It was another beautiful day in Jasper Park. All the birds were chirping and everyone was doing their own routines.

"So, you are not going to tell us what happened during it?" Humphrey asked Kate.

"Nope. It's a secret between me and Saul." Kate said.

"Fine. But I hope you weren't hurt."

"No. I wasn't. Just I scar right here." She pointed to the three scratch marks on her chest.

"Oh my God! Did I do that?"

"No. it's not important. Let's just go and do something."

"Like what? Every time we do something, it turns out for the worse."

"No, it's not. Hey, how about we go see Garth and Lilly?" Kate suggested. Humphrey thought about it for a second.

"Can I insult Garth?"


"Let's go." And so they went. They walked through the forest were they looked at the all of the withering trees.

"Wow. Winter's coming." Humphrey said.

"Yeah. Maybe soon, we will be able to snuggle together for warmth." Kate said as she nuzzled her mate. Humphrey smiled.

"That sounds great. And that scar you have on your chest looks quite… delicious."

"What? That's disgusting!"

"What? Oh, sorry. I'm still a little on edge since basically… everything went wrong during our trip to Idaho."

"Well, maybe it's all the grass that you have in your ears from the log-sledding."

"Fuck the grass. I don't hive a shit about the grass. I just want to sample that scar."

"Stop it. Just stop. That's gross. And besides, we're here." Kate said as they got to the den.

"Hey, sister." Lilly said. Garth smiled.

"Hey, we just want to visit and talk."

"I came here to insult." Humphrey said.

"Oh great. That sounds like fun." Garth said sarcastically.

"You bet your tail it is."

"I wish you two would stop insulting for a day." Lilly said.

"We can't. It's our nature." Humphrey smiled.

"No. That sounds like a nature of a black spy against a white spy."

"Weird analogy. But I'll take it." Garth said. "But it's true. We can't really be nice to each other."

"Yes. He's no fun. Mainly because he can't drink." Everyone looked at him in confusion. "Because he's pregnant." They continued to stare. "Because he's the girl…"

"Oh, come on, Humphrey. That's not right." Kate said. "You have to have sex in order to be pregnant." She said with a smile.

"Oh, snap!" Humphrey exclaimed.

"That's absurd." Lilly said.

"Have you guys even played around a little?"

"Yes, have you? What's this sudden interest in our sex life?" Garth asked.

"Just something to annoy you Garth-y boy!" Humphrey laughed.