we will make our way back. In-between all the walking, we will be learning about how to survive in the wilderness and I will personally teach you some Martial Arts"

Everyone cheered when Hercule said that he would teach them some Martial Arts.

'Oh goodie' Gohan thought and rolled his eyes at the great champ 'I get to be taught Martial Arts from the supposed world's greatest fighter, who really stole my position'

"Okay everyone!" Hercule yelled, getting everyone's attention "Get into the buses and we will make our way to the outskirts of the town where we will begin the walk!"

At that, all the people poured out of the hall and scrambled to the buses, trying to get the good places with all their friends before they were taken. Gohan followed after the group, claiming his own seat near the front of the bus. He sat by the window and stared out it.

"Hey, is this seat taken?"

Gohan turned around to see a blonde girl, wearing a blue t-shirt and shorts, standing in the aisle, motioning to the seat.

"Uh, no, you can sit there," he said, moving his bag so the girl could sit down.

"Hi, I'm Reez" the girl said, shoving her bag on the floor in front of her, and held out her hand to Gohan.

"I'm Gohan" he said and shook her hand.

"So, how'd you get roped into this thing?" she asked

Gohan looked surprised "What do you mean?"

"Well, you really don't look like you wanna be here"

"Nah, not really, but my mom wanted me to, she thinks it'd be educational"

"True, true, my mom reckons that I need to develop an understanding and respect for the outdoors" Reez said, putting on a funny voice, trying to mimic her mother "I don't even like Hercule anyway, he's too much of a show-off for my liking"

Their conversation was interrupted as the bus started with a low rumble, and it slowly rolled it's way out towards the gate and onto the road.

"So, where are you from?" Reez asked, once they were moving.

"I live in the 439 Mountain Area" Gohan said, expecting a surprised reaction from her, but he was the one to be surprised when he didn't get one.

"Really? Cool, I live way out in the mountains too. I live in the 563 Mountain Area. It's a real drag getting to school and other places on time and all. But it still doesn't make any sense making me go on this camp, seeing that I've been living in the mountains all my life. Oh, and by the way, I do tend to talk too much and too fast, so if I do, just tell me to shut up, okie?" Reez said cheerfully


"How old are you?" came the next question

"I'm 17" Gohan replied

"I just turned 16, cool eh?"

Much of the rest of the bus trip was taken up by questions from the ever-cheerful Reez and finally, they reached their destination.

The buses stopped and everyone sat in silence for a moment. Then Hercule got out of one of the buses and started yelling.

"Okay, everybody out of the buses now! We'll start walking now! Get your butts moving!" he yelled at the stunned teens.

The teens shuffled out of the buses and assembled in the clearing in front of the woods.

When everyone was out of the buses, Hercule-in-all-his-glory strode to the head of the group and pulled a megaphone out of his pack.

"Get your butts moving, let's move it, hup, hup, hup!" he yelled, striding up the train, yelling 'Hup, hup' as he made every step.

Gohan and Reez exchanged a rather stupefied look, but shrugged their shoulders and joined the cluster of teenagers following the so-called World Hero.


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